Record mogul Rick Rubin cited for quarantine violation

‘ANINI — American record producer Rick Rubin was issued a criminal citation for violating mandatory quarantine by the Kaua‘i police Wednesday morning.

According to the police report, Rubin, walking in an empty area on ‘Anini Beach near his lodging, was by himself, except for the paparazzi. They followed Rubin since his arrival on Sept. 1.

Rubin is well known as one of the founding groups of the first widely distributed major rap label, Def Jam Recordings, and is considered a pioneer of the rap-music industry, a music genre that now generates approximately $5 billion in annual revenue.

His net worth is reported to be $250 million.

Rubin is scheduled to appear in Kaua‘i District Court on Dec. 9.

  1. ok then September 5, 2020 5:03 am Reply

    So you got a lear jet and 250 million? Seems like perhaps you think you are above us all and not subject to the same set of rules as the rest of us? Were you really flying around on a lear jet to Kauai from New York, a hot spot of sorts, arriving here then knowingly violating quarantine? Do you have any respect for those of us who live here? Worse than you is the Rumor that before you got popped you called up your Malibu friend Laird Hamilton, When you did that he in turn calls Bruno Ewald to hassle the paparazzi to shut up? If that rumor is true heres a question for Laird and Bruno, : Why not tell your one percenter friend to follow the rules? If that rumor is true are Laird and Bruno are truly a part of the community that cares about us ?If that rumor is true Laird and Bruno conspired to conceal their uber wealthy friends violation that could affect our elderly population. It might just be Laird and Bruno are not who they masquerade to be ? So Mr. Rick Rubin, did crying to Laird for help do you any good? The one percenters bring nothing good, in fact they play here at all our expense, Example:, fact and not rumor: We works (google the name) Adam Neumann hiring kai Garcia , chava and crew to film him using jet skis, boats and bull horns, to tow him into 3 ft waipa for 5000 usd per day blowing wakes through middles ruining the waves for 30 residents who earned their session as they used their arms to paddle out. Funny that tall lanky bugger would fall off half the waves! if he had to paddle out to middles on his own, he could not even catch a wave. The garden island should contact Laird, Bruno and the paparazzi and get the real story. They should call Kai Garcia and Chava Greenlee too, as its time to clear the rumors, we in the community want to hear all sides ! Then we will know if the rumors are just rumors or if some amongst us are really not for the community but are just sell outs.

    1. stoked September 5, 2020 10:34 am Reply

      Thanks for calling out the people who always come running when there are greenbacks to be thrown around. Chava is the biggest hanger of them all! Such a sell out since the AI days!! I don’t doubt any of these rumours

  2. Uncleaina September 5, 2020 6:24 am Reply

    Aloha Rick – sorry they arrested you. 6am on Anini by yourself seems pretty harsh to be charged for quarantine laws. Your paparazzi must’ve done this. I grew up listening to all the music you made including unusual stuff like Less Than Zero or Lords of Acid. See you on the beach.

    1. MalamaKauai September 5, 2020 12:25 pm Reply

      Rules must apply to every one the same way. He could have simply stayed within the massive beachfront compound he is occupying. Did he really need to venture out? He can afford to have everything he needs brought to him. He elected not to comply with rules that he certainly was made aware of multiple times before and after his arrival. Many have to quarantine in tiny studio apprtements or a small room. How about we don’t feel sorry for someone willing to put the whole Aina at risk and actually focus on the real injustices of the world?

  3. Ron z September 5, 2020 11:17 am Reply here we go again different rules for the chosen few . Was he an outsider yes . Did he quarantined no .all he got was a slap on the wrist. What happened to all the rules. Money n fame do what u want .the rules don’t include u. Need I say more;

  4. jl September 5, 2020 2:22 pm Reply

    The oppressive quarantine is doing more harm than good. Why are we not allowing people with negative tests 72 hours prior to arrival to peacefully rent a home and contribute to Kauai’s decimated economy. Also, if someone is on the sand, near their house with at 6:00 am with nobody around to get a bit of a stretch before they commit to a day of isolation, is that really going to cause harm? Kauai is creating really bad vibes that will last long beyond COVID-19. Also, don’t forget, of the 57 total cases from onset of pandemic, only 7 were from mainlanders/people who don’t live on Kauai. How about a negative test 72 hours before and then a rapid test on arrival. Wouldn’t Kauai’s investment in the rapid tests (which could be passed onto arriving visitors) be worth the investment if people could safely visit and contribute to the economy? Oh yea, I forgot, folks are too busy working on the ridiculous and doomed to fail ‘bubble resort’ , herding a bunch of people at a single resort like criminals and isolating all the spending to that one resort…that’s way safer to stop the spread of COVID than someone staying in a private home ….

  5. mm September 5, 2020 4:31 pm Reply

    Dear ok then,
    Last I heard, one %’ers hire plenty of local residents from construction to personal chefs to yard care . . . on and on. We should be glad they are coming here and peacefully spending their money. If some seem disrespectful to your way of life, my guess is there are plenty of local residents who also rub you the wrong way. One doesn’t have to be rich to be a kook . . As far as a threat to our kupuna, these “jet setters” are known to test regularly for the virus and limit their interactions to others that also are virus free. Please direct your vigilante efforts towards the oodles of “common folk” who just got off the plane, shopped at foodland, went unmasked at beach bonfires, have never been tested and think covid isn’t real, and/or joined a cult. These are the people who have no respect, NOT the quiet humble guys who just happen to be really good at what they do. Go surf 3 foot middles the other 364 days a year and relax.

    1. ok then September 7, 2020 6:52 am Reply

      its not the one percenters that present the problem. its the sell outs who help them evade rules ,you fail to recognize the fact that the people I mentioned are driven by gaining entry to the world of the one percenters to help them do anything they want for compensation at our expense. its not building them a house or washing their windows. its them using their money for special privileges , all illegal, at the communities expense. I may have irritated you by being here, but I never took a red cent to tow a kook into 3 ft surf. Ive never accepted compensation to help anyone evade quarantine. You can be good at what you do and possess a moral compass to guide you to right instead of wrong. have a great day.Further those poor surfers gettin off the jet are lucky to get scraps, I always give em a wave and a smile.

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