Letters for Tuesday, October 6, 2020

What I would like

OK, so what policies would create the kind of America I’d like to live in:

1. Continuation of social programs that benefit the most people such as Social Security, Obamacare, Medicare and other programs that work on spreading benefits to all and prevent the rich from getting richer and the poor getting poorer (like a third world country).

2. Important and necessary financial regulations that prevent the regular financial crashes that end up severely hurting and sometimes destroying ordinary citizens. Essential environmental regulations to stop large and small pollution of the air, water and earth to preserve the health of the earth for future generations.

3. Up to date infrastructure to facilitate transportation and connection.

4. Strong, science based national leadership to combat the corona virus

Is it possible to stop the political name calling and sounds bites that attack and confuse these very simple basic issues that actually benefit our citizens? Attacks and name calling such as calling inconvenient things including the news media a hoax, constantly attacking democrats as radical people that should be protected against, stopped, sent to jail or worse? Perhaps just shot?

Is it possible that we ask for and allow government to make our lives better instead of thinking of government as the enemy?

I want to live in an America that believes in what works for all Americans of whatever color, and also that constantly works to make the rule of law applicable across the board to all colors. I don’t want to live in a world that works for: the biggest bullies, the people with the most money only, white people only, the biggest corporations that don’t care about the environment or paying a fair wage to its workers, and the most extreme right or left wing ideologies.

I want to live in a world in which we are able to vote for the politicians who will tell us the truth, stick to fact checking, respect others, and make our lives better and more compassionate.

I want to continue to live in a democracy, in which all people are equal and all votes count.

Sylvia Partridge, Director of the Hospice Choir, Princeville

Time for many mahalos

Thank you for removing 55,000 cars and visitors from our aina.

Thank you for no traffic, no airplanes, helicopters, no green harvest, cleaner air, less noise, less pollution, no sunscreen in our ocean, more space, less gatherings.

Thank you for the local humans becoming more mindful, more kind, and more considerate.

Thank you for more organic gardens and farms. Thank you for no COVID-19 deaths, longer lives, and better health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Aloha Nui Loa.

Lama Tashi Dundrup, Kapa‘a and Moloa‘a

  1. Just a thought October 6, 2020 12:27 am Reply

    Thank you covid for no jobs…

  2. Ginger Doll October 6, 2020 3:51 am Reply

    Reading both letters reminds me that we live in the wonderful place in the world.

  3. nobody October 6, 2020 7:11 am Reply

    Lama, thank you for leaving Kauai.

  4. rk669 October 6, 2020 10:39 am Reply

    Pipe Dreams? Mind how yo vote! Socialism or Freedom!
    Choose Wisely!

  5. Kimo October 6, 2020 10:54 am Reply

    OK, Sylvia. Then tell the Democratic controlled media to BEHAVE themselves and start telling the truth, instead of continually spreading lies.

  6. numilalocal October 6, 2020 1:06 pm Reply

    My research puts the normal average visitor count in Kauai at around 35,000 people. Not much more than about 30 years ago. The biggest difference is that in recent years, more people are renting vehicles (I think there were about 5000 rental cars in the island pre-COVID whereas in earlier times many more people opted for guided bus tours. Another contributor to congestion is the increase in population from about 30,000 in 1980 to over 72,000 now.

  7. RSW October 6, 2020 2:54 pm Reply

    Your LTE is self contradictory and naive.
    Create America point “2. Important and necessary financial regulations that prevent the regular financial crashes that end up severely hurting and sometimes destroying ordinary citizens” It is obvious that you have a dismal or very limited grasp of economics. The “financial crashes” you want to end (as do I) are not caused by a lack of regulation and, yes, they severely hurt those least able to afford it. The US economy is regulated to the hilt–financial and otherwise.
    The REAL culprit is the US government and the Federal Reserve. (and, of course, spendthrift politicians & demanding people like you)
    Th government consistently spends far more than the revenues it receives, on, among other things, your dream items 1,3&4. That is, they deficit spend every year (if you or I did that we would quickly be in bankruptcy court) and have done so for at least 50 years. The US debt as of today, 10/06/2020, stands at $27,019,778,200.00–27 trillion dollars. The unfunded liabilities are $154,796,455,800.00–that’s 154 trillion dollars.
    Here’s where the Federal Reserve comes into play.
    The government has to have some way to finance this debt and especially some way to keep the debt service–interest payments–from consuming the entire federal budget. The fed, aside from inflating the money supply which pushes general price levels up, has driven interest rates down to virtually zero. The net effect is to reduce the fed’s interest payments–imagine what they would be a a mere 5% compared to less than 1%. This allows the politicians to keep on spending and people like you to think that this can go on forever. Eventually the government has to do one of two things: a) stop spending beyond its means and start retiring the debt, or b) simply default on the debt. We know that because of politicians’ drive to buy your votes they will not stop the spending and continue to hoodwink people like you into believing that there is an endless supply of free “government” money.
    Good luck…just keep singing with the choir,

  8. therealhawaiian October 6, 2020 9:00 pm Reply

    Congratulations Sylvia! You’re the perfect “well meaning”, nice, rather naïve and delusional Democrat with a big heart! You think Government should provide for people rather than people being required to work for everything they get. You know, like manna from heaven? Every penny you give others for healthcare, housing, food, and on and on comes from someone else who worked for it! It’s their money! Not yours, not your neighbors, and certainly not anyone’s who is able bodied and can work! Of course, there are those who because of health, age, and handicaps can’t work so they must be well taken care of to a minimum comfortable life No-one disagrees with that! The problem is, you mentioned Obamacare, which we now know doesn’t work because the costs are way too high, and now that everyone isn’t “required” to buy it whether they want to or not the costs will balloon to the stratosphere, You mention Social Security and Medicare? Of course we keep those wonderful programs! Just don’t let your idiot friends named Bernie, Pelosi, Schumer, AO Cortez and the Socialists on the left tell you that Medicare for all would be good. IT’S FOR THE ELDERLY YOU IDIOTS! Give it to everyone, and everyone, including the elderly, will be equally poor, equally standing in line for months to see a doctor, and equally miserable! How short sighted can you Democrats be? Stop acting like you know what’s best for “other peoples money”! You want more and better infrastructure, more scientists running covid and the world. Are you crazy? There’s no money for infrastructure because idiot Politicians have given it all away for votes and regulated businesses to death so they can’t make enough money to hire and manufacture in the United States! Thank you President Trump for turning that nightmare around!! A scientist doesn’t know the ramifications of shutting down the economies of the world and all the horrible things, much worse than this silly virus flue that really only affects a tiny percentage of our population negatively even if we all get it!! If you want to live in the best “dream” world on earth you should live in our free, God fearing, free enterprise, Constitution following America! There’s a reason that everyone on earth wants to risk their lives to infiltrate our Country illegally and suck our economy like a mosquito sucks the blood of a cow. The blood you Democrats want to freely give to all for votes until the middle class disappears and everyone is equally poor? Sorry Silvia, your world can’t exist as long as there is evil on earth. And that is forever! You should listen to RSW who wrote some great comments above. The best line of course is that you are one very nice, well meaning, but “naïve” snowflake!

  9. LTEreader October 7, 2020 9:43 am Reply

    RE: Kimo – “OK, Sylvia. Then tell the Democratic controlled media to BEHAVE themselves and start telling the truth, instead of continually spreading lies.”

    Obviously you haven’t noticed that most of what the media airs are things Trump has blasted on Twitter, or is recorded on video. He speaks, then frequently attempts to deny what he’s said, like it never existed! LOL. Fact checking is at your fingertips, try some.

  10. Kekai Chock October 8, 2020 5:25 am Reply

    Aloha Sylvia,
    While I agree with the tourist assements,
    I must disagree with the beliefs of USA CONCERNS AS the KINGDOM OF HAWAIʻI IS A NATION IN CONTINUINITY, determiined by the World court in the Hauge, 1999….
    We have been under a strange form of occupation by the USA ……
    Education towards these facts have been slowly been taught at the UH system Dr. KEANU SAI, some law professors also do note to UH law students… by Professor Chang and others.. also ok Keanu Sai Found on you Tube…
    Pls update your manaʻo that we are an illegally occupied Kingdom… but hopefully in my childrens time, We will be freed!
    With respect, Kekai Chock. Kauaʻi

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