Letters for Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Politicians, protect us from pesticides

So what we are to believe is the pesticide companies are our friends?

They are just growing food to feed the world. How noble.

Or are they deceiving us into letting them use our precious land as an experimental lab to test some of the deadliest cancer-causing chemicals in the world? I’m going with the second guess.

They are only dumping 70 tons a year, 140,000 pounds of pesticides, onto our lands, into our waterways, and into the air.

Political figures, help us out, please. That’s why we voted for you, to protect us.

Linda Bothe, Kalaheo

Mayor, please opt out of reopening

Dear Mayor Kawakami,

If you have read my previous letter to you, you will remember that I have great admiration for the way you have steered our ship through these seven months of pandemic.

At this juncture, there remains a way, a better way than the state’s plan, to pursue a safe opening. You need more time to get it right. Another month might do it. It is worth waiting. As for the opening in under two weeks:


Please, quickly join Mayor Kim in opting out of the ill-advised and hell-bent project of opening up to spreaders and even potentially super-spreaders of this dreadful virus.


Big Island needs to do this because it had 43 new cases on Saturday alone.

You don’t want to wait for that to be your reason.

Please continue on your well-chosen and wise course of seeking how to get us out of this soon, but safely.

Phyllis Albert, Ph.D., Koloa

Trump deserved it

The scientists have for a long time, many times, often times, daily and for months, said to wear the masks, wear the masks, and wear the masks, and avoid big crowds and large groups, and practice distancing. They’ve also mentioned that the coronavirus is not prejudiced or racist, and does not and will not only attack the Filipinos, Japanese, Hawaiians, Latinos, LBGTs, and people of colors. It attacks anyone and everyone.

With Trump defying everything the scientists said, Trump with a MILD case of the coronavirus, (what is a MILD case? Either you have it or you don’t) has he proven anything? Is he right, or am I wrong to say that he knows nothing about the virus, could care less whether people got it or not, or is he simply just ignorant? He is never above or smarter than those scientists. Is it good that he has it? Insensitive as I may sound and be, I think so, and he deserved it.

I remembered growing up in Waimea, as a kid, an old Hawaiian lady used to tell me when something bad happened and I didn’t listen, and obviously it happened to me, she used to say, “Mai tai, because you were LOLO!” And how do I feel about Trump now? Just like the Hawaiian lady said.

Tell me now, tell me is it good Trump got the virus?

Ray Domingo, Lihu‘e

  1. Phyllis’s Husband October 7, 2020 4:25 am Reply

    Phyllis, didn’t you understand that nobody agrees with you. The last time you wrote a letter literally 18 people wrote pretty serious comments disagreeing with you our perspective. You’re not even a medical doctor. What makes you think you have any idea what you’re talking about?

    To the mayor, do not listen to the MINORITY of people who want you to opt out. DO NOT OPT OUT. Your economy will suffer. Your friends, family, and community will not recover and no one will care to give you money to fix it because YOU decided to listen to a MINORITY group. There are too many small Business owners, and individuals who are out of work and cannot pay their monthly bills. They will be kicked out of their homes, they will not have money to put food on the table, and this will directly be a result of you deciding to shun the visitors that want to bring their business to your community. People like Phyllis are not medical doctors have no idea what they’re talking about and should not be allowed to continuously put these dissenting letters skewing the perspective. I’m sure if the garden island where the interview people who have lost their jobs and people who cannot access their property or their business the letters with sound completely different.


  2. Take Care October 7, 2020 4:44 am Reply

    Yes Ray, it is good Pres. Trump got the Covid19 virus.
    1. A mild case means he has an immune system that is much much more functioning healthily than someone who became severely ill.

    2. Now the President has huge numbers of natural made antibodies that have deactivated the Covid19 viruses in his body or are still working on deactivating the rest of the Covid19 virus he still has left in his body.

    3. Thus now he has, or mostly has by now, acquired natural immunity to the Covid19 virus, because his immune system produced millions if not billions of extra immune defensive cells, which are the antibodies, the excess numbers of which are the natural immunity he successfully achieved. He may also reached the level of Herd Immunity.

    4. Now President Trump does not need to take the risky manmade laboratory disease vaccine that will surely sicken and kill many nation and worldwide, especially those with pre-existing end of life diseases and the toxic and often lethal end of life prescription drugs. Be thankful TV Ads inform us of drug lethality and other disease side effects.

    5. But what is even more important is have you and the rest of us on Kaua’i, have we gotten the lucky zero to mild symptom dose of the Covid19 virus yet, the zero to mild symptoms based on the internal strength and health of our own immune system.

    6. Ray sadly, because of the lockdown only about 40 people on Kaua’i out of about 70,000 people that we know of, have had the zero to mild symptoms, 40 out of 70,000 = 0.00057%, that mens a microscopic amount of Kaua’i Residents have any amount of immunity from this diseases so deadly that 98% need a test to know if they got it.

    7. Let’s hope our hero Mayor is still the hero if amd when the Covid19 virus sweeps over Kaua’i and those kupuna and the obese, and those with end of life diseases on end of life prescription drugs, without natural immunity, will survive.

    8. People who naively take whichever brand of rapid, competing, made vaccine, will develop some immunity to the vaccine itself but will not develop immunity to the Covid19 virus, because the vaccine and virus will not have bio identical properties.

    9. The main question is not whether the President did good exposing himself and his wife to the virus and have both survived with natural immunity, But Ray, what about you and me, and our families, friends, and fellow Kauians, how many of us have end of life diseases and taking end of life prescription drugs, how many of us are at high risk because we have not had natural exposure leading to natural immunity? That is the question that we hope we can survive, and will eventually tell us if we were wise to have allowed this lockdown, trying to escape the inescapable, the Covid19 virus, consisting of particles so small they are able to pass through most masks, and can pass through the air enormous distances like the Agricultural chemicals on the westside of Kauai. How many life forms on Kaua’i arrived by winds and storms and are now microscopic and higher life forms living on Kauai. And washing your hands with sanitizers does not wash away or kill all the Covid19virus, in fact the 10% of the virus that survive the sanitizer mutate stronger for their own survival and the sanitizer kills the natural bacteria on our skin allowing them to become more of a burden on our immune systems. This is an explanation for the folly of the 3 safety measures currently in place; instead of teaching actual health to our citizens and youth, something sorely lacking in our communities, demonstrated so well by those obese walking among us.

    10. The people of Kaua’i need to ask themselves how many pre-existing end of life disease conditions do they have and how many end of life prescription drugs are they taking daily. Both the diseases and the drugs over burden the immune system and weaken ones own chance of survival. We must never forget Health is in the inside, or should be!

    1. Kimo October 7, 2020 4:00 pm Reply

      TC, Bravo! Well said. Gee, I shocked that no one has attacked you, as this place is littered with armchair quarterbacks who know way too much (ITHO)! Thanks for sharing words of wisdom.


  3. Windy October 7, 2020 4:50 am Reply

    Yes Linda, the Ag poison chemicals are carried on the Wings of the Wind into every Village and hale, poisoning every living thing and God’s humble worshippers, without prejudice it poisons them all.

  4. No Get Nutz October 7, 2020 5:48 am Reply


  5. PCL October 7, 2020 7:06 am Reply

    I completely agree with the letter that Kauai should opt out of the Oct 1 pre-test reopening, like Hawaii County. The Hawaii one pre-test option has been tested in Tahiti and New Zealand and does not work.

    The single pre-test is illogical. Say I am scheduled to fly on Saturday and I get a negative test result on Wednesday. I could already have been exposed prior to Wednesday but the virus has not had enough time to build up so as to have a positive test. Or I could become infected between my test and my flight. Or, more likely, after sitting in a confined plane for 5 hours could be infected on the flight. In any event I get to Kauai and start exposing other tourists and locals.

  6. Craig Millett October 7, 2020 7:51 am Reply

    Yes Ray, of course he deserves it! Now if only he could die 210,000 times to bring back all those we have lost.

    1. Barry Dittler October 8, 2020 2:12 pm Reply

      Pretty sad to wish for the death of anyone. I really wish people like you and Biden and Harris would tell us what should have been done different. Behind the scenes, after China cut off the supply of masks and ventilators, the Trump administration used what powers they have to get these items into production in the USA. If we had not been so dependent upon getting everything from China, we would have been better off. Normal vaccine development takes 2-3 years. But by forging a government/business alliance, we will have one in a year. While Biden can say he will “mandate” everyone wear a mask 24/, the federal government does NOT have that power. There is a section of the constitution called states rights that defines what the Federal government can do. But, I guess anyone that would wish the death of another American, or anyone, cares little for anything but their own hatred. I wish you well and hope you some day realize how evil you are.

  7. John Patt October 7, 2020 7:56 am Reply

    I agree with Linda Bothe.

  8. Kauai Guy October 7, 2020 8:18 am Reply

    Mayor Kawakami,

    Please, I beg of you to not opt out. My family cannot afford to pay my bills. We have started using food stamps and without our economy coming back my little girl and little boy are going to suffer. I don’t know what to do. I’m begging you ignore pleads to opt out.


  9. therealhawaiian October 7, 2020 8:41 am Reply

    Yes Ray. It’s good Trump got the virus! Why? Because it demonstrates his leadership, his strength, and gives him much needed personal information about just what the virus does etc. After all, it’s the liberals who are screaming he doesn’t know anything about it and needs to leave our Country’s future up to the “Scientists”. Right? The truth all along is that this virus has been exploited by the anti-Trump crowd from the beginning. The covid cat’s out of the bag and eventually everyone on earth will have the virus in their bodies. Including you! The vaccine will help you fight the virus, but only 60% of the population will even agree to have it administered to them. The virus will now circulate forever through our populations. You want to shut down life on earth FOREVER!? I trust not! Thank you President Trump for all you’ve done for our Country in such a short time. The intelligent among us pray you will have 4 more healthy years to give our children a chance to grow up in a safe society with a middle class and access to all that makes us great as a people!

  10. steven October 7, 2020 11:44 am Reply

    I think that we should be obligated to make incoming visitors read the comments in the Garden Island regarding their arrival. They need to make informed decisions.

    1. K.D October 7, 2020 5:44 pm Reply

      This mainlander has been reading the comments daily for years. Since before Superferry.

      It has been eye opening to see what Kauaians think of us visitors. But, ok. That’s their opinion. I understand why. When people visit my area, some real jerks play tourist.

      We had been saving anniversary and birthday money for years, so our next Kauai visit (scheduled for April 2020) could be super. We are solidly East Side supporters, staying in Wailua.

      Sincerely hoping that Kauai stays healthy.

      We will be ordering Christmas gifts from Kauai companies. It’s not the same, but it’s all we can do.

      1. Just Cuz October 8, 2020 10:19 am Reply

        K.D., you are the type of visitor that we would welcome. Wish others would take the time to educate themselves before they arrive. It’s the people that show no respect and act like they’re at home that the negative comments are meant for. When the dust settles, I hope you folks can come back and enjoy our island.

  11. I saw a Vampire once October 7, 2020 2:12 pm Reply

    Ray Domingo: the president is not immuned to dying from the virus. His chances of dying are equal to others. So he must be smarter than the others too.

  12. I saw a Vampire once October 7, 2020 2:33 pm Reply

    What is there not to like about the billionaire president? He has the money. And you don’t. But to say that he is immuned to the virus is not the brightest thing to say. It’s physical. Not mental health in relations to making more money than others in the world. He has the virus because that is the way viruses attack the body. It is okay to dislike the president. But somehow you sounds stupid Ray Domingo. That is why I comment.

  13. Lawaibob October 7, 2020 2:54 pm Reply

    Trump / Prison 2020

  14. RG DeSoto October 7, 2020 5:25 pm Reply

    Phyllis et. al. if you are so frightened just lock your selves up and stay sequestered for the rest of your lives. The rest of us want to live our lives as freeborn people.
    RG DeSoto

  15. Hirondelle October 8, 2020 11:22 am Reply

    Ultimately, it is tourist and business travelers who will make the decision as to whether the Hawaiian islands “open up” and return to “normal” (whatever that is). The Islands can be open and remain relatively empty of tourists, if people do not feel it is safe to cram into a flying tube with 200 other people for several hours. The islands can be open and relatively empty if tourists believe there are not enough hospital beds or equipment to treat them, should an outbreak occur during their visit. All of us should do what we can to protect ourselves and other people, and to make people feel safe and welcome. Otherwise, it will be a long and futile wait for the return of tourism.

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