Some words for the governor about the quarantine

Dear Governor Ige;

Have you ever had to self-isolate for 14 days? No? Thankfully, me neither.

However, during these past two weeks, I felt like I have, because my family who decided to come visit me had to.

Can you believe it was my mom’s second time of a self-14-day quarantine? How much do you love your children and grandchildren? Would you self-isolate for a total of 28 days just to be with loved ones?

I am not going to hold my breath for Oct 15. I am disappointed that you have postponed the self-14-day quarantine requirement three times, and I would not at all be surprised if you keep postponing it. (Please do not).

I am a proud graduate of Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School and Kaua‘i High School.

I am also a proud graduate with bachelor of science in nursing and doctor of nursing practice degrees.

More recently, I am the proud parent of my son, Matthew, who I named after my father, who was born in May 2020.

I now live on the mainland, and have since 2008. My parents and sister live on Kaua‘i.

Luckily for me, my mom was able to come and help me in the following weeks of my son’s birth. Upon arrival back to Kaua‘i, she of course had to self-quarantine for 14 days, which she did. I truly believe that there is nothing as strong as a mother’s love.

My father and sister decided to wait until the mandatory 14-day quarantine was lifted. However, it never did. After you kept pushing it back from Sept. 1, then to Oct. 1, they decided to come visit anyways, before my son was not a baby anymore.

It was announced that the quarantine will be lifted on Oct. 15, and I for one am not holding my breath.

I was shocked that my family even decided to come, because they knew they would have to self-quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival back to Kaua‘i.

They had already canceled their two previous trips, and I was done mentally getting my hopes up.

Even though they had no symptoms of COVID-19 nor had they been around anyone who was positive for COVID-19, per your mandate they still had to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Somehow, they made it through. Maybe it was having my dad hold his first grandson, his namesake, or maybe it was seeing my son smile the biggest smile in the world when he saw his grandma again.

All I want you to know is that these past two weeks were not easy.

For these past two weeks, I have felt like I was there suffering with them. It is difficult for me to realize what visiting me cost them. Luckily, they are free now. It has been two weeks since they left, and now our entire family is relieved.

I wanted to write this initially out of anger and frustration, but I have since learned from reading the bestselling book, “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, that “People reflect your behavior back to you.” So instead of anger and frustration, I am working towards forgiveness. I do not want to harbor ill feelings.

According to your biography on, it says that you have three children, Lauren, Amy and Matthew, who are currently pursuing their careers on the mainland.

I just hope that when you and Dawn go to visit them and any grandchildren in the future that they have, you and Dawn do not have to do what my family went through to visit me and my son (their grandchild and nephew).

But please know that I am not without awareness and assurance that myself and my family are done with the mandatory, 14-day self-quarantine.


Mallory Newman, DNP, FNP-C, is a resident of Salt Lake City.

  1. Eku September 21, 2020 1:45 am Reply

    I self quarantined many times, possible over 10 times, and it is not all that bad. It gives one time to reflect and get more attuned to your own mental well being and spirit.

    Mayor Kawakami is doing what is best for the population of Kauai as a whole, and by the numbers reflected on the COVID-19 report, it seems he is making wise decisions that are keeping people safe.

  2. Pete Antonson September 21, 2020 2:05 am Reply

    So Mallory, have you been a little too busy to read some of the stories from around the world? Truly heartbreaking stories that occurred during these past 6 months? You and your family need to hit your knees right now and praise God that you and your family HAVE NOT SUFFERED.

  3. Jon Schutz September 21, 2020 4:15 am Reply

    Thank you for sharing this real life experience. A 14 day quarantine is a “caveman approach” to managing incoming visitors! How easy would it be to have given your family a Covid test when they arrived or before they even got on the plane and then reduce the quarantine to 3 or 4 days, until results came back. Some tests have results back in 15 minutes? How is the NBA testing every single day, but Hawaii can’t even do a test? Instead let’s stay in a “cave” for 14 days. What a poor excuse for a lack of a testing program that the state can’t roll out for 6 months now! Oct 15th…. I am not holding my breath either.

  4. Michael September 21, 2020 4:49 am Reply

    Mallory-These are difficult times for not only you but for the multitudes of Hawaii residents who aren’t able to see/visit their families. You had the benefit of your family making the journey and helping you. That’s great. At this time, the quarantine is necessary for the greater good for everyone. At this time the quarantine is to help insure the safety of the residents of Kauai and for those who are visiting or returning home. So to you, I say, “Boo hoo!”

    1. judi glass September 22, 2020 3:19 pm Reply

      Mahalo Micheal These are personal decisions and until we know for sure the best practices for keeping our island safe, I agree with your comments. We can leave or come back and must adhere to the rules for the benefit of everyone on our wonderful island.

  5. Quarantine or Not September 21, 2020 5:22 am Reply

    Aloha Governor,

    Just who should quarantine or not?

    When a person is well versed in the study of immunology, these conclusions follow the science and include the following:

    #1. A negative test, if accurate, sounds good but has a large negative downside to it.

    A person with a negative test means that they have no exposure, no infection, no immune response, and no specific bio-identical antibodies that deactivate the target virus Covid19.

    As a metaphor for the Covid19 situation, that negative tested person is a so to speak virtual living magnet for the virus Covid19 because that person has not undergone the immune response and has no antibodies on standby to deactivate any Covid19 virus that enter their body.They have no internal protection.

    However if that person is healthy, that is, that both their nervous system and their immune system are not compromised by loss of structural integrity to the housing of the nervous system, and as well the immune system is not over burdened by other non-nutrients, antigens; and the nervous system is capable of coordinating the immune system’s attack on the Covid19, or any other antigen for that matter, then that healthy person over a few days or so will produce sufficient numbers of antibodies to not only deactivate the viruses but also allow that person be free of symptoms.

    Symptoms are usually the good reactions of the body to “fight” virus or other disease conditions. Suppressing symptoms of disease with drugs can interfere with the healing process, resulting in severe adverse reactions, but sometimes, though, as well, drugs can prevent suffering, and even save lives. Tough decisions for frontline disease care workers.

    From the time a healthy negative tested person is exposed to the Covid19 virus after they tested negative, leaves a window of time that they could become infected and infectious to other people and contaminate them.

    For example, a person tests negative on a Thursday, but on their Friday long flights to Hawaii from New York or Paris, etc., they are exposed and infected by the Covid19 virus from another passenger. By Saturday at the hotel they are still symptom free, but they have active virus in their body and can pass the virus in large numbers already to a hotel worker, and he or she, passes it to their teenage daughter who is healthy and successfully undergoes her own immune response and has no symptoms but naturally develops her own antibodies and becomes immune over the course of a few days to a few weeks, just like about 98% of the people that are infected with Covid19.

    However, Mom or Dad the hotel worker, also infected their elderly parent, Grandma who has any one of, or multiple, chronic degenerative end of life diseases and is taking toxic prescription drugs and their additional side effects and thus the additional drugs for those side effects. The prescription drugs are petrochemicals, probably made in China, and by virtue of their petroleum source are carcinogenic. It’s always been a trade-off of great concern that the medical industry has chosen for generations to use cancer causing chemicals in their treatment of people’s diseases. After all our foods, farms, and environment are already saturated with petrochemicals.

    The variety of end of life diseases that Grandma has, (after all she is 65 already) and the regular prescription drugs she uses for them, are the ordinary kind diseases, like heart and stroke disease, obesity and diabetes, a touch of early Alzheimer’s, and mid stage colo-rectal cancer that she is receiving chemotherapy (more chemicals) and radiation for.

    So now Grandma has an additional burden on her immune system, besides the “99 lb. weight” of her combined diseases weighing on her immune system 24 hours a day, diseases that she has accumulated over her short lifetime of only 6 1/2 decades, she now has a “1lb. additional weight” of the virus, or the straw let’s hope that doesn’t break Grandma’s back, or at least not her immune system.

    So a negative tested visitor on Thursday could be the “Typhoid Mary” disease carrier by Saturday at the “Bubble Resort” hotel.

    Is this a wise chance or path to take, it does not seem to follow the science. The potential exposure of the imported virus to hundreds of local workers flies in the face of reason, and is almost criminal in its endeavor to bring hotels income, albeit a need.

    On the other hand another traveler from New York or Paris, on Thursday tests POSITIVE for Covid19. They already have been exposed and infected by the Covid19 virus most likely weeks to. o the before, and they have had no symptoms since their exposure and no symptoms now of Covid19, or any other flu, and they also may have no other end of life diagnosed diseases nor are they taking any prescription drugs or over the counter medications.

    This same symptom free traveler, now positive tested for Covid19 virus, has thus already gone through, virus exposure, virus infection, and virus immune response, and has developed their own natural antibodies to the Covid19 virus at some unknown date over the last few prior months.

    The immune response they personally and naturally underwent prior to their Covid19 test and travel flights, produced antibodies specific to the Covid19 virus and has already deactivated (call that “killed off” in layman’s terms) the Covid19 viruses that were in their body, and since the immune system does not make just an equal number of antibodies to viruses, the immune system instead makes as many as 10+ fold antibodies, thus there remains a large amount of leftover healthy unused antibodies waiting in that person for any new exposure and infection, antibodies able and ready to deactivate any subsequent Covid19 virus event or infection.

    This natural reserve of antibodies is what is called Natural Immunity, and it can possibly, with all probability, last a life time like our natural antibodies against measles, mumps, and chicken pox have done for many of us to the point of natural Herd Immunity has eliminated some viruses entirely.

    Therefore our safest visitor to Hawaii would be scientifically the healthy and still symptom free people who test POSITIVE for having the Covid19 virus.

    But better we test for the actual antibodies as proof positive of natural immunity and benefit anti-spread of further infections.

    Another benefit of those tested positive for the Covid19 virus is that those people have Herd Immunity, the very thing that causes Covid19 viruses, and other viruses and antigens, to not be able to survive in new people the Covid19 virus infects, because the natural antibodies laying in wait for any new infecting Covid19 vitus are ready to literally pounce upon those Covid19 virus and deactivate them before they even have the chance to multiply in the bodies of those with Herd Immunity.

    The mere fact that you have successfully developed immunity to the Covid19 virus means you are part of the Herd Immunity process moving forward.

    It is when enough of us in Hawaii have Herd Immunity that the Covid19 virus will no longer be able to successfully survive and infect others because the great majority of us will have Herd Immunity, which stifles successful spread of infection.

    Any person who tests positive and has no symptoms, and it is at least a few weeks since they went through the immune process has automatically developed and is part of Herd Immunity.

    These spikes of hundreds of people tested positive on Oahu are reported like that is very bad, but it falsely increases the Fear Factor among the population, when in fact positive test spikes are proof of the good spread of Herd Immunity. We need that !!!

    However there are people who with their End of Life diseases and their multiple toxic, even lethal, prescription drugs, are at High Risk.

    In the shutting down of our economy by closing businesses and putting people out of work, and keeping children, youth, and young adults out of school, and denying social togetherness, as we are social beings and need contact with each other, and we need to see and interpret facial expressions of each other. These denials are the new ABnormal, and are now the new pandemic sickening people worldwide; and one side effect is suicide, as well as the perpetuation of the virus by not letting the virus run it’s natural course which is dead ending in the Herd Immunity.

    The current situation of letting so called human unnatural science mess with the natural virus is proof to its failure and inability to try to outsmart nature.

    There is an underlying cause of this problem of early death in people who otherwise would live 1 or more additional multiple decades, call it a blame if you will, but sorry, when you were offered prescription drugs, way back when, even 3 or 5 decades ago, for whatever you felt sick about, or the medical industry “discovered” in you by it’s recommendations of annual testing your bodily fluids, etc., even 4th stage diseases, that is when, had you been educated about your body, you should have said to those who were prescribing you drugs…“Forget the drugs, I want to get and be well, I want to be healthy and live an active healthy optimal Life Longevity of 10 even 11 decades”, and not this phony short 3 to 8 decade burned out tired sickly prescription drug taking limited life span, spending more time at the hospital and doctor offices than you would otherwise spend on health accumulating the benefits of Sun, Clean Water, Clean Air, Adequate Rest, and Wonderful Refreshing Exercise (the acronym SWARE), along with live natural fresh unprocessed food, with no added chemicals in or on your food, and absolutely no sugars. These directives alone will deny most diseases in your body, and nullify the use of prescription drugs.

    And get off the immature foolish use of alcohol, smoking anything, and drugs.

    To be healthy and destroy bad viruses and other diseases, you must proactively participate in life and health every day.

    It’s not about taking the Prescription drugs every day it is about living healthy every day.

    Maybe if you are prescription drug burdened you need a life coach.
    Our columnist Ayda in the Garden Island speaks well of health. Our newspaper needs her and similar others writing about health every single day, teaching us all, young and old alike, and even doctors about health. Doctors should get back to being health teachers; and grocery stores and restaurants should get back to providing real food.

    it seems a reasonable approach, if not imperative, is to proactively seek out those elderly and / or those of High Risk as to their current diseases and their difficulty in deactivating the Covid19 virus along with the usual end of life diseases and the complications presented by the use of end of life prescription drugs.

    Remember the end of life diseases and the prescription drugs used occur in accumulating phases, we can describe those phase as ages 1-30 with little or no symptoms but able to be tested and found to have beginning stage end of life diseases. You can have end of life diseases and not yet be using end of life drugs when you under 30 years old.

    But phase 2 at ages of 30 to 60 years old are loaded with accumulating degenerative disease processes and symptoms, and bodily fluid test findings and the start of decades long, even life time use of prescription drugs.

    30 to 60, there are too many who pass away unnecessarily in this Phase 2. Those deaths are proof the medical system of drugs for disease is not the best we can provide people in the phase, whatever phase, they are in.

    The average person must realize that there are many people in their 70’s and 80’s and 90’s that have never been to a doctor outside of an injury nor have they taken any long term drugs their whole life. We must learn from them, what do they eat, what they don’t eat, and what is their lifestyle that keeps them disease free during their +or- 10 decades.

    Along with phase 2 comes the surgeries. Most could have been avoided, especially elective for vanity sake. On the other hand We can genuinely praise surgeries that repair birth defects and disfigurement.

    Phase 3 is ages 60 to 90, if you live to 90 you have a good chance if you have been disease and drug free to live to be a 100 and share the mistakes you made in life with those younger than you, to help those younger than you not make the same mistakes you made.

    The prevention of Chronic Degenerative End of Life Diseases and the prevention of the use of Prescription Drugs, is the same avoidance and prevention for viruses, flu, and so many other disease conditions. The flip side of the measures to avoid diseases are the same measures that promote Health.

    Avoid drug burdened HELLth Care, which is Disease Care. We would be wise to educate our doctors and nurses to put away the prescription drugs and study health and teach it to patients.

    Teach our youth at school about Health. Pre-school through high school education. A good start and no sense make an end to it.

    But if this virus is laboratory manmade we need to have a criminal investigation for mass millions of murders…was it our own labs or was it China or both…the Chinese Bat Virus theory sounds absurd. There are serious allegations against some of our authorities, this should be investigated.

    1. Pete Antonson September 21, 2020 3:43 pm Reply

      Started in MIT-land and quickly swung into LALA-land.

    2. Michael September 22, 2020 5:29 am Reply

      This is a rambling treatise on nothing. It should have never been published, at least not here.

  6. Uncleaina September 21, 2020 6:04 am Reply

    What is your point? This letter is like a quarantine pity party. I wonder if the quarantine was inconvenient for anyone else besides Mallory? Also note Kauai has zero deaths and zero cases for a couple weeks while Utah is currently spiking and may lockdown again. Our quarantine has saved lives Mallory.

  7. rk669 September 21, 2020 9:45 am Reply

    Thank you Governor for the Breadlines on the Hawaiian Islands!

  8. tunataxi September 21, 2020 10:00 am Reply

    Sorry to hear that the quarantine hasnʻt been cooperating with your reproductive cycle. Abstain from further practices until the quarantine has been lifted for best results. Please forgive the governor and residents of Kauai for not capitulating to YOUR
    needs in favor of the safety of the resident population here as a whole.

  9. RICHARD GONTAREK September 22, 2020 3:15 am Reply

    The arbitrary nature of the rules bother me the most.

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