Let us all stand with our mayor

Gov. Ige of our great state of Hawai‘i has denied all of the great, hard-working residents of Kaua‘i the capability to live with our families and friends in a predominantly secured and healthy environment, an enviroment that has had zero active cases of the ongoing COVID-19 virus for many, many weeks, a zero COVID environment that all Kaua‘i residents, of all ages, from all cultures, have sacrificed for with the loss of income, loss of jobs, and some with loss of loved ones.

All these life offerings kicked to the curb because it would be “Problematic, as it would overload testing capacity,” stated Lt. Gov. Green. The lieutenant governor also said, “Tests should be prioritized for first responders and high-risk groups, not travelers.” Lt. Gov. Green may be right — the first responders will be giving the test to our kupuna.

The travelers will be the group passing the virus to the residents of Kaua‘i, initiating the possibility of renewal of COVID-19.

Dr. Janet Berreman, Kaua‘i district health officer, has stated a second, 72-hour test was a “Solid, middle-ground test as opposed to a 7-day test…And provided considerable protection while also helping bring our economy back.”

Mayor Derek Kawakami is a stand-up guy, someone who any Kaua‘i residents could on any Saturday morning, sit down with, have coffee and malasadas, and talk stories. Our mayor has, from the start of this affliction, taken a tough position of a “lockdown.” The results of this vigorous stand had been a ZERO COVID VIRUS count for numerous weeks.

It also produced a healthier environment for our families, friends and lifestyle and, I’d like to think, helped save lives.

How is it that the governor and lieutenant governor can be so casual with actions that put aside the sacrifices of the hardworking citizens of Kaua‘i — loss of jobs, income and, unfortunately, loved ones who have suffered because of the virus and those that have left us? A 72-hour, post-travel COVID-19 test is a protective action for all of us. Residents who live here will still be here when travelers have left. Will they leave an unwanted virus?

A second post-travel COVID test would be “Problematic,” as it would overload testing capacity,” said the lieutenant governor. Is the safety and good of the welfare of the residents of Kaua‘i a problematic issue? Does the island of Kaua‘i and its people just get thrown under the bus?

Let us remember these words when these men ask for our votes for a second term in office. Let us all stand together in support of our mayor as he continues the struggle to keep the garden island residents safe. Another test is a safeguard for the good of the welfare for ALL.


H.K Pang is a resident of Kapa‘a.

  1. Major Lee Hung October 14, 2020 12:19 am Reply

    As you mentioned, this island has had long stretches of no positive cases eventhough hundreds a month have been flying here. Recently the figure was given for those in quarantine, it was 2,000 and with no positive cases.

    Your beloved mayor dropped the ball with only procuring 15,000 tests and stating that his plan was to have some unknown private entity take over testing.
    Also, like so many others you fail to mention the use of masks, distancing and cleaning.

    Stop spreading fear and misinformation.

  2. J. D. October 14, 2020 4:10 am Reply

    The Islands did not need to lock down. Precautions could have been taken months ago.

  3. Roger Lee Walraven October 14, 2020 6:04 am Reply

    I am in Whole hearted agreement with your assessment and outstanding letter to the editor ,appearing in October 14th issue of the GI. Please let your voice be heard even more assertively by joining me and other Kauai residents that protest the next batch of Potential COVID 19 arrivals at the Lihue Airport.
    I recently, in an email to the Governor, let my thoughts on this same matter fall on his deaf ears. I advised him that “The blood would be on his hands.” The people of Kauai must make a stand on this issue and fervently guide these Visitors to take a second test, upon their arrival. Picket, Protest and Be There , to show the Visitors that We, the People of Kauai, Mean Business.
    I hope to See you there and then.

  4. truth be known October 14, 2020 10:21 am Reply

    So why isn’t our “stand up” mayor insisting on a 72 hour test after a 3 day quarantine for travelers coming to our island? This solution is the only one that will give our residents a significant margin of safety. The single test prior to flight is a recipe for disaster.

    1. John Moser October 15, 2020 2:46 am Reply

      Mr Walraven.

      You proposal sounds a bit lacking of the Aloha spirit I have come to know and love. A spirit I learned from yor great citizens over several years.

      Here in Texas we have socially distanced, worn masks for required Dr visits and,groceries, etc. Most all public gatherings of any kind have been suspended for many months. FYI I am 59 with ty 1 diabetes, asthma since childhood, sorry to say slightly overweight male. I have been tested twice at my own expense as my wife is is one those heros who must work so you and everyone can get their medicine and medical supplies we need. I as you appear am scared of this virus, but understand that the mortality rate is less than 1% of our countries citizens. I will be prudent, but there are business we all depend upon that must run. Almost everyone buys electricity, fuel, food, clothing, and on and on every day. Look around and see all working every day to serve your needs. Almost everything most people own, use,etc has required many many others to produce, deliver, aupply and sell to get thewe things we use every da

      It is so sad that so many, and especially almost 90 % of these fine Americand have died as a result of Covid 18. More sad that the elderly were sent the sick in some areas which greatly increases the mortality rate due to this virus.

      We contintue.to this day practice safe measures. I personally know several between the ages of 1 year to over 70 that have contracted this virus. Thankfully none of them had severe complications requiringhospitalization. I personally know of none of the dead, God rest their souls and welcome them to his heavenly kingdom.

      I have had multiple calla from island businesses asking if I was interested in purchasing items from their online shops. I have abd spent a xonsiderable.amo8nt ofmoney. I understand the economic plight when a location so heavily dependent upon tourism shifts their doors. Rightfully so initially I might add.

      1. John Moser October 15, 2020 3:10 am Reply

        Got cut short……..Anyway these tourists want to again experience the Aloha Spirit. A protest of their presence doesn’t seem as such to this outsider.

        Tou are rightly afraid as a percentage of the wonderful people of Kauai will become infected with covid. Unless you barricade every outsider from stepping foot on the island this is an absolute certainty. More frightening is a percentage, most all with one.or.more.preezisting conditions that weakens the.bodies.immuse system, will pass away from covid. This too is inevitable ans so very sad unless.you totally lock.the doors. Airline Staff, workers, researchers, military, speciality trades, fuel.and supply boat crews and many more you are quite dependent upon

        We plan to return as well, but your lack of love to those who gladly pay exhobornat hotel rates and taxes on this rentals, attend you luaus, local.eateries is less.than I expect from the Hawiian my wife.and I have met.
        God bless you, the people of the US, all in our world, and especially those we lose every year.

        Your friend Jack

  5. LTEreader October 14, 2020 11:14 am Reply

    “Will they leave an unwanted virus?”

    DATA as of Oct. 13th:
    12 States indicate: Unchecked community spread.
    24 States indicate: Escalating community spread.
    14 States indicate: Potential community spread.

    Last week -VS- this week:
    The ONLY States that have decreased (slightly) since last week are Texas and Maine. The remaining 48 States are on the rise. The U.S. is now averaging 51,038 cases per day. Hawai’i is averaging 91 cases per day.

    France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, and England are implementing new restrictions. Spain has declared a State of Emergency.

    However here in Hawai’i, with extremely limited medical resources, we have a Governor and Lieutenant Governor encouraging visitors as of tomorrow. SMH. Buckle up folks!

  6. Peter October 14, 2020 12:52 pm Reply

    I love this island without tourists. This shutdown has really made me realize the distressing impact tourism has on our home.

    But no, I’m not standing with the Mayor.

    Of course anybody whose finances are more or less secure such as essential workers, county employees, fixed income retirees, and those with substantial unemployment benefits are going to want the island to remain virus free and if that means no tourists, well, that’s just an added benefit.

    But how about the residents whose incomes have no safety net ? How about those small business owners who have ploughed money into building out their business only now to see their life’s work and savings all go down the drain ?

    This Mayor has done absolutely nothing to facilitate an increase in hospital beds and ICU capacity. And so now, seven months into this pandemic, the Mayor has come up with a strategy to shut down the tourism industry again, which will cause more financial damage for those who have no government safety net and have already been hurt the most, all because of the danger of running out of treatment facilities.

    And these new shut-down criteria are based on new cases. Why ? Now that the severe cases are declining because of increased testing and better treatment, shouldn’t the shut-down be based on hospital capacity running out ?

    I expect that Kauai will shut down again. Probably right in time for the holiday season. And that could go on until well into next year.

    No, I can’t stand with the mayor.

    1. Principle October 15, 2020 11:29 am Reply

      “But how about the residents whose incomes have no safety net ?”

      They should pull themselves up by their bootstraps!

  7. John Moser October 15, 2020 3:15 am Reply

    I, as almost every guest to your islands am willing to pay for take a second test upon arrival. I am happy to do this. Why cant your mayor make this happen. Will you then show me the Aloha spirit I love. Or still he protesting me at the airport?

  8. LTEreader October 16, 2020 10:06 am Reply

    John Moser:

    Governor Ige turned down Mayor Kawakami’s request for a 2nd test because he wanted the visitors to quarantine for their initial 72 hours here. It does no good to have a 2nd test upon arrival as apparently people with COVID don’t start shedding (spreading) the virus until at least day 4, sometimes as long as day 8 after contracting it. Kaua’i is offering voluntary, FREE testing 72 hours after arrival. If you’re traveling here please consider taking this 2nd test. Mahalo!

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