Letters for Sunday, September 6, 2020

Voters need to be informed

Thank you TGI for keeping us up to date on the Arthur Brun story.

It is still hard to fathom how an alleged criminal can be elected to serve on our County Council. I wish I had known before casting my ballot.

To this end, I would encourage the candidates on the upcoming slate to share publicly all of their prior arrest records and any on-going investigations.

Perhaps the TGI could help to inform the voters in this endeavor?

TGI prints the arrest logs, so maybe we all just need to be reminded of some happenings in the last 10 years or so?

Mahalo in advance.

Olaf Hoeckmann-Percival, Waimea

Pandemic of speeding was here way before COVID-19

We have another pandemic here on Kaua‘i, and it preceded COVID by many years. That pandemic is speeding.

I have been working for the U.S. Census, and everywhere I go on this beautiful island I see signs that say things like “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here,” “SLOW DOWN,” “Try Slow,” “This is a Neighborhood, not a racetrack!” Signs are posted emphasizing 25 mph, and in many other ways to try to get people to obey the speed limits.

I would imagine that a very large proportion of the accidents here are caused by excess speed. People die in those accidents, pedestrians die.

I live on Kamalu Road, which is used as an alternative to the bypass because it connects the circle on ‘Olohena to Kuamo‘o Road (thus eliminating the wait to merge from the bypass as well as the light in Wailua). The posted speed limit is 25. The average speed is 45, with some exceeding 75 or more.

We have a trailhead here for Nounou. There is no crosswalk for the trailhead, as there is on Kuamo’o, so pedestrians take their chances with the speeders. I walk to that trail every day with my dog. I am a senior citizen and cannot walk easily, so I walk on the road, because there are no sidewalks and the sides of the road are frequently muddy and filled with water. Drivers sometimes slow down as they pass. Many do not, and some seem to not see me and drive directly toward me.

Yesterday, I was coming from the Westside and someone attempted to pass me on the right on one of the double-lane areas. This made absolutely no sense since there was a line of vehicles in front of me all doing the same speed as I. But speeding makes no sense anywhere on the island. Someone passes you at an extreme rate of speed and you are right behind that car at the next light.

I realize that the police are working hard with the problems of COVID, and I thank them for that.

I am asking that Mayor Kawakami and Chief Raybuck get to work on the other pandemic, and save lives that way as well.

Donna Gould Carsten, Kapa‘a

  1. Wil Welsh September 6, 2020 2:43 pm Reply

    Years ago I learned that speed limits are, at least partially, set by the width of the pavement. I suspect that’s why 25mph is the speed for the bypass when 45 or 50 would be more appropriate for most of that distance. That doesn’t excuse excessive speed, however!

  2. manongindashadow0711 September 7, 2020 7:37 am Reply

    Yeah, yesterday(6SEWPT20/Sunday). My wife and I were visiting family in Aliomau Area. While out in the yard, we saw and heard a grey or silver (new model) Ford Mustang go flying by on the main residential street/road.
    And as for drivers taking over one car just to run into a string of cars ahead. I’ve seen that , too!

  3. Kauaidoug September 7, 2020 11:29 am Reply

    Another speed spot is right around the Opaekaa falls. I hear car tires screeching to stay on the road most nights from 9 12 in the evening. A squad car parked in that area might solve unimpeded speeding and even prevent another accident.

  4. Kimo September 7, 2020 11:51 am Reply

    Aloha Donna! Well, I don’t feel so bad now that the problem appears to be island wide. As you state in your neighborhood (read “RESIDENTIAL” ), ” The posted speed limit is 25. The average speed is 45, with some exceeding 75 or more.”

    Welcome to the “Speedway Club”! Down here in Omao, we have had the same problem since 2006. Why anyone would go more than the posted speed limit (25 MEANS 25!!!!!) in residential areas is mind boggling. Kids, pets, ohana, etc., walk the side roads due to lack of sidewalks and these speeders have ZERO respect for their safety! I wonder if they speed through their neighborhoods. I doubt it. They don’t give a damn about anything except themselves.

    I’ve personally (out of frustration) sat in my driveway and clocked cars zooming up and down Omao road for 4 hours straight (twice). Average speed = 40 +/- mph. Fifteen mph over the speed limit would yield a ticket ANYWHERE. But not here. With Maluhia Road being closed, it’s like a NASCAR race. ALL DAY LONG! It’s too dangerous to even cut the grass on the county setback!

    I’ve called KPD traffic twice, and they do respond with a patrol car. For one day! At usually the wrong time, when traffic is at the minimum. Unfortunately there are 3 officers in teh traffic division (I am told), with a supervisor, a sergeant and one patrol officer for the whole island. I think we’re hosed.

    Something needs to be done. Suggestions are warranted. Maybe allowing all patrol officers to ticket speeders. Hitting the miscreants in the pocketbook would be a good start.

    Mahalo for your time. Kimo.

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