We must not let this virus control us

I studied statistics during a semester back in my college days.

We were drilled with the fact even in those days back in the early ’70s that the media usually sidestepped the truth.

The example commonly used was on three-day weekends such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day they would always and still alarm the public to this day about the surge in traffic fatalities for those upcoming holiday weekends, making it seem like these weekends are far worse than other weekends of the year for traffic deaths.

The fact of the matter is the other weekends don’t have three days, therefore statistically the percentage is not as drastic as it’s made out to be.

This brings us to the current pandemic, nearly every day, every hour, the media interrupting our favorite TV shows multiple times on every network both national and local. We hear about how many people have contracted or died of COVID-19. However, we don’t hear the same stats on a daily basis of how many people have contracted or died of the flu, common cold, cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, AIDS, COPD or STDs. If we did, I don’t believe the country would have shut down.

I find it ironic that so many restaurants have had to shut their doors while our fast-food franchises remained opened. Why are corporate fast-food restaurants deemed essential while ma-and-pa restaurants are forced to stay shut down? There is more going on than just a pandemic. I am not usually a conspiracy theorist. However, I just can’t stop thinking there’s more to this than just meets the eye.

If you wear a mask, at least wear it properly. That goes for politicians and both grocery store and big-box employees, of which I have witnessed first-hand wearing masks in a nonfunctional manner. If you’re going to wear a mask, at least have it covering your nose. There are so many who wear masks the wrong way that I’m perplexed as to why this virus hasn’t taken down many thousands more.

The key to beating COVID is your immune system. The vast majority of people who had it recover. We cannot sanitize the universe. The average pillow has 350,00 bacteria colonies, your phone has 10 times more bacteria than your toilet that your dog drinks out of, then licks you. Your sink has 500,000 bacteria per square inch. We must not let this virus control us.

According to the CDC and Web MD, 200,000 will be hospitalized of the common flu every year and 49,000 Americans will die and yet we have a yearly vaccine for the flu. People will contact COVID-19 for many years to come, however, most will recover, and have mild or no symptoms at all. Any death is tragic, however, the vast majority of all COVID deaths are seniors with underlying health conditions.

Why are we testing people with no symptoms? We do not test people for strep throat with no symptoms?

I believe shortly after the November election, people will no longer be wearing masks and, God-willing, whatever is left of the economy will be salvageable.

It’s ironic that our local Costco sees approximately 2,000 people a day, according to a door counter I spoke to. I was advised that not one employee has contracted the virus. Customers touch hands with the cashiers to receive their change, and yet no spread of the virus from Costco employees to customers. Yet everyone seems afraid for their lives?

We cannot continue to miss weddings, graduations, birthdays, holidays and funerals of loved ones. Schools, tourism, and professional sports need to reopen with caution. We must try and stay healthy and take care of our physical and mental health.

The long-suffering side effects of this virus are not limited to threatened immune systems from staying home and self-quarantining. Many also missed their doctor appointments, elective surgeries, mental-health counsel and family outings. Psychiatrists are now worried people will wind up dying from broken hearts, suicide and neglect of life itself.

The future consequences of the virus may be far worse than the virus itself. Time will tell.


James “Kimo” Rosen lives in Kapa‘a with his dog and blogs as a hobby at dakinetalk.blogspot.com.

  1. Steven McMacken October 2, 2020 3:00 am Reply

    So sorry to hear that your favorite TV shows keep getting interrupted, Kimo. Praying for you.

  2. Pete Antonson October 2, 2020 3:01 am Reply

    Last March 12th, Mr Rosen said the following: “The media has many in a frenzy over what I believe will soon pass.” This is because his Cult Leader said on March 6th “You have to be calm. It’ll go away.” — During a visit to Atlanta headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; even though he told Bob Woodward as early as Feb 7th: “It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flus.” What is amazing is that Mr. Rosen seems to have lived through an epic moment in History for 6 months and learned absolutely nothing. The other amazing thing has to do with timing. When he wrote this, I’m sure he had no idea that his fearless Cult Leader had just contracted Covid-19. Read it and weep, Pal!

  3. J.D. October 2, 2020 5:12 am Reply

    Total annual deaths in US.
    2018: 2,839,205
    2019: 2,855,000
    2020: 2,033,736 through September 24th.

    2020’s overall death rate is on pace to be LESS than 2018 and 2019.
    That is not the message we are getting from the media.

  4. Michael October 2, 2020 5:39 am Reply

    Kimo’s rambling opinion is an example of why it should not appear in TGI. He has no point and he has no message. If properly practiced, these three rituals will keep most people safe: wear a mask (properly), practice social distancing and wash your hands.

  5. james October 2, 2020 7:02 am Reply

    You are lucky you live here, otherwise I’m sure you would have contracted Covid with your attitude. Sorry this deadly disease has inconvenience you. If the most protected person in the world caught Covid, anyone can, even you. Trump thought the whole thing was an overblown hoax just like you. We will join the real world when tourists return on Oct 15. I hope we are ready for it. I don’t see the pandemic going away anytime soon.

  6. Patrick Flores October 2, 2020 7:09 am Reply

    Great and logical statement Mr. Rosen

    1. Jethro Duhl October 3, 2020 3:32 am Reply

      JD, bless your heart, the media is not your enemy. Swaths of the population stay home, entire states shut down, roads empty. Do the math. Or ask Kimo about how statistics work. He tosses them around like word salad.

  7. R.L. Skinner October 2, 2020 8:04 am Reply

    There IS light on the island…..Kimo Rosen is a glimmer of hope that people will wake up to this unlawful taking of our liberties. Some states are finally going to court to stop this unwarranted shutdown of our economy.
    Seems like our mayor wants to stop tourists completely by testing, testing, testing.
    Look at the science….99% of the people with positive tests show few symptoms or even recover completely,,,,,only 5% perish due to the virus.. I think people should be aware that Covid-19 deaths are exagerated because doctors are compelled to list the virus as the cause of death even though the virus is only present and NOT the actual cause.
    I have been saying that if the stores such as Walmart and Costco can function without spreading the virus other businesses can too.
    Wake up Hawaii!

  8. Paulo October 2, 2020 8:16 am Reply

    Well it didn’t control your leader. Had he used common precautions he might not have contracted the coronavirus. But thanks for a lot of happy talk anyway. Let’s not miss those weddings!

  9. Phast Phuud October 2, 2020 8:55 am Reply

    Kimo you are so right about allowing fat, I mean fast food joints to stay open, while nutritious food restaurants were shut now partial open.

    it just keeps confirming the petrochemical pharmaceutical medical industry needs disease to profit.

    You would have thought by now only the fat and obese never knew how many chronic degenerative end of life diseases and their toxic prescription drugs start and end in fast food joints. The only thing without fat and grease and chemicals and sugar in there are the seats, although the seat covers are made from petrochemicals.

    Feed the people fat and cancer and heart and stroke and Alzheimer’s food, and when they show up sick give them more dangerous chemicals in the prescription drugs.

    Pharmaceutical industry has the population right where they want them, eating out of junk food at every snack store and out of their pill bottles.

    Main thing is do not educate people about their bodies and health., especially how to restore health and keep healthy, let them keep the right to buy prescription drugs instead of nutritious food.

    The medical industry so out of touch with health they allow Negative virus people in to spread their new virus infection, and keep the positive ones in quarantine even though after 3 to 14 days they have the antibodies and the immune system to use those abundant antibodies to deactivate any new virus exposure.

    Open up the world and let the people who have been irresponsible with their bodies and health to fall as the cards fall. Amen.

    Let this virus and threat of vaccine be a lessen to the fat, obese, diseased people for letting themselves go…down hill into the hospital and pharmacy and doctor deep rut.

    Who could turn this around for the common good of health, is there a single person, the coming of a new messenger?

    If it is left up to the individual, fear that more than the virus and vaccine combined.

  10. LTEreader October 2, 2020 10:24 am Reply

    “It’s ironic that our local Costco sees approximately 2,000 people a day, according to a door counter I spoke to. I was advised that not one employee has contracted the virus.”

    Nothing “ironic” about this. It’s because most residents of Kaua’i have been vigilant about what’s been asked of us since the onset of COVID, and we’ve been one of the safest places in America to be. However, as below, we’ll be welcoming these folks here in just a few weeks with only one pre-test = fasten your seatbelt, our ‘safe place’ is about to change.

    September 30, 2020:
    “It feels like we’re at another turning point with the COVID pandemic. After weeks of declining coronavirus case numbers nationwide, we’ve had a change of luck and cases are now climbing in 32 states across the U.S.” The New York Times reports.

    September 17, 2020:
    “The World Health Organization has warned that coronavirus cases are surging alarmingly in Europe, as a “very serious situation” unfolds across the continent. As Covid-19 infections spike to record numbers, European governments are imposing strict local measures and weighing up further lockdowns in a bid to halt a second wave of the pandemic.”

  11. kauaiboy October 2, 2020 12:39 pm Reply

    Get a grip, James.

    Let’s see…a three day weekend has 50% more time than a two day weekend, plus far more traffic on the roads and probably more drinking and partying going on. Thus, more accidents, injuries and deaths. And you sound the alarm that the media is being alarmist by cautioning safe driving on 3 day weekends? Did they offer a class in critical thinking at your college? You would have been well advised to enroll in that class.

    The rest of your diatribe is equally nonsensical. For now, I will leave it to other, more grounded readers to comment on your article. Should be interesting…

  12. numilalocal October 2, 2020 1:08 pm Reply

    Maybe if you ask COVID really nicely to not control us, it’ll go away. Though I rather doubt it. How we respond to this virus will determine when and how we can begin to reopen.

  13. tunataxi October 2, 2020 1:19 pm Reply

    Love the timing on this letter… just as your glorious leader is being flown to Walter Reed after a positive covid test result. Curious… who do you suppose will be doing your heroʻs hair & make-up ??

  14. Hirondelle October 2, 2020 4:52 pm Reply

    It seems unlikely that Mr. Trump has been flown to Walter Reed just because he is in his 70s and obese.

  15. I saw a Vampire once October 2, 2020 5:38 pm Reply

    That’s good Kimo. You have faith in your election and candidates. But no I think people will still wear face mask after the election. And the ones who get into politics than get out of politics are still not safe as far as catching any virus or disease. They’re locals. So I don’t think paying a local to be ruler over the ruled is the way it is. They still need medical. As for pay? How smart are the election candidates?

  16. pua liʻiliʻi October 2, 2020 7:40 pm Reply

    I think the only thing I agree with on your whole word salad is, “If you wear a mask, at least wear it properly.”

  17. Phake October 2, 2020 9:27 pm Reply

    Dem to Repub: Trump is faking the virus infection, why ain’t broom hilda going to the hospital, must be she no more symptoms, like those Latin American governments maybe she will be our next President. She certainly has traveled the world more and met more world leaders, that’s better than Camela who been to Smokeland by the Bay, or will it be a Pharisee Admin…2 old croakers passing the torch to one a foreigner and the other a minority rasta far out!

  18. rk669 October 3, 2020 6:53 am Reply

    No Jobs? No Worries,at least we have Breadlines!
    We thank Mutt and Jeff(aka) Iggy & cowerd Commee!

  19. manawai October 3, 2020 7:35 am Reply

    This is really about the fight between those who want to end tourism here and those who depend upon it for their livelihood, direct or indirect. The virus is being used as a weapon in the fight to end tourism on Kauai.

  20. darren p zdunich October 3, 2020 8:15 am Reply

    I went to Wal Mart and caught a case of Corona…In 24 12oz bottles, CERVESA MAS FINA!!
    All jokes aside, the most protected person on the planet contracted COVID due to hubris. Please do not follow the folly. Mayor Kawakami and most Kauai residents been diligent about preventing the virus. please don’t let that ease you into complacency. Wearing a mask sucks I know but now YOU know how bad your breath smells.
    BTW restaurants are opening please support them responsibly.

    Mask up!
    Wash up!
    Distance when you can.

  21. nothings free October 3, 2020 10:00 am Reply

    Great points as usual Kimo! The one clarification I would make is that it is not a virus that is trying to control every aspect of our lives. It’s the liberals and Democrats who either didn’t have parents, had horrible parents, or were given too many trophies for nothing. These pathetic creatures are using the virus to take away our jobs, freedoms, and liberties in an ongoing attempt to feed their mommy/daddy Government into obesity! This mental weakness leads one to want a Government who can be the mommy and daddy they never had! That being said, this is why they’re using the virus to blow up the size and power of the Socialist Gestapo Government they’ve always dreamed of. Naughty children.

    1. Dream a little dream October 3, 2020 5:24 pm Reply

      I am seriously concerned for nf’s health at this point.

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