2 new virus cases

LIHU‘E — Two new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed on Kaua‘i, bringing the cumulative total of cases to date to 45.

Mayor Derek Kawakami announced the two new cases on Sunday.

One of the new cases is a resident and one is a visitor. Both cases appear to be travel-related. The state Department of Health Kaua‘i District Health Office staff was working to ensure that the cases are safely in isolation, and their close contacts are safely in quarantine before the storm hit.

The DOH continues to gather more information. Updates on new positive cases will be announced as they are confirmed. Contacts of the active cases will be required to self-quarantine.

  1. Healthful July 27, 2020 5:42 am Reply

    It is Ostrich Mentality that so many, including health care professionals sit by in silence (with their heads hiding in the sand) and not share with out citizens that getting this virus, or any virus is the opportunity to have the immune response that leads to immunity, usually lifetime immunity, as the human immune system usually works it.

    It is also clear from Covid19 statistics that the vast majority of people, is it 90%+, that have no symptoms or mild symptoms, or need only bed rest, and do not need hospitalization? It is evident that that is so.

    But what is also obvious is that those people that are elderly and with pre-existing conditions and taking the prescription drugs for those conditions are especially vulnerable to an end of life final event.

    But just what are the pre-existing conditions? They are called by a few names. Depending on which “authority”, some are called chronic degenerative diseases. They are also called end of life diseases, because they are the diseases that bring a person prematurely to the final breath, the final beat of ones heart, the moment of passing. The question is, does the Covid19 virus, or any toxic virus (know that there are more necessary good virus in the body than sickness virus) really accelerate death in the elderly sick? Or is it the end of life diseases and their prescription drugs with added stress of a toxic virus bring death to the patient.

    Because the current use of medical science is limited to prescription drugs as pretty much the only therapy available, outside of surgery and the crisis emergency care provided at the ending months, weeks, and hours of life, there is none or little early on in life disease prevention measures and education to avoid or prevent these diseases, that would protect people until much later in life as in at least until the upper 90’s, and even hopefully into active healthy 100’s.

    You see for the last many generations of people, much of the world’s population has experienced only what is called Modern Medicine.

    Modern Medicine is exactly that, medicine, the use of drugs, as an ill, or side tracked approach to actual health care. You see no one gets sick or acquires chronic degenerative diseases, the end of life diseases, because they did not get enough drugs, especially prescription drugs.

    There are clearly known causes of these chronic end of life causing diseases, and the removal and avoidance of these causes of disease are obviously the sane approach to living an active optimal longevity of life.

    However the current “modern” disease care model of so called health care, instead has turned not only it’s (blind?) eye to prescription drugs and surgery to treat the after the fact effects of the causes of the diseases, and for some reason they have chosen, instead, to ignore the removal of and avoidance of the causes of disease, and they have chosen to allow, permit, and ignore the causes of disease, and this perpetuate and assist these life ending diseases by providing the sale of prescription drugs and over the counter medications.

    Every year after year, newer drugs replace the older drugs because last year’s drugs are found to be ineffective and cause serious, even life threatening, side effects, often worse than the disease they are treating.

    One of the astounding results of the current method of disease care is that it has resulted in 80% of the American public being talked into purchasing taking 1 or more prescription drugs every day, while 55% take 4 or more prescription drugs daily, and some even 10 and 15 (check your medicine cabinet or stash). Because often prescription drugs are paid for by insurance, people think the drugs are for free. Remember you also pat suffering the side effects, which you’ll be told are normal and not to worry about it, just drugs for the side efffects. All’s rugs have side effects.

    Little if any effort is made to educate (from childhood through adulthood) people about the causes of disease and how to prevent or avoid those causes.

    While the medical/pharmaceutical industry brings in $4 Trillion dollars a year, which is about 1200% more than we invest in our military ($350 Billion), the incentive to continue prescription drugs and over the counter medications, as the primary service of disease care, is that who could possibly walk away from that much income ($4 Trillion) per year. Even on a much smaller scale, would be like asking Amazon grossing about $12 Billion per year, to close their business so that Mom and Pop stores can reopen.

    Disease Care has us in a rut, a rut so deep it is not only hard to see out of, but hard to get out of.

    it seems it is up to the individual to take care of their own health, but where do you get educated to live a life of Health without drugs and surgery?

    The word physician means “teacher”, but you rarely hear that word any longer, all you get is a piece of paper, (or a pharmacy call in), with words unexplainable of some chemical drugs, many of which are petrochemicals that are carcinogenic, that is cancer causing.

    Chronic diseases are long term, meaning not only do you have them for the rest of your life and buying and taking the drugs for them, but also they are long term in getting those diseases to the point where you even notice you have them, or your doctor does in finding them.

    You can be internally degenerating with a disease and not notice it, or your yearly physical cannot discover it, for 30 years, and then it’s called: “all of a sudden” you have cancer, heart and/or vascular disease, diabetes, etc., but in those in the cases and obviously in the case of obesity, you do not get fat overnight either. Degenerative Disease, that is, the end of life diseases, are not all of a sudden, disease is a process and it can take decades for your first symptom to appear, and sadly sometimes that first symptom may be your last as in heart attack and stroke. But know while you may be symptom free, you may be on the road of degenerative disease, and at some point your disease symptoms will surface and you will be sold prescription drugs to hide those symptoms while the disease will continue to rage inside of you.

    Too often, the drug treatment itself accelerates your disease so that you reach end of life within days and weeks or months.

    Clearly prescription drugs and lesser medications, and surgery, is not the best method for an optimal healthy active life longevity. You may have known someone who was diagnosed with some disease and was dead shortly thereafter.

    Just the available food alone at our Supermarkets is a daily dose of causes of disease. Aisles and shelves full of food that can only be called snacks loaded with sugars, fake flavors and colors and a myriad of hard to pronounce chemicals. It’s like for most people, American food is what you take before you take prescription drugs. Enjoy the food, then suffer the drugs, over the long term.

    It’s becoming apparent that the Covid19 virus is a clearing house to take out the elderly with the pre-existing conditions the under medical care treatments of drugs. Pre-existing diseases and prescription drugs are a combination that people have that mixed with the Covid19 virus, they pass away.

    The Covid19 virus is not the cause of death but is an additive to the end of life diseases and the end of life prescription drugs people are taking. For those sick people of any age really, the virus acts as the last step over the edge to passing away.

    A smart thing to do, especially while you are young is to turn your back on disease care and turn to personal daily proactive Health Care, and do this before you are sick or diseased.

    Getting the Covid19 virus is not bad for vast majority of people, it is actually good and healthy, because if you are healthy it will provide you with immunity and it may be, should be, lifetime immunity. So do not let the media scare you with this flu etc.

    You are probably going to be more healthy for it. And if you know any elderly, especially sick elderly, help,them avoid others and help them to get healthy meals only every day with live natural fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables and while grains, void of chemicals and sugars. Be sure they get a proper amount of Sun, Water, Fresh Air, Rest, and Exercise every day.

    Always follow the Natural Path, it has been here since time began. It has a proven track record.


    1. Kawa-come on already July 27, 2020 4:12 pm Reply

      Thank you. Very informative.

    2. Joe Public July 28, 2020 1:32 pm Reply

      So are you going to go out and get infected to test your theory?

    3. Kauaidoug July 28, 2020 2:21 pm Reply

      Book of records for longest letter? If you really want to get your message read, break this up into about 5 letters. Yes, eat healthy, exercise, love yourself and our lives would great. In the future we should do that, however, if you get the virus and take your chances it is a numbers game but I don’t want to gamble with my odds

  2. Robert G Frederiksen July 27, 2020 6:28 pm Reply

    Who wrote this article and what are their medical background and qualifications. Live a healthy life, eat healthy food great. Get the virus not so great. Especially for the 150,000 plus Americans who have died.

  3. K.D. July 28, 2020 7:30 am Reply

    Agree. Excellent! And never too late for better health. I dropped by BP 20 points in 2 years. Using the ideas referenced above.

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