Letters for Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Wear your Mask!

Last week I took a truckload of recyclable material and trash to the two deposit sites in Kapa‘a. At the recycle station, next to the football field and diagonally across the street from the police station, there were eight people and only one wore a mask. All but one stood next to one another in an attempt to deposit their glass, plastic and paper in the small openings provided in the bins.

I then drove up the hill to the transfer station. I was greeted by a sign that said, “NO Mask, NO Dump.” All ten or so people that I saw and interacted with wore masks and acted responsibly.

The majority of individual I know who recycle are environmentally sensitive and generally publically responsible. Yet, during this pandemic, where a virus can cause death and long-term disability, following public health guide lines seems secondary to recycling glass bottles, tin cans, cardboard, plastic and paper.

Both recycling and health behaviors are important, but during this deadly pandemic please remember to wear your mask and keep your distance if you are out in public.

Douglas Wilmore, Kilauea

What’s with NOKA?

As a former business owner of Kapa‘a I was under the impression that there was a sign ordinance in place on Kaua‘i!

If not then I would suggest the Kapa‘a Business Association should have some restrictions in place. There are several very unattractive signs here in Kapa‘a, ones that suggest that we have a new name for a part of the town. Is this acceptable for a private citizen to do so?

I am referring to the NOKA signs that are on both sides of the highway. Also one that says NOKA BEACH . There is also one that names the street NOKA LANE to the public swimming pool.

As a resident of Kapa‘a for over 30 years I find this very distasteful and woulld hope that our elected officials can have these signs removed. I would hope that moving forward stricter guidelines are established to prevent an eye sore such as we have now.

Marjorie Lewis, Kapaa

  1. Jake August 18, 2020 1:53 am Reply

    Doug, you missed your calling and your generation. You would have made a good member of society in 1930s Germany. SMH.

    1. Joke August 19, 2020 5:06 pm Reply

      Once again, say it with me: Wearing a mask shows respect to others that you are trying to not infect them with a disease you may have and yet not be aware of. It’s aloha.

  2. commonsense August 18, 2020 8:19 am Reply

    I totally agree with Ms. Lewis about the Kapa’a signage. This individual has taken it upon himself to ‘claim’ this section of Kapa’a as his own and make his own rules. Kapa’a is not the only area with illegal and unsightly signage, but it is definately the worst. Officials, please do your jobs and enforce the signage laws.

    1. Tooindependent August 25, 2020 1:56 pm Reply

      What do you mean… they do own the area. Chances are most business in that area pay their rent to that family.

  3. Rev Dr Malama August 18, 2020 11:13 am Reply

    Yes the sign police are on patrol!
    It will take a village of caring, private citizens who are desperately trying to cling to the Old Kauai ways of Aloha and Community…. all Ohana depends on structure and rules to survive…..
    The present government has failed us…..
    Anarchy and mass confusion are about to control the world while we have the opportunity to make things right by returning to our core values and language.

  4. Kaaona Kipuka August 20, 2020 3:28 pm Reply

    absolute gibberish from “dr. malama” … but yeah take down your stupid made up “noka” signs!!!

  5. Steve Martin August 22, 2020 4:13 pm Reply

    What’s with NOKA….. it must be that the family that who has been in business a long time here must be exercising their rights to advertise who they are and what they offer. Since a large percent of what they have is on the north end of Kapaa town they have chosen to call the area NOKA. This is family run by the big boss man is trying to offer us locals some normalcy from our current economic disaster. When you are tired of only fast food late hours try Jimmys grill at NOKA beach until 10:00pm and for those walkers on the path breakfast is Coming soon.. and for those who must complain drive by with your mask on your face

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