Bulosan pleas no contest

County Council candidate Addison Bulosan pleaded no contest on Tuesday in a case in which he was cited for violating Gov. David Ige’s stay-at-home orders in early April as the COVID-19 lockdown was in its first weeks.

Bulosan, who works as a chiropractor with offices on Kauai and Maui, was fined $250 and placed on six months’ probation. He was also assessed $105 in probation and crime victim fees by Fifth Circuit Court Judge Michael Soong.

Court records show that Bulosan on Tuesday changed an original not guilty plea to a plea of no contest.

The incident in question occurred on April 6, when officers of the state Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) cited Bulosan and a female companion after they were observed “acting suspiciously” in the vicinity of the Wailua Falls Lookout, according to a news release issued on April 8 by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Bulosan was among 34 people cited for violation of various state park rules, requirements to self-quarantine and various stay-at-home orders issued by Ige over a period of several days in early April as DOCARE officers sought to crack down on people failing to comply with COVID-related measures.

Bulosan pulled papers to run for County Council on May 20 and filed as a candidate on June 1, according to the state Office of Elections.

Attempts to reach Bulosan by email and phone were unsuccessful. According to court records, he was represented by attorney Shauna Cahill. The offense with which Bulosan was charged is a misdemeanor. Under the Kauai County Charter, the conviction would not apparently disqualify Bulosan from serving on the council.

Maintaining offices in two different counties, according to the charter, does not disqualify Bulosan from being elected on Kauai.

  1. tunnels July 8, 2020 5:21 am Reply

    Way to eliminate the competition! lol!

  2. Exempt July 8, 2020 5:49 am Reply

    According to the list of Essential Workers, which includes physicians and doctors of chiropractic, Dr. Bulosan was and would be generally exempt from the Stay at Home And 14 Day Quarantine Rules.

    The list is largely inclusive of those in the medical field as well as those in other professions, trades, and businesses essential to the well being of our community.

    For example none of us could go to a sit down meal at our favorite restaurant, but we could go to our favorite mechanic, whose repair shops remained open.

    If an essential worker travels interisland or mainland or international on business, does their return to their island of residence nullify their Essential Worker Exemption?

    It was never clear if a mechanic or a doctor or a visitor was allowed or disallowed to visit WAILUA Falls, after all we had to mingle with others, especially within 6’ of each other in the aisles, at Walmart, Costco, and Home Depot, and the other places open for business from day 1 of the Stay at Home amd 14 day Quarantine.

    This article does not make that clear, nor does or did information given to us, after all we could at all times go to the beach to swim and surf, albeit, not sit in the sun for Essential Vitamin D for our bodies, which makes no sense at all since Vitamin D, produced in our skin by exposure to sun, is an essential vitamin, and even acts like a hormone.

    Are we all to be held up to the same standard of knowledge of the law that “trained in the law” Judges and lawyers are?

    We aren’t held up to the same standard of knowledge that doctors have, and maybe that is why this pandemic has a foothold on the entire world’s population.

    Perhaps if we, and the health advisors to the Governor and Mayor knew as much about immunity as doctors should know about immunity we wouldn’t be in such a economically disastrous lock down stay at home self quarantine situation that we are in right now ruining the economy, perhaps for nothing, after all 99+% of the people who get this just another flu virus, have either Zero or Mild Symptoms, or need only a few days of bed rest, which Bedrest is in itself an automatic quarantine right there.

    And in the world Population, this flu virus as well as the other current and past flu viruses do result in death to elderly people with numerous end of life chronic degenerative diseases and their end of life cocktails of toxic prescription drugs, who also might as well be called the “walking dead” due to the condition of the lack of health they are in their final years.

    We read the other day that this flu virus, CoVid19, is so deadly and dangerous that you don’t even know if you have it, and to find out if you do have it you have to be tested, otherwise the virus would just run its course in you, and you’d end up with immunity and that would be the end of it as you continued to as healthy as you might be, considering any other silent conditions you may have.

    Yet we see people everyday who are grossly obese or overweight, a clear outward sign of disease, just one of which is diabetes, but also an indicator of heart and stroke disease, etc., yet are we isolating these people from the great supermarket “snack” junk food aisles, or speedie burger, fries, and soda Fast food joints? No, we ignore these people and their journey and processes of disease to an early death. How uncivil of us in the face of the knowledge the doctors have about peoples outward and inward signs of disease condition.

    Here these obese people are without a clue how to avoid, prevent, reverse their obesity disease and the co-existing other diseases they have, while many of the co-diseases are silent just like the CoVid is in most cases.

    Are we doing anything to protect, prevent, and save people from an early death that these obviously obese by appearance and internally ill people we have watched worsen through their lives from their youth going forward; and the supposed health care system they are relying on is telling them that their medications have their diseases under control.

    Just like all the other people whose diseases are out of control in the population but are told that their diseases are under medical control, while in fact the disease process is ongoing in their bodies.

    If you think controlling a disease process by keeping the blood pressure and blood sugar, etc., numbers low or stable is Health, then you are sadly ill mistaken. Because in fact your disease and its process is still raging in your body.

    We are on this CoVid Virus disease, like sugar on morning cereal, like arresting people sitting in the vitamin “spreading” sun at the beach, or gazing through the fresh air In the sun at WAILUA Falls, yet we let 10’s of millions of people die every year from an early death from preventable diseases generated at the Supermarkets and these people’s own lifestyles.

    The point is, what are we focusing on for the best health situation for the health of our population, are proven ineffective means of waiting till after the fact diagnosis and drug treatment for the most part, while effective prevention is ignored even in the more than obvious obese people.

    While doctors and pharmaceutical businesses are satisfied with keeping people’s diseases under control, clearly prevention is a more worthy endeavor and benefit to the individual and our population.

    As well healthy people apparently have functional immune systems that make it so when they become exposed to this CoVid flu virus, they not only have zero to mild symptoms, but they are are rewarded with the immunity of an abundance of left over active defensive immune cells, some of which are the antibodies often mentioned.

    Remember that all diseases are processes that often take decades for the signs and symptoms to appear and irritate people enough to trot off to doctor for. diagnosis and drug treatment. And then their drug side effects lead to more diseases and more drug treatments, that’s called Ad Nauseum.

    The current medical system has over generations of time become antiquated and has become a disease care system that needs a whole new approach to health and instead rely on prevention, and return to a wellness situation, much of which can be done by education of diet and lifestyle.

    When your blood pressure or blood sugar levels, numbers, are up to high, the doctor would be best to invite you to lectures on how to keep those numbers normal naturally, in other words educating you.

    I’m definitely considering Dr. Bulosan for a vote for County Council, as he will bring in the fresh air of practicing a natural health care with his specific neck alignment method aligning the neck where the Brain Stem becomes the Spinal Cord, and if he carries that Ideology over to the business of the County, it will be to the mutual benefit to the whole county.

    1. CWS July 30, 2020 8:38 am Reply

      It’s interesting to see symptoms of Celebrity Worship Syndrome alongside these media articles involving wanna-be politicians. The fact that the true names of commentators are disguised makes me wonder if the person behind the mask (figuratively speaking and pun intended) isn’t actually the subject himself or if it is someone obsessively worshiping the subject, in either case a serious mental health question can be raised. Politics can be and is a very galvanizing process, and someone who garnish polemic, both extremely positive and extremely negative responses from people makes you wonder what kind of character this individual truly hides beneath the blanket of words he expresses. I say if your heart and gut tells you something is “off” about a person, listen to that before you get too deep into the disillusionment. True heroes do not lie or disguise their lies in half-truths.

  3. I followed the rules July 8, 2020 7:07 am Reply

    I followed the rules. My family followed the rules. My friends followed the rules. We all still are following the rules. Why? BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT OUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND NEIGHBORS! None of us are running for a county seat. Enough said.

    1. NoCommonSenseish July 8, 2020 10:12 pm Reply

      only followed, not continuing to follow?

  4. CommonSenseish July 8, 2020 7:49 am Reply

    There are signs up for this guy everywhere and he can’t even respect rules? COME ON KAUAI!!!! Use your brains. You keep voting the same type in.

  5. Joe Public July 8, 2020 10:21 am Reply

    Just what we need on council

  6. Rick July 8, 2020 5:42 pm Reply

    “acting suspiciously”….. really? Addison is the man! You got my vote braddah!

  7. privilege July 8, 2020 8:24 pm Reply

    Privilege gets no privilege.

    What a clown.

    He would fit well with all the clowns on county council.

  8. Addison Bulosan July 13, 2020 10:03 am Reply

    Thank you everyone for your comments. Here is a letter to editor for the corrections to this article.


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