EVSLIN: My mask can protect me and you

This wonderful little bubble of safety they we have felt on Kaua‘i is over for now. We are all dealing again with the heightened awareness of the real risk of becoming infected and bringing the virus home to our families. This column is not about how we should have opened with at least two tests and a shorter quarantine. It is about how do we make the best of the situation we are facing.

This column is about masks. Face masks differ quite a bit. When all of this started there were not enough masks for our healthcare workers and the general public. Our wonderful volunteers on Kaua‘i made 1,000s of masks and distributed them widely and they worked.

Those homemade masks helped keep us safe on Kaua‘i and as we all know that the beauty of those masks is that the masks protected the people around us from our droplets (and their tropical prints were attractive).

Now with school starting and visitors arriving, the airport workers, teachers, and frontline workers in most workplaces are at real risk of being exposed to the virus. We need to consider each of our risks and what type of mask might work the best for each of our daily routines.

The better the mask, the more it protects the person that wears it as well as the people around them. There is also an intriguing paper written by researchers from UC San Francisco that suggests that there is evidence that if you catch the virus while wearing a mask, you might have a much milder illness as much less virus actually gets by the mask to infect you.

The best masks available to the public are N95s. The 95 means they filter out 95% of particles of a certain size. Hospital workers in high risk situations will wear fitted N95s and some type of face shield. The face shield is added protection. A face shield by itself does not provide enough viral particle blockage but it is a good addition in a high risk situation.

The KN95s that are available online and in places like the ABC stores are Chinese versions of the N95. They are not considered as good as the N95s but they do provide protection (unfortunately they apparently are variable in quality). One note about N95s, some have valves on them. The valve lets your breath out without filtering it. That means masks with valves may protect you, but they do not protect the people around you.

The next level down are the multi-layer disposable surgical masks. They are similar to the standard masks used in lower risk hospital settings. They don’t work as well as the N95s but they certainly do provide a level of protection for the wearer and for those around them. They are labeled as medical grade and non-medical grade. The Costco disposable masks look like surgical masks but say they are “general purpose” (at least the ones I have seen) and I am not sure how well they work. My understanding is soon masks will have some type of grade in them but for now we have to figure this out for ourselves.

The next level is probably the cloth masks. If they are three or more layers and have filters in the middle and fit well, they also provide some level of protection for the wearer but frequently they do not fit well around the nose or under the chin. They do a fairly good job of protecting those around you but often do not do as good a job of protecting the one wearing them. Among the least effective masks are the single layer cloth coverings like bandanas.

So, the question is, how does one apply this information? There is good advice about what types of masks medical and dental personnel should wear depending on their risk. There is much less advice for the general public. This next section is just my opinion as there does not seem to be enough research yet by the scientists.

I think frontline workers such as police, firemen, and others at higher risk should consider wearing a face shield and a N95 mask or at least a KN95. If I was a teacher, particularly an older teacher, I would also consider wearing a N95 or a KN95. Teachers are real front line workers and most children are not going to know when they are infected. I might also consider wearing one of the better masks if I was an airport worker or anyone else with exposure to large numbers of visitors. If I was sitting at those little desks checking IDs all day, I would certainly wear a higher quality mask. For myself, since I am not on the frontlines but still want to be safe, I have replaced my homemade mask with the disposable hospital grade paper masks and wear it anytime I am in a public place.

Another important question is, how strict should we be about masking in public places? There is plenty of science about this. The answer from virtually all the experts is that we should be very strict.

I believe all persons working in stores or establishments that serve the public should properly wear good masks. Workers in restaurants who are serving the public are at particular risk because they are serving people who are not wearing masks. And the policies for those working in restaurants should be very strict.

I believe the high volume stores like Costco and the big food stores should have particularly strict policies. If a customer does not properly wear a mask while in the store, they should be asked to wear the mask properly (which means not below the nose) and to leave if they do not comply. The policy should be clearly stated by the store that there will be no service if you do not wear a mask and wear it properly.

The science could not be clearer, the best way for the island to stay safe is a fourteen day quarantine or a shortened quarantine with a second test for all arrivals from elsewhere. The next most powerful line of defense is wearing masks and wearing really good masks if you are at extra risk.

Be safe Kaua‘i, someday this will be over but we must stay very aware that it most certainly is not over now and in fact our risk may be greater than any other point since this coronavirus hit America. Covid-19 is surging in much of the mainland, Canada, and Europe. Now that borders are open, we are vulnerable and masking really can make us safer.

This column represents a sharing of information. No content on this column should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinicians.


Lee A Evslin, MD is a Board Certified Pediatrician and Fellow of The American Academy of Pediatrics. He was a former healthcare administrator on Kauai and periodically writes a column for the Garden Island.

  1. Tooindependent October 29, 2020 8:07 am Reply

    “Be safe Kauai, someday this will be all over”. Who are you kidding it’s a virus it will be with us just like TSA. It’s going to be a part of our lives forever. Like the rest it can be controlled but never eliminated. Tell it like it is doc or stop with the fear mongering.

  2. Colin McCleod October 29, 2020 8:21 am Reply

    Doc…your faith in masks is misplaced and is highly questionable at best. Yet, here you are saying things that make people overconfident in them.
    For one thing the very best N95 masks are capable of screening particles down to .3 microns…however, viruses are typically .12 microns–that’s roughly 2.5 times smaller than what is effectively blocked. ( Moreover, the boxes that these and all other masks come in SPECIFICALLY say that they WILL NOT prevent infection from the as yet un-isolated virus that is supposed to cause Covid-19)
    see this video by Dr. Lee Merritt: https://www.lewrockwell.com/political-theatre/lee-d-merritt-md-on-the-lies-of-contagion/ You might learn something.
    In the meantime quit scaring people and then giving them bad advice….
    Colin McCleod

    1. Lee Evslin October 29, 2020 9:37 pm Reply

      levslin@gmail.com Among real scientists there is essentially no debate that good masks prevent the spread of the disease and the better masks protect those who wear them. Most importantly, the places with good mask wearing policies have had much less disease. Try going to a hospital and telling all the staff taking care of really sick patients with Covid-19 to take off their masks because they do no good. Viral particles are carried in droplets and the droplets are stopped or decreased by the better masks.

      1. Colin McCleod October 31, 2020 7:34 am Reply

        Doc…nice try with the “real scientist “ barb. The fact is particle physics is particle physics. Read the mask boxes. Sure they’ll keep you from spitting or drooling on someone, or keep blood off your nose & mouth but they won’t block a .12 micron virus. They are most effective for protecting one from other infectious diseases, but only incidentally from viruses.
        Let me give you a more easily understood example:
        Take a 3” x3” mesh wire screen. It will stop some 3” pieces of gravel and anything larger. But what about gravel that is 1.2”? Any one with a lick of sense knows that these rocks will fall right through the screen. Well, these are the very same proportions between a .3 micron capable screening mask and the .12 micron viruses—clearly the masks are INEFFECTIVE. It’s purely a matter of physics.
        And, speaking of masks, lockdowns, mandates, social distancing, perhaps you’d care to examine/comment on Sweden that did NONE of these things and yet has very good outcomes?? An outcome far better than the countries like the US that have taken the totalitarian path.
        You, like so many others poorly versed in statistical skills, conveniently ignore death rates (a relative number) which have literally plummeted across the US and world. Instead you make the innumerate error of only looking at absolute numbers—cases, which may be interesting but are less important than relative rates of death. Perhaps you’d care to explain the phenomenon of FALLING death rates despite RISING cases? Or, speaking of cases, what have you to say about the PCR test which has to be run at an astounding 45 cycles to get results when proper protocol requires below 20 cycles to get an accurate result. What we really have right now, Doc, is a PCR false positive pandemic, not a viral one.
        Finally, how do you account for the FACT that worldwide the number of all cause deaths to date in 2020 are no different (statistically speaking) than for the 11 month death totals for the last several years? There are some absolute numbers of significance for you. What it tells me is that there is an error (purposefully?) in the assignment of Sars Cov-2 to so many deaths.
        You need to do a little more less politically biased research.
        Colin McCleod

        1. Colie... November 2, 2020 4:39 pm Reply

          Someone needs to do some actual science research before calling out those who have been doing it for may years. N95 masks are not simple strainer filters. If you don’t understand the science, perhaps you should trust someone who does, like the doc?

    2. Colie... October 30, 2020 8:49 am Reply

      Learn how an N95 mask works, indeed!

  3. Paulo October 29, 2020 9:55 am Reply

    Wearing a decent mask above the nose should not be an issue. I’ve seen plenty of mask required stores doing nothing about those with masks below the nose. Costco did not stop a person entering wearing a plastic shield only, with no mask. If we just do this right with extra people on island maybe COVID will not get out of hand.

  4. SteveO October 29, 2020 10:23 am Reply

    Good info and important that we keep responding to the science as it emerges. Just as we didn’t initially fully appreciate the importance of masks, thinking touching surfaces was the primary method of transmission, it is good to recognize the difference between a good mask and a bad one.

    Perhaps the most important conversation should be around how to best enforce compliance of mask wearing, and, equally important, practices such as ventilation and avoidance of confined spaces. At least one study has shown that outdoor classrooms, for example, are 19 times safer than indoor ones.

    Issuing guidance for the public to sift through is a start, but can’t be the end. At our public school on Kauai, my three kids are brought into classrooms, the windows and doors are closed, and the AC put on. Once they are seated 6 feet apart, in this confined space, they are told they can take off their masks – and only need to put them on when leaving their seats and heading outside.

    Our principal, who is highly engaged, can’t be expected to know all the science. Yet the health department says this is a Department of Education, Superintendent or School Administration issue, and our well intended superintendent steers one back to the health department.

    Nine days after alerting all three, the doors remain closed and masks off in those classrooms. And as we all know, there still remains no meaningful surveillance testing of teachers, (hospitality workers), despite Kaua’i, with .001 percent of the state’s cases, opening to 9.7% of the travelers.

    Personally I think we need to temporarily opt out, as Mayor Harry Kim threatened, to get a shortened quarantine with a second exit test mandated, but whatever your risk tolerance, I hope you’ll agree that much more needs to be done.

  5. Carey Sutton October 29, 2020 10:39 am Reply

    Totally agree with this well-written editorial. Re masks, I’ve found that pulling a tube of nylon cut from the upper thigh of a pair of queen sized panty hose over your mask is a great idea.
    First, it smashes the mask against your face thereby getting rid of any gaps around the nose, sides or chin. Second, it keeps the mask securely and comfortably in place which means you are much less likely to keep putting your hands up to your face to adjust it.
    the nylon also provides another layer of protection because it has an electrostatic charge to some extent.

  6. Valerie October 29, 2020 12:15 pm Reply

    4th COVID case in 4 days as of today (Thurs). We aren’t going to do very well if we get 7 cases each week. Mask up, wear it right, ask businesses to enforce it.

  7. Masked Woman October 29, 2020 11:56 pm Reply

    There are many doctors and scientists who say masking does not protect you from virus spread but masks cause other detrimental health issues for the wearer, including medical, social, and psychological issues, especially for children and adults.

    Kaua’i is not a good example for this being an already isolated community, but if masking and 6’ apart worked why is the virus still spiking in America and around the world in spite of the use of masks and 6’ distancing.

    It’s clear that Healthy people get the virus and do not get sick. Our foods are an important part of Health and Wellness.

    The CDC states that only 6% of the over 200,000 deaths actually died from the virus, that’s about only 6,000, or less than the regular flu.

    Of the millions who have tested positive, 98% of which had only mild or no symptoms, and they aren’t in quarantine or isolation but are fully out and about enjoying their natural gotten immunity that keeps them from getting the virus again, and prevents them from being contagious to others. What are we hiding from, we are hiding from fear.

    When you are Healthy you can get the Covid19 virus, your immune system will keep you from having symptoms, and you her natural immunity, you won’t get sick from the Covid-19 again, and you won’t spread the virus to others because all your virus will be deactivated by your immune system’s abundance of antibodies.

    The real situation is, that like the regular seasonal flu, we should have all carried on as usual and all of us gotten the virus and naturally went through the immune response which provides not only immunity but also eventual Herd Immunity, which in itself is part of what makes whichever seasonal virus “dwindle” away.

    And yes the elderly with pre-existing disease conditions and who are taking daily toxic prescription drugs, as many as 5 and 10 and even 15 prescription drugs a day with dangerous side effects, these people know who they are, they should have been, or should still be, voluntarily quarantined and even voluntarily isolate to protect them and feed them Wellness foods, and allow the nation’s economy to excel the way it was prior to this spread of fear, with the hope you will accept the manmade experimental laboratory disease that will be injected in you.

    The real issue here has been masked by the 3 “med’s”, the med-ia the med-ical industry, and the med-ications. The Media, spreading Fear with their hyped up money making news, and the medical selling their medications of over the counter and prescription drugs.

    This medical coverup mentality has been going on for many decades, even generations. When you are 30 and have already been eating American manufactured foods for 30 years, foods that are junk, fast, processed, packaged, canned, loaded with cancer causing petrochemicals, and numerous kinds of processed sugars, as well as animal flesh marbled with fat, lard, grease for your arteries, mixed with for too many the alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; of course 30 years of that and you will be told because of your symptoms at your annual checkup that, for example, your blood pressure or your blood sugar are too high.

    Stop right there, that is the turning point in your life, or was the turning point to perpetuating chronic degenerative diseases in your body and your entry through the wide open door of medical Disease Care, and (test numberslike 80% of the American public you will be prescribed 1 or more daily multiple doses of prescription drugs, or like 55% of the people on 4 or more prescription drugs.

    The Coverup is that prescription drugs taken for disease do not make you Well or Healthy, they actually only MASK or hide your body’s symptoms, or your medically tested signs of your disease, but medical prescription drug treatment still allows your diseases to continue to rage inside your body. The prescription drugs make your signs and symptoms somewhat less noticeable by your different test findings. But nonetheless you are not getting well or healthy from your chronic degenerative diseases, like Heart and Stroke, obesity and Diabetes, cancer , Alzheimer’s, kidney, lung, and liver failure, and so many more. Always more tests, like blood pressure and blood sugar, etc., and more prescription drugs. The trap has been set and you are where they want you, in the line at the pharmacy, 6’ apart waiting for your prescription drugs, not getting Well and Healthy, but feeding the Monster Money Machine of 4.4 Billion drug prescriptions a year in America alone.

    Prescription drugs, 4.4 Billion written prescriptions sold per year, actual NOT making you Healthy and Well, but producing $4 Trillion a year in medical and pharmaceutical income.

    Drugs of any kind, and also chemicals in our foods, burden our immune systems, rendering the immune system less capable of optimally deactivating invasive virus such as Covid-19, and Making elderly people on prescription drugs go to the hospitals who otherwise could stayed home and avoided the flu, or got,the flu but recuperated like the majority; and thus allow the majority of the population to go to back work and support their families, their rent, mortgage, food, bills, taxes, and insurance payments; instead of mere elected officials destroying the economy, with lockdowns, and stay home, and close huge amounts of businesses and damaging people and families right along with it.

    We would be wise to get anti-nutrition ingredients out of our food system and out of our bodies, drop the masks and 6’ separation, put everyone back to work, and use their tax dollars to nourish and protect the elderly with actual Health Care that would get them Well and Healthy and away from the pharmaceutical toxic, even lethal, prescription drugs.

    The time is past to continue treating disease with toxic prescription drugs, and it is already New Age to turn to Wellness Care and Healthy Life Styles.

    The word Physician is a Greek word for Teacher. We need a new profession of Health Teachers, prescription drug treatments are becoming a thing of the past, it’s ineffective in getting people Well. We do not need it anymore.

    Salud…To Your Health…!

    1. Kauaidoug October 31, 2020 10:36 am Reply

      MW, just wear a freakin mask. Do what you want in your own home but protect me as you go about your business on Kaua’i.

  8. no more fear-mongering October 30, 2020 3:12 am Reply

    Dr Evslin -a small-town pediatrician, likes to fancy himself as an authority on infectious disease.
    Instead of listening to his unqualified, fearful views, consider the experiences and observations of ACTUAL practitioners on the front-lines battling Covid.

    Dr Roberto Cueva’s letter, which bears re-printing here:

    Dear Mayor Kawakami and Council Members:
    I have sent a letter of support to Governor Ige regarding the pre-travel COVID testing protocol that allows those traveling to the State of Hawaii to be exempt of a quarantine if they have evidence of a negative COVID test within three days prior to boarding their flight. I have a trip planned to Kauai for the Thanksgiving week to stay in our family’s home on your beautiful island. I am aware that Mayor Kawakami has requested that Governor Ige approve an alternate testing protocol that involves an additional COVID test no sooner than three days after arrival and requiring a quarantine during this waiting period and the number of days required to receive a result of this second test. Such a protocol would essentially negate the pre-travel test program. Mayor Kawakami, this second test protocol comes from a fear-based orientation from those advising you. I offer an evidence-based support for the single pre-travel testing protocol approved by Governor Ige.
    I am a physician that works at Southern California Kaiser Permanente. I do not speak for the organization but can relay valuable information in support of the pre-travel single test protocol. Our organization began using a pre-admission COVID test protocol for surgery and other hospital admissions in early May. Since that time tens of thousands of patients have received care and undergone surgery using this protocol that has resulted in no spike in COVID cases in our hospital staff, physicians nor patients. If a patient is COVID negative no heightened protective equipment is used (apart from standard masks) during surgery or their hospital care. As healthcare providers we are in much closer, intimate contact with our patients than would occur in the normal activities a visitor to Kauai would engage in with local inhabitants. As such, Governor Ige’s pre-travel COVID test protocol can be expected to protect Kauai’s residents as well as, or better than, we have been able to protect our valuable colleagues, staff and patients within our large hospital/healthcare system.
    In summary, please abandon the additional post-arrival COVID test and quarantine protocol you have requested be approved, as the evidence does not support such a restrictive program. Current mask use and social distancing, that is being practiced in virtually all other US states and other countries, combined with a negative pre-travel COVID test is highly unlikely to result in a threat to the safety of Kauai’s residents. Much needed return to economic activity on Kauai and all the islands of Hawaii will contribute to the emotional, psychological and general well-being of your citizens.
    Thank you in advance for your attention.
    Roberto A. Cueva, MD, FACS
    Southern California Kaiser Permanente
    Clinical Professor, Voluntary
    University of California, San Diego

    1. Kauaidoug October 31, 2020 10:40 am Reply

      This drs argument is flawed. A person waiting for surgery after ore surgery Covid19 test acts completely different than the person running errands before a trip.

      1. Kauaidoug October 31, 2020 10:43 am Reply

        A person waiting for surgery after pre surgery Covid19 test acts differently

  9. Everythingisawesome October 30, 2020 12:06 pm Reply

    All this talk about the benefits of face masking. Probably before your time, Dr. Lee, but face masking used to carry a 15 yard penalty. Ejection from the game if intentional.

    1. Loladog November 6, 2020 4:57 pm Reply

      Just because you capitalize the first word and then put a period at the end does not make it a sentence.

  10. Valerie October 30, 2020 12:25 pm Reply

    Today Friday we now have another case giving us 5 in 5 days.

    1. 5 in 5 better 1,000 October 31, 2020 10:11 pm Reply

      Valerie every positive tested, and even those positive but not tested, cases, undergo the immune process within 3 to 14 days after infection, that is, each person infected by the Covid-19 virus begins to undergo the natural immune response and develops way more than enough antibodies to deactivate all Covid-19 viruses in their body.

      This is why the vast majority of people, as much as 98%, have none or only mild symptoms when they become infected. Because their immune system immediately (3 to 14 days to immunity) reacts to the infecting virus and produces huge amounts of antibodies to deactivate all the covid 19 viruses in their body and still has a huge amount left over to deactivate any subsequent infecting same Covid19 virus, as well as deactivating the virus so immediately none of the infecting virus can spread to other people because they are deactivated, that is that person’s immune system does not allow that person to be contagious. And that person now has Herd Immunity.

      Since each person’s immune system produces a huge amount of extra antibodies, these extra antibodies become what is called natural immunity.

      Immunity provides that person with leftover antibodies after the Covid-19 viruses are all deactivated so that then, in the near or far future, there will be plenty leftover antibodies to attack and deactivate any new Covid-19 viruses that come around in a 2nd wave and tries to infect that person.

      Not only does immunity protect that person from future same virus infection, it also prevents that person from being contagious, in other words the positive Covid-19 person with natural immunity cannot spread the Covid19 virus to other people.

      Humans are vertebrates. The above sequences of occurrences are how all healthy vertebrates react to invasive viruses, and have done so by older vertebrate species for the last 550 Million years protecting vertebrates’ internal environment from the world’s external environment. Aren’t we lucky to have evolved with such a well developed immune system that the other vertebrates have already had since before humans walked the earth.

      So when you say 5 people have showed positive in 5 days, we know that it would be better for our community to have 1,000 people a day become positive in a single day and every day forward until all the healthy people have developed wonderful, almost miraculous is how the human body can function, by performing the immune process.

      As you know now immunity means the individual is able to deactivate the virus and as well prevents contagious spread of the Virus to others.

      Whoever spread the fear of new positive cases as being bad, or dangerous, is downright ignorant or dishonest spreading fake fear.

      However people who have allowed themselves to be under prescription drug treatment disease care, for decades, and if they are elderly they may need to be masked, quarantined, and have their diet converted to one of nutrition and work to be taken off prescription drugs, become well and learn how to maintain their health into their healthy and active 10th and 11th decade of life.

      Very few people die from the virus alone, most die from the combination of long term end of life diseases along with their end of life prescription drugs. These people are prematurely reaching their limit of longevity, shortened by allowing themselves to be treated with prescription drugs instead of taught to get well and be healthy without prescription drugs throughout a deserved long life.

      Prescription drugs are only for sick people not interested in getting well. Prescription drugs do not make people well nor restore their health. They only manage the effects of disease also called signs and symptoms, while their disease continues and the disease process is internally getting people worse over the decades before they die.

      The thought of taking prescription drugs for 30 years or so for high blood pressure is severely bizarre when one could get well and not have high blood pressure at all, and no prescription drugs and live much longer.

      Worldwide millions of people are positive for covid19 and are safe with their own natural immunity without taking drugs. And as well are contagiois free from infecting others.

      These positive covid-19 people are out and about in society enjoying themselves, they are immune and not contagious and that is how we want all people to be in order for the Herd Immunity to cause the covid19 virus to dwindle away, because the covid19 viruses have no where (in immune people) to go and thus the covid19 virus cannot survive and it dwindles away with nowhere to multiply itself (making baby viruses)without a new negative person to attach to, except they can invade negative tested people.

      You see the doctors and politicians got it wrong because they study disease instead of health, both totally different fields.

      Negative tested people are ready for exposure and infection by the continuing to spread contagious virus. And since they do not have the natural antibodies yet they are highly contagious during their first 3 to 14 dsys of infection waiting for their immune system to make them immune and positive, and protected within themself and safe from not spreading the virus to others.

      Send us the positive cases. They are safe visitors.

      We hope you and all your family, friends, and neighbors all become positive and naturally immune, soon.

      Vaccines are already showing some people getting sick and some who have died from the new vaccines. Be healthy if you know how, otherwise train with a Health and Lifestyle Coach.

      And when it comes to vaccines, know they are manmade laboratory diseases and while you may develop some immunity to the vaccine, you won’t develop immunity to the COVID-19 VIRUS.

      Vaccines are not only a waste of time but also an at risk chemical concoction and disease viruses.

      By now you are saying that we do not want to wear masks, and we do not want to stand 6’ apart, nor wash frequently with hand sanitizers which serve to challenge virus to mutate faster in their own need to naturally survive by becoming more virulent.

      You are right, if you are healthy, and not elderly hanging on with end of life diseases and taking end of life prescription drugs, then if you are healthy let the covid-19 virus come your way and you will develop lifetime immunity, just like Measles, Mumps, and Chicken Pox did for those who got the virus by natural contagion and allowed themselves to develop natural immunity without prescription drugs or vaccines.

      This isn’t the first time modern science got it wrong, after all they are just experimenting in laboratories while the vertebrate species are well capable of internally and naturally developing immunity after 550 Million years of practice.

      For proof of laboratory experimentation, look only to TV Drug Ads for the prescription drug side effects including death.

      And oh sorry what if you got the flu, what’s the matter you never had the flu before. It always gives you immunity from each years different virus. Your immune system always makes bio-identical antibodies to deactivate viruses.

      You don’t want to skip a year of immunity, you never know, immunity may require not skipping a year of immunity, thus making our Governor and Mayor’s orders and proclamations unhealthy for us in the long run of our own deserved longevity.

      Let each year’s immunity’s build upon last year’s immunity making you a more stronger Host in the defense against viruses.

  11. Kauai Boy Mainland October 30, 2020 8:10 pm Reply

    Misdirection, with all due respect, Doc. Mask profiteering. Masks are for us to feel like we have some type of control over this virus. Baloney. We have very little real control and even that is an illusion. Everybody will get exposed and the chips will fall where they may. That is the truth about this virus. Global stats bear this out. Kauai has just been postponing the inevitable. You’ll get same infection rate and, unfortunately, the same death rate as everyone else in the world.

    We’re so sorry, Uncle Albert.

    1. Stats November 2, 2020 4:42 pm Reply

      Show your sources, please. And explain how Taiwan and Korea and Japan, etc, have such low rates compared to the states…

  12. We are Vertebrates October 31, 2020 2:15 pm Reply

    We are all vertebrates. As vertebrates we all have immune systems, defending each and every one of us vertebrates going back for the last 550 million years, What Dr. Evslin is saying is that he and others for lack of information have no confidence in our functional immune systems that have been effectively working in all vertebrates for over 549 million years more than humans have been known to be on earth.

    That lack of confidence spawned out of fear is destroying a nation ultimately controlled by government authorities lacking health and life education.

    These fearful ones lacking proper and adequate human body education seem to forget that they are all still alive today, thanks to their immune systems functioning perfectly without help from doctors and prescription drugs, and only those lacking knowledge run off to the prescription drug mills at the drop of the hat. That’s propaganda in action.

    Out of 330 million Americans, only 12,000, mostly elderly, have passed away from this virus, something we all eventually do anyway.

    However, so far Millions in America and perhaps a Billion worldwide, whether tested or not, are positive with the Covid19 virus and are alive and well today because of their God given vertebrate immune system, challenged, tested, and proven effective for 550 million years.

    The very fact that small minded humans even attempt to make a vaccine, a laboratory manmade dangerous disease, is proof of their ignorance and their lack of confidence in what the Creator has given each and every one of us humans, our immune system. However that does not allow humans to interfere with their immune system by burdening it with non-nutrient food and drinks, and saturated with chemicals and sugars, prescription drugs, and environmental petrochemicals.

    Several vaccine pharmaceutical companies worldwide have halted their vaccine “experiments” on people due to too many deaths and sicknesses.

    Many of us are curious if these vaccines are just more dangerous medical toys made from cancer causing petrochemicals turned into vaccines. Are these vaccines just another ruse of patented drug money makers?

    You would think that after these pharmaceutical companies have been profiting literally millions and billions of dollars that if this really is a worldwide threatening the human race as they promote through fear and “washed” statistics, that if their prescription drugs really had value, that they would donate just this one time their service and product. Forcing poor nations to pay for what they cannot afford in a pandemic is ruthless profiteering. Vaccines are not miracle drugs, they all have side effects even if those side effects are denied by the companies making them.

    On the other hand, forget the vaccine and work every day on your health, that and an optimally functioning nervous system is the key to an immune system that can readily deactivate any and all invasive specie virus. And that is why millions of people in America alone, have naturally become immune after infection by the Covid19 virus and not only survived but have also not had any symptoms, as well as naturally developing their own immunity and are therefore Not Contagious, and are part of the needed natural Herd Immunity so needed to clear our island, and our state and nation, of this virus without the dangerous dreaded vaccine.

    We can have confidence in our immune systems, but best not burden them with snack junk and non nutrient fast food saturated with chemicals and sugar, nor the use of prescription and over the counter drugs.

    We must put this virus into perspective, while the Covid-19 virus is headlines worldwide, by virtue of that we are ignoring the hugely more important epidemic of long term diseases coupled with and complicated by the 4.4 Billion prescription drug sales per year in just the United States.

    Those who stand to financially gain from the Fear of the Virus, exaggerate it’s danger and the statistics by claiming bloated numbers of deaths caused by the Covid19 virus, exaggerated by 1,666% as stated by the CDC.

    Of the people said to have died of the Covid-19 virus 94% of them actually died from their pre-existing diseases, diseases that the media laughingly call conditions, well conditions that end your life earlier than nature and life itself intended.

    In the meantime there have been multiple disease epidemics in America going on for many decades. Their combined death toll for people over 65 years is about 1,200,000 (1.2 Million) people who die each year from these epidemics.

    For those 55-64 years old, another approximately 745,000 people die from nearly same epidemic diseases.

    Almost 2 million people over 55 die from these epidemic diseases each year. And sadly more people die from these diseases even younger.

    These diseases are for the most part caused by eating non nutrient junk, snack, and fast foods loaded with sugars and chemicals. Foods that with effort can be avoided and eliminated from ones diet and improved upon by an active Life Style.

    When you see a grossly obese person with accompany diabetes disease, you can can sure they did not get that overweight from breathing air, and anyone can tell they got these diseases from eating foods.

    Well guess what, other diseases are caused by eating improper food and drink, and some diseases are caused by the side effects of the prescription and over the counter drugs people take.

    It is common for people after eating non-nutrient food for the first 30 years of their life, from birth even when Mommy does not breast feed the baby but feeds the infant non-nutrient baby food with chemicals, that they get disease symptoms by the time they are 30 years old, and it is at this time they begin to take prescription drugs not to get well, but to manage their symptoms while their disease worsens through life until the diseases and prescription and over the counter drugs accumulate to reach an early death, which lately is falsely accused of death from Covid19 virus.

    Here is the breakdown of deaths contributed to and caused by disease and the combination of a few or several diseases, and the complications and side effects caused by over the counter and prescription drugs, and some from alcohol and tobacco.

    Deaths occurring at 55 years or older. Numbers are rounded down.

    1. Cancer = 1,005,000
    2. Heart Disease = 710,000
    3. Lower Respiratory = 170,000
    4. Stroke = 150,000
    5. Alzheimer’s = 110,000
    6. Diabetes Type II = 95,000
    6. Flu/Pneumonia = 57,000
    7. Kidney Disease = 55,000
    8. Liver Disease = 13,000

    It is correct to asume that in almost all of these cases the patients were taking over the counter and prescription drug prescriptions for decades before they died an early death.

    So instead of being taught how to get Well and live a life of Health, they were offered chemical and cancer causing petrochemical drugs.

    The individual epidemic diseases are met by a Disease Care system that offers little in the way of getting well, but instead only offers in most cases drugs that only manage symptoms and the patient’s medical test findings.

    There is one readily available way to change or replace this antiquated unreliable disease perpetuating drug treatment method of diseases, diseases caused by non-nutrient Food and Drink that are additionally accelerated by an inactive lifestyle.

    The general public needs to be more aggressive about their Health and when a prescription drug is offered for the disease signs and symptoms they have, Health Seekers must refuse the old fashioned disease care by drug treatment and instead request, even demand, to be educated in how to get well wherein drugs are not part of getting Well and Healthy.

    Our immune systems are capable of defeating the Covid19 virus, and that is proven by the millions worldwide who are positive with the virus yet are out an about enjoying natural immunity and are not contagious to others.

    When they announce new positive cases of Covid19 cases, 94% of those people are not dying, they are living life, the ones that are dying are under medical prescription drug care with too many end of life diseases.

    Prevention of disease requires knowledge of how to do so.

    Change your Food and Lifestyle ! ! !

    Take the Natural Path in Life, it leads to and maintains Health without the need for outside prescription drugs.

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