Hawaii developer plans housing towers at former theater site

HONOLULU — A Hawaii development partnership plans to take over a stalled project to turn a former movie theater site into a high-rise housing complex.

The partnership led by developer Stanford Carr wants to substantially revise the $800 million plan permitted by Honolulu on the site of the former Kam Drive-In movie theater in Aiea, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Wednesday.

Carr will try to amend the previous development planned by Robertson Properties Group, a California-based affiliate of Kam’s former operator, Consolidated Theatres.

Carr told the Aiea Neighborhood Board on Monday that the proposal is a positive change for a dense, smart-growth project close to a city rail station.

“This is an opportunity to create a mixed-use, mixed-income, transit-oriented development,” he said.

Carr proposed increasing the height of four towers, keeping a fifth tower about the same height and eliminating a sixth, smaller tower.

The overall number of homes would decrease to 1,401 from 1,500, eliminate a hotel and cut back retail space.

The proposal would also provide a large number of homes to low-income residents, as opposed to only offering units for moderate-income households.

To help finance low-income rentals, Carr intends to seek state and city assistance with funding that could include tax credits and breaks, fee waivers and low-interest loans under a state affordable-housing law.

The project would be the first new residential community added to the area in 40 years, Carr said in an interview.

“We’re building homes for local people,” he said.

Carr has a contract to buy the site from Robertson Properties, but is expected to face objections from area residents.

“These monoliths that you’re proposing to build are going to totally block out any morning sun that our complex is going to get,” Steve DiRico, who lives near the project site, said during a neighborhood board meeting.

  1. B. Wells November 13, 2020 9:24 am Reply

    On Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 7:33 AM Trak Trennoche wrote:
    Let’s put this in perspective.

    Our Own Health Proclamation #73.

    3 residents tested positive?

    That is 1 person for every 23,000 residents. The only place big enough to physically compare 1 person to to 23,000 people on Kauai would be to put them all in Waimea Canyon. it would be equally ridiculous to say 23,000 people on Kauai don’t have the covid19 compared to 1 resident who has. Heh? Sounds stupid also…! Extremely out of all proportions.

    When 23,000 residents out of 70,000 have the virus, and according to statistics almost all will have Zero or mild symptoms, and within about 2 weeks (and why the Quarantine is 14 days) they, who have Zero to Mild symptoms will all have develop immunity and no longer be contagious , that is, cannot spread the virus.

    Since 98% of the people tested have Zero to mild symptoms, and the ones isolated in the county facility or at their home did not go to the hospital, we can assume that no one was even sick or had to be hospitalized, they only tested positive in the face of rampant false positives.

    Seems like the person handing out this fearful information daily, like the old Vietnam War kill count, needs to have a voice sound proof mask, since they are sounding out and sending out fear like Chicken Little yelling in bizarre words that the Sky is Falling…the Sky is Falling. Translated 2020: The Virus is coming, the virus is coming. Well it’s supposed to be coming so everyone of all ages can become immune.

    However, and let it be a warning, it is not safe or smart to be elderly AND have end of life diseases and be on prescription drugs, as those are the few people who die While they have the covid19 virus, and not because of the covid19 virus.

    FYI: End of life diseases are, to name a few: heart and stroke, obesity and diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, kidney, lung, and liver failures, etc., in fact each of these diseases complicated by their prescription drugs, each kill more people per year than the Covid19 virus, that is being blown all out of proportion.

    And the test used to find Positive Covid-19 cases was never invented for finding positive Covid cases, it was for other purposes. This polymer Covid-19 test magnifies fragments of DNA. The Covid-19 virus shares similar DNA fragments with other Non-Viral things in the environment like food and animals, just two of those things happen to be papaya and chicken.

    If you’ve eaten papaya or chicken prior to testing, and some other foods as well, similar to the same DNA fragments that Covid-19 virus has, then you may very well test Positive for the virus, even though you do not have the virus.

    You see the Polymer test magnifies DNA FRAGMENTS by up to 35,000 times larger than normal size. No wonder there are so many false Positives, and people do not even have symptoms, and people are being forced to be in isolation who do not even have the Covid19 virus. That’s like being falsely arrested and falsely imprisoned because you have the same color baseball cap as a bank robber, and your cap hasn’t left the shelf in the closet in 3 years.

    There are only 2 people on Kauai that are hospitalized out of 70,000 residents, that is 1 person for every 35,000 residents and they are not dead, they are in hospital recuperating from the flu, and because the information is being withheld just to over emphasize the virus spread of fear, we are not being told of which end of life diseases they have, nor which toxic prescription drugs they are taking, much less which additional hospital drugs they are also taking in addition to their regular lifetime amount of prescription drugs.

    As a concerned citizen wanting to protect family, and be aware for friends, I demand to know, not the name of the person in hospital, but the diseases that person has, and what drugs they are taking, so that we can avoid both the disease conditions and the prescription drugs and medications they have been taking, and even better prevent the diseases thus precluding the prescription drugs.

    And don’t ever forget, medical tests are given for the expressed purpose to sell treatments, the most common treatment being prescription drugs.

    And also never forget no one is sick because they do not have enough prescription drugs or over the counter medications.

    People are sick because they have lost their health.

    Health, like professional sports, is something you do every day to stay healthy and not have disease or think you need to take prescription drugs or medications for those diseases, besides all prescription drugs amd medications have at least2 side effects.

    This requires knowing what to, very importantly, know what NOT to eat as well as what TO eat, along with knowing what daily health activities TO DO that promote HEALTH, and what to NOT do that PREVENTS Health.

    And know too that your spine and skull have the purpose to House and Protect your Brain, Brain Stem, and Spinal Cord, the human computer that not only built your body during your Mother’s pregnancy but also intelligently organizes and coordinates all of your body’s cells, tissues, organs, and body systems.

    Whether it’s virus or bacteria or beginning the process of end of life diseases when you are a youngster, teen, or young adult, it is your body and you alone must take care of it. Doctors do not take care of your Health they take care of your diseases with prescription drugs, medications, and surgery that serve to perpetuate disease.

    When was the last time you went to the doctor or hospital for Health? That’s right you only went because something was wrong, something that was related to symptoms of disease. Injury is a different matter altogether.

    Ask yourself how many prescription drugs or medications will you, or have you taken today? If any, you’re an 80%-er, 80% of the US population taking 1 or more prescription drugs and medications a day, extending your disease.

    Get over it, practice Health every day, that way when you hopefully get the Covid19 virus, you in health will have Zero or only mild symptoms, and you will get immunity and not be contagious within 3 days to 2 weeks, which is the normal response time to develop immunity, which when you are Healthy you should want to share with your Healthy family and friends, which you will share if you don’t impede the needed Herd Immunity to terminate annual viruses by masking and social distancing.

    When the medical industry and politicians’ medical advisors withhold the facts from us they are trying to get one over one us, unreasonable control over us by way of disease care and the coming manmade laboratory disease they call the VACCINE.

    BEWARE only you can protect yourself, while others are protecting their income when they are protecting and perpetuating your diseases.

    When they say you are OK to stop the quarantine after 14 days, what they are NOT telling you is that of you nave the Covid19 virus, that after 14 days you have both immunity (self protection) to the Covid virus and also you are no longer contagious. But they don’t tell you that if you are positive, you are safe after 14 days.

    With All the reported positive cases, they allude that you are gonna die, do what we tell you, YOU WILL OBEY…! Give up your right to breathe normally…WEAR THE MASK…!

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