Letter for Sunday, July 12, 2020

Candidate court hearing story ‘inaccurate’

I am Dr. Addison Bulosan, and this letter is regarding an article published on July 8 about the results of my court hearing.

Unfortunately, the writer reported inaccurate results of my hearing and only allowed me an hour and a half to respond before it went to print. During that time, I was hosting a Facebook Live event supporting local businesses and musicians when he left a message.

The article miscommunicated the citation and ruling from the judge.

The correct information is: I plead no contest to being in a closed-park area, which is a petty misdemeanor. I paid a fine of $250 and was placed on a deferral period, which means the case will be dismissed in six months.

Wailua Falls holds a special place in my heart. It is a place where I connect with my ancestors, as my grandparents first introduced me to this place as a young boy. When I could pay my respects to my grandparents, I would often stop at Wailua Falls to send them my love.

Dr. Addison Bulosan, Lihu‘e

  1. hutch July 11, 2020 9:48 pm Reply

    *Sniff, sniff*, what’s that smell? There must be bulls grazing near Wailua Falls.

    1. hitch July 12, 2020 3:55 pm Reply

      Another fine example

  2. Paulo July 12, 2020 1:39 pm Reply

    Well and good about the waterfall connecting you to your recent ancestors Mr Bulosan, but did you, or did you not, break quarantine?

  3. Dt July 12, 2020 4:54 pm Reply

    “Lookout observed Addison Bulosan of Lihu‘e and Donica Abalos of Kapa’a acting suspiciously. “


    I am not sure how paying respects compares to acting suspiciously. Also, says in the letter

    “When I could pay my respects to my grandparents, I would often stop at Wailua Falls to send them my love.”

    The keyword is “when”. If the park is closed, it is closed. Some rules can be bent or broken? Who decides?

    Then…this is my own personal grief…”doctor of chiropractic”? Great, I am a doctor of Chinese herbal tea. Together we can open a witchcraft/voodoo/crystal/meditation/Scientology hospital…..doctor..(shrug)

  4. Joe Public July 14, 2020 11:00 am Reply

    LMAO! Too funny, I agree with hutch

  5. Baba Babooze July 14, 2020 12:56 pm Reply

    Hmmmm… rendezvous is more like it. LOL

  6. so what July 14, 2020 9:02 pm Reply

    dr Addison is a good man. who cares if he went to wailua falls when it was closed?! nonsense! we all have broken petty rules one time or another.

    1. CWS July 30, 2020 9:00 am Reply

      “we all have broken petty rules one time or another.” That is false… well, exactly, an informal fallacy. Your argument here may appear logical to you (and maybe to some others), but if you really dissect this last sentence, it is a generalization that all of us a) break petty rules b) excuses the behavior that breaking rules is okay because “we all” do it c) falsely justifies Addison’s actions as excusable because “we all” do it. Appealing to the majority like this is just not cutting it for me because, like I said, this argument is false. His actions are still a question of ethical and moral judgement, and if the argument goes deeper into how the stay-at-home orders/restrictions were infringing on his personal rights as a free citizen, then it’s an argument to a person’s question of a) timing b) adherence to authority, especially in times of a global emergency. It shows me that he prefers his rules over the rules of others, and if you were to read the original DLNR Public Release when these citations were first published, then you’ll see that he there is much more to this story than Addison is willing to admit or discuss privately or publicly. The term “acting suspiciously” clearly indicates that he and his female companion were acting out of the ordinary at a time where ordinary actions were clearly defined as not being in a state park during COVID stay-at-home orders. Not only that, he omits any information about why he would go to his ancestral place of worship with a female companion. Who is his female companion? Do you want a leader that leaves a lot of suspicious details out of the discussion? Who knows what really happened but the two individuals cited, but it is enough evidence that for someone seeking a seat in a legislative branch office that upholds the greatest values of integrity, morality, and fair judgments… Addison doesn’t seem to be a practiced person of integrity, morality, and fair judgment.

  7. LTEreader July 15, 2020 9:36 am Reply

    “DOCARE Officers on patrol in the area of the Wailua Falls Lookout observed Addison Bulosan of Lihu‘e and Donica Abalos of Kapa’a acting suspiciously. Both were contacted and subsequent investigation revealed both were cited for allegedly being in violation of the governor’s stay-at-home orders.”

    So, you were paying respect to your Grandparents, but had NO respect for the Governors orders. Got it. Would you like some cheese & crackers with your whine?

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