Thomas Iannucci set to launch his third studio album

  • Courtesy of Thomas Iannucci

    “Doubting Thomas” is the third studio offering from recording artist Thomas Iannucci, this one dealing with the the ups and downs of mental health.

  • Courtesy of Thomas Iannucci

    Thomas Iannucci announced the completion of his third studio album, “Doubting Thomas.” The album is executive produced by Honolulu-based team, The Brewz and featuring well-known national artists like Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D, Parris Chariz, Ruslan, Joey Vantes and KJ52, as well as respected local musicians and producers like Mike Izon, Imua Garza, and Kolomona Ku (Kolohe Kai). “Doubting Thomas” sees Iannucci reaching new heights musically, as he tackles the tricky subject of mental health.

In search of a coping mechanism for self-doubt and self-deprecation, both biproducts fueled by his high anxiety, Kaua‘i recording artist Thomas Iannucci chose to chronicle and explore the darker side of his emotions with his third studio offering, “Doubting Thomas.”

Deciding to admit he was hesitant to discuss the topic of mental health, Iannucci pushed forward to follow up on his 2019 album “Kuleana.”

“I don’t know one particular moment that there isn’t something I am not struggling with in my own life,” Iannucci said. “I have panic attacks. I feel alone and I’ve always felt alone against the world, dealing with those mental monsters. It’s not something I’ve been comfortable with talking about in my own music.”

After the passing of his friend and his family selling their Kaua‘i-based business, Pietro’s Pizza, Iannucci felt it was time to open up.

Iannucci continued to push the artistic envelope, utilizing recent world tragedies as his canvas for his artistic inspiration and a personal challenge to push himself to his creative limits.

The idea behind this emotional and eclectic album set for a Dec. 18 release date on multiple streaming platforms is to spread the message of hope.

Don’t ask, don’t tell

With the suicide rate and depression reaching all-time highs all over the world, Iannucci wants his new project to shed light on the often-taboo subject of mental health.

Iannucci chose to leave himself vulnerable, bravely discussing emotions and topics that he has struggled with throughout his life.

The empathetic emotional journey wasn’t easy to process or for Iannucci to record. “Doubting Thomas” sees Iannucci reaching new heights musically as he tackles the tricky subject of mental health.

“There is no nice way to put what has happened with the suicide rate, and it is really sad and horrific,” Iannucci said. “We’ve seen the suicide rate skyrocket (in Hawai‘i) while everyone was locked down.”

Building the foundation for the concept

Iannucci created the concept for the album, and built on its flagship single “Rage,” featuring P.O.D. founder and lead vocalist “Sonny” Sandoval.

The album, executive produced by the Honolulu-based team The Brewz, features well-known national artists like Sandoval, Parris Chariz, Ruslan, Joey Vantes and KJ52, as well as respected local musicians and producers like Mike Izon, Imua Garza and Kolomona Ku (Kolohe Kai), was a labor of love.

“A lot of people are experiencing depression and anxiety, and it’s unfortunate,” Iannucci said. “It’s even been more crushing during this lockdown, and we want to let people know they not alone.”

Act globally, think locally

Iannucci, a multiple Na Hoku Hanohano (Hawaiian Grammy) award-winning rapper, carved a niche for himself in the highly competitive genre of rap music, making a name for himself on not only on the local scene, but in the national and international marketplaces.

While many people chose to move to music epicenters like Los Angeles or outside their region in attempts to try to cross over into more-mainstream success, the Waimea High School graduate choose to build his fan base locally.

“As I get older, I realize in order to have success in the music industry you have to be accepted by the local community before you can cross over,” Iannucci said. “You have to invest in this community. They invest in me and lift up my local music, and several local musicians are lifting me up on this project. It’s been pretty cool.”

Streaming into the future

Every track on “Doubting Thomas” is produced like a single, or designed to stand on its own.

Finding the delicate balance to produce singles and stay congruent with the theme of the record was a difficult process, Iannucci admits.

During the promotional period of the record, he plans on releasing several lyric videos to support his songs on traditional streaming platforms such as YouTube.

“It was a relief when this project was finished, and this was such a difficult grind to hold things close and record my music in an authentic way,” Iannucci said. “You never know how your project will be received. There is always some fear you never lose, and you just have to make peace with it. (Finishing the record) was more relief than anxiety.”

The album that will have a Dec. 18 release date on streaming platforms. His Kickstarter website has more details:


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