Arrivals urged to get post-travel virus test

LIHU‘E — Mayor Derek Kawakami announced Friday the percentage of residents and visitors who have taken voluntary post-travel tests for COVID-19, and urged more travelers to participate.

For arrivals between Oct. 15 and 26, about 20% of eligible returning Kaua‘i residents took a post-travel test, while only 2% of visitors participated.

To qualify for a post-travel test, out-of-state travelers must have participated in the state’s pre-travel testing program and received a quarantine exemption through the state’s Safe Travels program, and have arrived on Kaua‘i 72 hours or more prior to post-travel testing.

“We urge all incoming mainland travelers — both residents and visitors — to take a post-travel test no sooner than 72 hours after arrival,” said Kawakami. “The ideal time line to test is five to seven days after arrival, but we understand many visitors won’t be on-island that long. In those cases, a post-travel test three days after arriving is preferred.”

“Our recent cases on Kaua‘i have all been related to out-of-state travel,” said Dr. Janet Berreman, state Department of Health Kaua‘i District Health Office officer.

“We are seeing cases in people who have had negative pre-travel and post-travel tests, and later began to feel sick. The incubation period for COVID-19 is up to 14 days,” she said. That means that from the day you are exposed to someone with COVID-19, it can take up for 14 days for you to feel sick or to have a positive test result if you are tested.”

For more information, visit:

• Visitors:

• Residents:

Post-arrival test participants receive their results the same day.

“Please get that second test,” said Berreman. “It helps protect you and helps protect our community and our island, for those who live here and those who enjoy visiting.”

Arriving quarantine-exempt passengers on Kaua‘i receive a flyer about post-travel testing times and locations. Hotels are providing information to guests, and the county is running print, radio and online public-service announcements for residents.

  1. Positive vs. Negative November 1, 2020 8:38 am Reply

    + and – like a battery

    1 new POSITIVE case, that’all?

    We need a 1,000 positive cases a day on Kaua’i to end this HOAX.

    We read or hear of new positive cases every day. There are some few thousand total in Hawaii to date.

    But all we here about them is that they are positive. It’s like the next day they simply disappear. Plus there are thousands more we do not here of because they did not even test because they feel so good having only mild to ZERO symptom.

    So after the tested ones are announced they seem to disappear the next day. Where did they go?

    If they are elderly with chronic long term end of life diseases and taking toxic prescription drugs for decades of years, and all that time under medical care, we usually don’t read about them unless those people are hospitalized, and of the extremely few who die we can’t be sure if they died from the Covid-19 virus or they died from all the diseases and all the deadly drugs they have been taking for 30 years.

    It seems like a coverup up of the medical industry’s keeping people on prescription drugs for 1/2 of their medical drug shortened life, with 4.4 Billion prescription drug sales per year in America, instead of getting people well from the disease they have. Prolonging disease for the benefit of prescription drug sales is a disservice to mankind and should not be tolerated where becoming well and health is a better alternative. Actually well and healthy is the only alternative.

    If you have multiple diseases and are taking multiple prescription drugs daily, you are at high risk for Covid-19 hospitalization and even death. If you are one of these people you should wear a mask and social distance, as well as stay home.

    And the rest of the people out of work should go back to work.

    But to know what is happening to all these so far few positive cases, they are out about enjoying life as best as can with so much unemployment error, and after 3-14 days they have developed their own natural inborn immunity to protect themself, and also they are no longer contagious which protects others, however if you are healthy and have a healthy immune system you want to contract the virus, like you did unknowingly all the seasonal flu’s before, you just did not have the symptoms, or you did have the symptoms and if you did not take over the counter or prescription drugs you still developed natural immunity either way.

    People who are negative Covid-19 whether they are tested or not, these are the people that when, and if, they contract the virus will be highly contagious for the first 3 to 14 days…and dangerous you might think.

    Well not really dangerous, you see on the one hand 98% of the people who contracted Covid-19 already had only mild to ZERO symptoms, that means they would not know they contracted the Covid-19 and just went on about their life.

    On the other hand, all the people who have or will contract Covid-19, they, after 3 to 14 days will also develop or will have developed natural immunity by way of their immune system producing bio-identical antibodies to the Covid-19 virus.

    The positive Covid-19 cases will during those first 3 to 14 days after contracting the Covid-19 virus will produce so many naturally developed antibodies that after deactivating all the viruses in their body, they will have enormous amounts of leftover antibodies to have what is called IMMUNITY.

    Immunity means they not only have enough remaining antibodies to immediately deactivate any new Covid-19 virus entering, infecting, their body, they also will have no active Covid-19 virus to spread to other people, meaning they are no longer contagious.

    And in fact after becoming immune these people positive for Covid-19 will have developed Herd Immunity, and when enough positive people with Covid-19 have Herd Immunity, then Covid-19 virus itself will not be able to find a negative Covid-19 person and thus they, the virus, will have no people they can infect and multiply themselves, in that negative person’s body, meaning no more Covid-19 “offspring” virus to infect others.

    Do the current Disease care doctors and politicians got it wrong? That’s right, we actually want everyone who is healthy and young or healthy and older to internally, in their own body, to naturally develop immunity to the Covid-19 virus. To do that you need to contract the virus, so all that mask and distancing works against the greater good. Besides it’s not your fault that some people have been irresponsible with their use of food and taking of prescription drugs or other medicines.

    And next year you can develop immunity to whichever virus or 2nd wave or 3rd wave, etc., of same virus, in a manner that you do not even have any symptoms. This is what has been happening to the vertebrates on earth for the last 550 million years. (Can you name 20 vertebrates ? have fun!). There are 40,000 vertebrates on earth. Humans are one of the species of vertebrates. All vertebrates have immune systems similar, maybe not identical, immune systems, protecting the inside of their bodies from dangerous things in the outside environment wanting to infect a vertebrate.

    What is new and not working is vaccines. Now already people are getting sick and dying from vaccines and/or suffering other side effects here in the closing months of 2020. Vaccines are a manmade laboratory disease to be injected into people so that it bypasses the safety of your immune system at all natural points of entry where the immune system stands guard with all kinds of immune cells ready to deactivate viruses and bacteria that are bad for us, although for virus it takes 3-14 days to complete the immune process and render your body immune to whichever virus, like Covid-19, that is trying to infect you.

    And yes protect the high risk older, and high risk younger, people who have multiple diseases and prescription drugs being used to manage those diseases. A good start for helping the at high risk is to bring their diet back to nutritious, and their life style back to active and they will become healthy and at low or lower risk, thank God.

  2. KauaiGuy November 1, 2020 1:13 pm Reply

    It seems like any time they want to pin virus cases on off island travel, which does include residents who are returning home, Mayor Kawakami, and Janet Barreman are right there to pin the blame. It has to stop. Even the Lt Governor recently said it was the tourists who are the not the problem, based on the numbers.
    The real issue is why are you not testing the residents, to find the virus where it is hiding.
    Surely, no one believes that there are not any local people carrying the virus. Spend some of the money from the CARES fund, or your own for that matter, and get people tested.
    This would make it safer for teachers and students in the class room, and we could get some normalcy back to the community. If you really cared about the people from your heart, and not for political advantage, you would spend some money to test everyone who wanted a test… for free. It would make the island safer for all of us, and even for the visitors who are arriving to make it possible to open businesses, so people can get back to work. And while you are at it, start working on a plan to expand our hospital capabilities, so that you can’t use that as an excuse. It is shameful that a community of 70,000 permanent residents can support a new Target store, but it can’t support a more vibrant medical community with appropriate services to the residents. Shameful.

  3. Bill Walstrum November 2, 2020 8:53 am Reply

    The article mentions it takes up to 14 days to show + on a Covid test.

    What the article does not mention and seems to be more important is the fact that it takes between 3 days and 14 days for the immune system to produce our own natural antibodies sufficient enough to not only deactivate all the Covid-19 virus in our bodies, but also have a massive amount of antibodies left over to provide immunity to deactivate any new Covid-19 virus that may try to infect that person.

    A second benefit of the huge amount of leftover antibodies is that once your natural antibodies have deactivated all the virus, your immunity also makes it so you are not contagious after the approximately 14 days, and thus cannot pass the virus onto, and into, others.

    And your immunity means you have Group or Herd Immunity which leads to collapse of a virus spread in our community.

    What reinforces the 14 day test finding is that that is how long the virus flu can usually last if you get sick with symptoms, by 14 days your natural antibodies have deactivated all the virus and you no longer have flu symptoms.

    Amazing how well nature works inside of our bodies.

    The intelligence in and of our bodies is so incredible and reliable if not interfered with or abused by what we put into our bodies, which of tested with Health in mind, would not even pass as food.

    In fact the reliable intelligence of our bodies is so reliable that in almost all cases the body builds its entire self without error from just 2 parent cells, of course depending on the quality of foods the Mother feeds the developing infant during pregnancy.

    That same reliable intelligence is what our nervous system relies on to organize and coordinate the extraordinary functions that produce the specific antibodies, specific to each different virus that enter our bodies year after year.

    If one could see inside their body and see the Immune System at work, they would never consider a manmade laboratory disease vaccine to be injected inside their body.

    And while a vaccine burdens the immune system with more work to do, that additional work is that the immune system needs to develop additional antibodies (immunity) against the lab vaccine itself, while the lab vaccine does NOT produce immunity in this case against the Covid-19 virus.

    Vaccines cannot specifically match a virus, the idea vaccine developers have is that they think they can create a vaccine, which they cannot, identical to the current disease virus going through the population, thinking the lab vaccine can trick the body into making antibodies against the actual disease virus itself, when the immune system will only make antibodies against the vaccine but not the covid-19 virus itself.

    Lab scientists think they can “bait and switch“ trick the immune system into making the necessary specific bio-identical antibodies to the Covid-19 virus by providing similar but not identical disease vaccine substitute, burdening the immune system with more work to do, and why people get sick from the vaccines, and some people even die, like the 35 deaths in South Korea recently from a Covid19 vaccine.

    If you think about it, that is what each person’s immune system is already trying to do, make enough antibodies to deactivate the disease virus (Covid-19). So why burden the immune system with needing to make more antibodies against the laboratory vaccine?

    However if the individual is already burdening their immune system with foreign chemicals in their food, and the foreign chemicals in their over the counter medications and prescription drugs; and then think they are going to add another foreign chemical (the vaccine) to burden their immune system even more, they are not only NOT working with Mother Nature (God’s personal representative on Earth), but they are working against Nature and their own personal God Given immune system.

    That would be stupid wouldn’t it !!!?

    And…since after 14 days, the immune system has developed enough natural antibodies to make that person not only rid of the Covid-19 virus, but also has enough leftover antibodies to immediately deactivate any new incoming Covid-19 virus, that means that person is no longer contagious and cannot spread the virus to others.

    That’s what we want, we want everyone to be, whether or not tested, to be Positive with the Covid19 virus.

    That would make Group or Herd Immunity able to eliminate the Covid19 virus and be ready for next years virus season. With the Covid pseudo safety measures in place, like masks and social distancing, we have artificially extended the normal flu season into almost next year‘s flu season.

    Why are the disease authorities wanting only Negative tested people to come to Hawaii, the very people who would be contagious as soon as they became infected, such as while traveling, or more likely at the Covid19 test center itself. Duh uh!

    It only makes sense to welcome all positive tested people so,long as they tested positive at least 2 weeks prior to their Hawaii arrival.

    Seems the disease authorities are doing things a little bass ackward.

    As well, since 98% of the people who get infected with Covid19, have only mild to ZERO symptoms, and because that is proof their immune system is functioning well, wouldn’t it be better for the rest of us to become positive for the Covid19 virus, and not be contagious, instead of hiding behind masks, and social distancing, etc., which doesn’t seem to work anyway, but puts a death scare fear feeling in our community.

    With positive 2week pretested visitors and returning residents allowed, we can open the economy back up, and concentrate on the people the CDC says are at high risk, the people being treated with prescription drugs for their multiple end of life long term diseases they have been taking prescription drugs for, for the last several decades.

    If we can force mask wearing and social distancing and risk the population with rushed and risky vaccines (South Korea stopped the vaccine after 35 known dead and others sick) maybe it is time to force upon the people the restriction on end of life disease causing fast/junk food saturated with too many chemicals and sugars. American food, and more and more other countries, are going more and more into SNACK foods that do not sustain Healthy Active Long Lives, but serve to cause a fake need of the 4.4 Billion sales of prescription drugs per year for only 330 million people million in America.

    For a starter children’s breakfast cereals are for the most part just snacks, read the labels. Our children deserve better. Those foods are burdening their immune systems causing untold numbers of sickness and disease in our children. Food Corporations even put synthetic vitamins made from petroleum into breakfast cereals.

    We would do better with intelligent progressive aggressive action to stifle the Covid19 virus but at the same time improve the Health of our Nation.

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