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Letters for Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Can we turn Hawai‘i into a Purple State?

It’s been great to see all the Trump supporters in this mainly dominant blue state of Hawaii that many of us call home.

I understand that going straight to being a red state is unrealistic and quite ambitious, but is it at least possible to finally turn this blue state of Hawaii into a purple one?

There is no question that many of us are in search of dire change and a political party/candidates that is able and willing to uphold the rule of law impartially.

For those that don’t want change, clearly demonstrates that sentiment through the use of their middle finger or a thumbs down when passing by peaceful Trump supporters.

I really wish that these folks would stop and talk to us about their view points, rather than showing off their I.Q. level while cowardly cruising down the road.

If we are ever going to unite our divided community, then it needs to start with communication. We know we can’t get this sort of cooperation and transparency from our leaders, but we sure as hell should be able to get it from one another.

It’s time to show our inept elected officials, that we can unite as a community without their help. As we have shown that to be true over and over again.

#drain the swamp next election!

Lisa Malakaua, Hilo Hawai‘i

Celebrating International Day of Democracy

Beginning in 2007, through the United Nations General Assembly, Sept. 15 is International Day of Democracy. Enclosed is a portion of Secretaary of State Michael Pompeo’s speech regarding this commemoration. The full text can be found at

“In recognition of the International Day of Democracy on September 15, we affirm the right of every citizen to take part in the processes of democratic self-governance. Democracies are accountable to their citizens. They respect the rule of law, protect life and property and respect the freedoms, dignity and equality of every person. Today, the world reels from one of the greatest public-health crises in modern times.

“Democracies, authoritarian governments and dictatorships are equally challenged by the coronavirus pandemic, but only democracies are free to debate openly how to respond. Authoritarians of every stripe, meanwhile, remain true to form. Their first priority is not public health, but the protection of their own power.”

How have we done in this nation? Here comes my opinion. The words of the secretary seem to put us somewhere between a democracy and an authoritarian government. That first-priority thing sure is a scathing comment. Where do we go from here? The election sure is a dark and light picture. The dark, Trump, will continue to take us down the hole of fascism with justice and economic opportunity for a few.

The light, Biden, will “build back better,” with strong pillars of justice for all and an economic road that helps us all.

Are we the disunited or the United States of America?

Mark Perry, Lihu‘e

COVID and travel to Hawai‘i

OK, folks, I suggested (emailed Ige, Green and others) back in March, that the state purchase a pile of cheap, laser-light, non-contact thermometers, and test each person during the TSA body scan. Cheap, easy and effective.

It took the governor a couple of months to pick up on the idea, and now it’s regular practice. Great!

Here’s the next move I would like to suggest: There is reportedly now a virtually-instant COVID test made by Abbott that costs $5 per test and is 97% accurate.

So they need to test each passenger and crew member during check-in on all Hawai‘i-bound flights.

Also, test each inter-island passenger as well.


Simple, cheap solution.

Any thoughts? Please pass along this idea to ANYONE who you might think can make a difference. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait months for someone in government to pick up on it.

Ross Perrins, Honoka‘a

  1. Uli Roth September 22, 2020 12:26 am Reply

    hey Lisa,
    Personally I think your delusional. I’ve never seen a peaceful trump rally, and as far as division, you can blame that on your boy! Normal people have nothing in common with you guys! Your little red made in China hats, are like a modern day kkk hoods! So take your BS down the road!

    1. Kimo September 22, 2020 7:48 pm Reply

      Lisa, Really? KKK was/is a Democratic “phenomena”. Check your history. Peaceful protests in Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis were DGW…. Democrats gone wild! Really peaceful…. around 1.2B in damage. Nicely done Democrats. Puuuuullllleeeeseeeee!

      1. Pete Antonson September 23, 2020 2:56 pm Reply

        Kimo, you need to check your History of the 1920’s. Oh what a Republic Party decade of values it was.. Prohibition, jail time for criticism of government, busnessmen President wrecking the economy for a decade to come and best of all, The KKK, erecting statues everywhere, claimed membership of almost 10% of the USA, then at 126 M. In AThe ug,1925 and again in Sep, 1926, tens of thousands of KKK marched down Pennsylvania Ave. in full dress with hoods! The 20’s were tax cuts for business, tariffs, White House scandals and arrests, and crack downs on immigration. The Democratic Party had no power but the pendulum swung for the 20 years following 1932.u

        1. Kimo September 26, 2020 9:25 am Reply

          non sequitur! From History Today:

          The war between the States ended in 1865 with the North victorious and the Confederate South defeated. Slavery in the South was now illegal, the former slaves had the vote and groups of white Republicans started collecting batches of them and escorting them to the polls. The situation was resented and small white terrorist groups formed at various places to keep the blacks down and white supremacy intact. Far the best known would be the Ku Klux Klan.

          The Klan began in Tennessee, in the small town of Pulaski, near Memphis. It was founded by Confederate army veterans at a drinking club there and the strange but memorable name was a combination of ‘clan’ and the Greek word kuklos, meaning ‘circle’ or, in this case, social club. Dressed up in scary costumes with hoods and masks, members rode about at night threatening and frightening blacks. They demanded that blacks either vote Democrat or not vote at all. They met defiance with beatings, whippings and sometimes murder. They burned blacks’ houses down and drove black farmers off their land and they extended their hostilities to southern whites who opposed them and the so-called ‘carpetbaggers’, white infiltrators from the North.

          Game over.

  2. Colin McCleod September 22, 2020 6:53 am Reply

    “Democracies are accountable to their citizens. They respect the rule of law, protect life and property and respect the freedoms, dignity and equality of every person.”
    I suggest you read Madison’s Federalist 10. Which directly contradicts your naive statement :
    “A common passion or interest will, in almost every case, be felt by a majority of the whole; a communication and concert result from the form of government itself; and there is nothing to check the inducements to sacrifice the weaker party or an obnoxious individual. Hence it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”
    You do remember who James Madison was???
    Colin McCleod

  3. Tester September 22, 2020 8:07 am Reply

    Positive Testing would be best if it showed antibodies specific to Covid19 virus. Wherever those antibodies are, the antibodies that are specific to Covid19 virus, then that is the person whose Covid19 viruses have been deactivated, or “killed off” in layman’s terms.

    However, a NEGATIVE test for the Covid19 virus or it’s specific antibodies shows a person is capable of being infected by the Covid19 virus, and the first few days of infection, even up to a week or 2, until they produce their own specific antibodies against Covid19virus, that person is able to be Covid19 virus CONTAGIOUS to others, and capable of infecting others like the Resort Bubble employees who would bring it home to Tutu or elderly neighbor, thus the negative tested people are highly potentially contagious to pass the Covid19 virus to others, if they become infected after their Covid19 test. That Resort Bubble employee infected by an only semi-quarantined visitor, is contagious with or without symptoms until they naturally develop their own Covid19 virus antibodies. And remember too, if the Bubble Resort employee is healthy they have an about 98% chance of having no symptoms, though on the upside, once they develop their own NATURAL specific Covid19 virus antibodies, they will become immune to the Covid19 virus and be part of Herd immunity.

    A person tested positive for specific antibodies against Covid19 virus is a person that will NOT spread the Covid19 virus as any of those viruses in their body will already have been been deactivated by their own naturally produced Covid19 virus specific antibodies.

    This positive tested person will also have Herd Immunity which we as a community need to have in order to extinguish the virus contagion in the community.

    With most people on Kaua’i being Covid19 virus free, and therefore lacking Covid19 virus specific defensive antibodies, this can allow for an Islandemic later; and then your fears will become true with all the existing sick and weak and virus susceptible people (people lacking the natural Covid19 specific antibodies) on island taking prescription drugs every day, as well as the fat and obese people on Kaua’i who are eating junk, fast, sugar and chemical snack food on Kaua’i, there is a high potential or capability of future rapid people to people infection island wide wherein we may lose many kupuna and the already people sick with Pre-Existing condition complicated with their daily doses of Prescription Drugs.

    And then the congratulations to our elected officials will smother when and if a Covid19 virus BACKFIRE contagious Islandemic occurs.

    This Pandemic is a wake-up call to all those people with their pre-existing disease conditions and their daily use of Prescription Drugs, to get Well and Healthy now, instead of getting their next dose of Prescription Drugs.

    People on Prescription Drugs need to demand that their doctors and nurses get educated on Wellness, and replace the Prescription Pad with teaching their patients how to get Well and Healthy and live Well and Healthy without toxic and more sickness causing Prescription Drugs, and over the counter medications.

    Sick and or fat and obese people must learn to not go down the grocery store aisles with the sugared snacks and sugared drinks.
    As in: “Do not even go there!”

    Over time grocery store and supermarket chains will stop selling 90% sugar and chemical snacks, and instead provide nutrition for healthy people with natural bodies.

    Beware the added ingredient sugars of Dextrose and Maltodextrin, there are many others. Avoid the food with chemicals added, and bread and bakery additive Thiamine Mononitrate is a petrochemical synthetic useless one of the Vitamin B’s, and may be carcinogenic as it accumulates in the body eating it year after decade after decade. What is the purpose of Thiamine Mononitrate even being out in the food?

    People ask, how does accumulation of chemicals in the body lead to disease? Everyone knows 1 cigarette won’t kill you, give you disease like cancer, but a pack a day for 30 years is over 200,000 cigarettes. Enough to kill you and embarrass yourself at your own funeral.

    Advice: Don’t leave life early, people love you!

  4. Chamundi Sabanathan September 22, 2020 8:19 am Reply

    Is that 3% inaccuracy rate limited to false positives? If so, those 3% can go through the quarantine process along with all the others who test positive.

    But if the test includes false negatives, it’s not adequate.

  5. nothings free September 22, 2020 9:13 am Reply

    Well, Mark Perry, your letter is a wonderful explanation of the situation! You lost most of us, however, when you said “The light, Biden, will “build back better,” with strong pillars of justice for all and an economic road that helps us all”. Are you serious? The same incoherent Biden whose been running this Country as a Senator, Vice President, and “Career Politician” for 47 years! The dimwit whose “participation” has gotten our Country into the mess it’s in? The same Biden who used the people’s job to “arrange” for his son to get a Billion dollar investment from China, who made sure his kicked out of the Navy drug addict son made millions as an “Executive” of a Ukraine Oil Company without knowing the language, having any experience, or knowing how to spell “Oil”? When one has an agenda sometimes their common sense goes AWOL. You are obviously suffering from this malady.

    1. Pete Antonson September 22, 2020 3:25 pm Reply

      Hunter Biden was a Georgetown undergrad where most career diplomats get an International educations. He then got a law degree at Yale like 5 presidents also did. he was managing partner at his law firm in Washington DC specializing in International investment law, As Board member at Burisma Oil and Gas, while earning the standard pay for a Board member at a major International OIl and Gas Company, he was Director of the Division that oversaw legal issues for corporate finance and strategy on International investments.
      In other words, he was SUPREMELY QUALIFIED for the position. But all it took for you was some Goo Gaw empty talking head at FOX to say he wasn’t. Isn’t that so?
      BTW, the word “addict” is a strong word. What is your basis for using it?

      1. Hunter September 22, 2020 5:06 pm Reply

        His stints In rehab. Being arrested for smoking crack in a strip club. 🤷🏻‍♂️

        1. Pete Antonson September 23, 2020 1:41 pm Reply

          I see that he uses the word himself, so I’ll give a point for that; but, I’ll give it to Hunter and not some judgemental republic party member.
          As for the Billion dollar business, Burisma announced making such a deal, there is no record of Biden having anything to do with it other than having his Division advise the Division charged with the investment of the moneys, which was the job of his Division. Kind of a stretch to say it was given to him.
          Let us not forget that Ivanka trump was actually working in the White House during her sweetheart deals with China!

      2. Joe September 23, 2020 11:08 am Reply

        Well your comment sure didn’t age well. Hahahahahhahahahahaha check out your boy hunter senate probe.

        1. Pete Antonson September 24, 2020 1:36 pm Reply

          Of course you know that the NY Post is owned and operated by Rupert Murdock et al, the Republic Party’s favorite squeeze toy, don’t ya Joe?
          The NY Times headline:
          “Republican Inquiry finds no evidence of wrongdoing by Hunter Biden”

          Try again Joe

          1. Kimo September 26, 2020 9:28 am

            NY Times!!!! Hahahahahahhahah! Why don’t you quote the Washinton Post while you ‘re at it! Your far-left wackiness is most prominent!

  6. kauaiboy September 22, 2020 9:54 am Reply

    Dear Lisa Malakaua,

    I, like most anti-Trumpers, do not demonstrate that sentiment through the use of their middle finger or a thumbs down when passing by peaceful Trump supporters. We simply ignore those of you who support this child-man-autocrat who has divided our country and sown seeds of the destruction of democracy.

    Sounds to me like you have been dumbed down by watching too much “Faux” News. I pity your lack of reasonable thought and empathy for your fellow (wo)man.

    Drain the swamp next election? Dump the Trump and his minions.

  7. LTEreader September 22, 2020 11:20 am Reply

    RE: Lisa Malakaua…
    “It’s time to show our inept elected officials, that we can unite”

    The most “inept elected official” throughout this pandemic, and one of the most “inept” in the history of U.S. Presidents is Trump! What is it going to take for you worshippers to see the light?
    As of July 9, 2020 President Trump has made 20,055 false or misleading claims in 440 days. That averages 45 per day, and that’s OK with you? Where’s your morals? He’s undermined the constitutional order to a degree unprecedented in modern U.S. history, and needs to head to the golf course – permanently!

  8. numilalocal September 22, 2020 12:04 pm Reply

    From my interpretation of the science, the only protocol that makes sense for screening visitors for COVID is a test administered at least 3 weeks prior to departure, then complete quarantine for the intervening time, and then a test at the departure gate.. If the tests are negative and the person is healthy, then travel here.

  9. Joe - Yucaipa, CA September 22, 2020 2:44 pm Reply

    A few things. From my perspective, the country started to divide in the last years of Reagan’s last term. From there, each subsequent President has seen that divide increase. Along comes Trump with the perspective that each major political party is failing the nation. Candidates from both major parties didn’t want him as President. Yet, he won. Hillary lost. The divide increased primarily (not entirely) based on hate. And those who did not vote for Trump initially joined together, and have now splintered in numerous undesirable factions with their own ideas of how our government should exist. Seeing that the Founding Father’s addressed pretty much everything when they formed the nation, we just need to adhere to that model. The model of one political hating the other can be blamed on the past to decades politicians. They set the example of behavior that we see today. They did fail us, and Trump saw this. Trump reminds me of a line in the movie Patton where Patton is told that he has performed magnificently, but needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut. I’ve had employees like this. Amazing at what they could accomplish, but really needed to be silent. The alternative is someone that gets nothing done, and may or may not talk much. I’ll take the performer every time. Are we divided? Yes. Who’s to blame? Look in the mirror. You were trained to be that way. And you can decide to not be a part of it. Let’s get rid of the trouble makers in both parties, and take the best from each party to get the best results. Examples of different people that didn’t necessarily get along, yet produced the best: Roy and Walt Disney, Robert and Richard Sherman (songwriters for many Disney films and attractions). We can do better with forming future Presidential candidates if we all work together for a common goal. Drain the swamp of bad examples in both parties.

    1. Pete Antonson September 23, 2020 1:51 pm Reply

      Aw shucks….”He just one of those good ole boys that’s hard to geet along wit.”
      Oh REALLY?
      trump doesn’t have even a teeny tiny itsy bitsy tweenie weeni shred of empathy for you, anyone like you, or anyone who has just survived a disaster; because he’s a psycho, ya hear me Joe? We ar taking this dangerous narcissist out!

      1. nothings free September 23, 2020 8:07 pm Reply

        Now that’s an interesting proclamation! “We” are taking this dangerous narcissist out!”! Could this be the narcissism of the creator of this comment? “We”? Who is we?? After the election in November we’ll know who the significant “we” are. My bet? Trump and his legions of followers who recognize a real leader when they see it! The first President since Ronald Reagan to actually pay attention and perform on his campaign promises. No-one has done that better than the greatest President since Lincoln. You know? Donald Trump!

        1. Pete Antonson September 24, 2020 1:49 pm Reply

          The “we” is me and the imaginary LEGIONS of Antifa, created out of thin air and no evidence, that are part of the most ridiculous campaign I have seen in six decades! It is led by a man (?) who looks ridiculous, with orange skin and unnatural hair, who stands ridiculously pitched forward on lifts and high heels, who walks ridiculously down ramps, and ridiculously struggles to drink water from a bottle with both hands, and speaks ridiculously like he has 4th grade skills, and ridiculously adds airports to his version of 1776 History, and ridiculously writes and receives love letters from Despots, and ridiculously can’t do a simple thing like follow the Queen of England or give just a shred of empathy to those who survive a disaster! He is, in a word, RIDICULOUS.

  10. rk669 September 22, 2020 4:29 pm Reply

    Thank you Governor and Hawaii’s mayors for the Food and Breadlines! Reminds me of Socialism at its finest! Venezuela and Cuba come to Mind! Could we get some Portuguese Sweet Bread ,maybe even some Malasadas? No mo jobs but,We no Stay Hungry!

  11. nothings free September 23, 2020 1:04 pm Reply

    Hunter Biden in his own words ” There’s addiction in my family. I was in the darkness. I was in that tunnel – it’s a never ending tunnel. You don’t get rid of it. You figure out how to deal with it. “! According to Wikipedia, little Hunter was addicted to alcohol and drugs for “decades”! He was thrown out of the Navy for Cocaine use (addiction) and never accomplished anything on his own of relevance. According to Reuters, after Joe and his boy Hunter visited the oil company and arranged for Hunter to be a Board Member “Hunter Biden never once visited Ukraine for Company business”! So what was he doing?? Joe is on tape demanding and receiving the firing of the very Judge who was breathing down the necks of Burisma and getting ready to arrest it’s owner and Board Members for tax fraud, money laundering,, and illegal licensing maneuvers by Burisma’s owner while he was a Ukrainian Minister. Dopy Hunter made over $50,000 a month from an oil company from a Country his father oversaw as U.S. Liason, couldn’t speak the language, had never had any dealings with oil, or any other related business, and quite frankly is a mess of a human. Hunter married his dead brothers wife, fathered another child and refused to make any payments to the mother for support, and has never accomplished anything else in business of significance aside from his handouts maneuvered for by the Vice President of the United States! Anyone who denies the insidious, illegal, and, treasonous nature of Joe and Hunter is uninformed and/or has a deep suited agenda of hate towards America.

    1. Pete Antonson September 24, 2020 2:21 pm Reply

      The NY Times headline:
      “Republic Inquiry finds no evidence of wrongdoing by Hunter Biden”
      At the same time, D, J. (for genius) trump has turned Air Force One into the most expensive Golf Cart imaginable. Corruption is out of control with rack rates charged for SS and staff. And then, the most worthless, six figure earning pack of kids, all cushy in the White House, in trump’s tribute to nepotism. This has to be, when you also figure in the number of convictions of WH staffers, the most corrupt administration since Lincoln!

      1. Kimo September 26, 2020 9:37 am Reply

        Just wait a couple of weeks. FBI reports released will incriminate Hunter Biden, and it will be game over for the Bidens, no matter if they’re “Hiden” or not. Cannot wait for the entertainment to commence. Front row seats please!

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