On-duty officer arrested

LIHU‘E – A Kaua‘i Police Department officer was arrested Wednesday afternoon for abuse of a family or household member while on duty.

Shortly after 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, officers responded to a report of an incident that occurred at a Lihu‘e residence which left a 29-year-old woman with non-life threatening injuries.

A preliminary investigation resulted in the arrest of 51-year-old Barry DeBlake of Lihu‘e.

Police arrested DeBlake without incident and he was released after posting bail in the amount of $1,000.

DeBlake has been with KPD for approximately 19 years and serves as a detective in the Investigative Services Bureau. He is currently on administrative leave with pay.

Representatives of Kaua‘i Police Department couldn’t provide information on follow-up questions from The Garden Island before deadline on Thursday.

  1. He Has July 3, 2020 3:38 am Reply

    He has a history of brute excessive force, misconduct, and assault.

    Check his file. It was covered up by the former Chief of Police and KPD.

    Kauai Police Commission found him guilty and has sustained complaints against this officer.

    Check for facts and find out that this is his karma for all the false charges he filed against people he attacked and assaulted.

    He has a history and is part of the problem America is protesting against.

    It is widely known in KPD and people who have had interactions with him and this is not the first time he abused a family member.

    His preferred method is to restrict breathing and to cause distress.

  2. KPC 08-07 July 3, 2020 3:44 am Reply

    KPC 08-07 Sustained

    Assault, excessive force, and misconduct.

    Attempted murder was not sustained against Barry DeBlake.

    Why did Judge Valenciano, Prosecuting Attorney, and Public Defender hide this information and refuse witnesses to testify against the officer?

    Public corruption on all level.

  3. How KPD July 3, 2020 4:02 am Reply

    How kpd gonna cover this one up for DeBlake who has a long record of these kinds of actions while in duty and files false charges to hide his assaults.

    How you gonna file false charges on this one DeBlake?

    Finally caught up to you!

    Kauai Police Commission was warned and they have to teeth to hold KPD officers accountable.

    KPD has covered up many of their officers assaults, excessive force, misconduct, and misconduct unbecoming of a police officer.

    This is music to many people’s ears.

    We already been through what this lady went through with that cop.

    Kauai citizens Lives Matter

  4. I Can’t Breath July 3, 2020 4:33 am Reply

    I can’t breathe!

    DeBlake is a choke artist.

    Remember the Kapaa high school incident where he was involved?

    He peppered sprayed and beat a kid while he was pulled off of patrol where many of his abuses occurred.

    I saved my own life against this brute cop and there’s factual evidence to prove his actions and why KPD and the judicial system on Kauai covered up his actions.

    The Kauai Police Commission (KPC) sustained the complaint after testifying in front of 7 commissioners and several were retired kpd officers. The KPC investigator at that time was a former KPD police chief.

    He filed false charges to cover up his actions.

    Put on handcuffs so tight that they left bruises for days. This is a tactic used to agitate and put some in distress to suffer and spike his false arrest record.

    Left scratch marks and injuries that several medical examiners listed.

    9 witnesses were scheduled to testify and not 1 showed up. The public defender Renti Cruz lied (committed perjury) and said they were subpoenaed. Hid evidence and violated constitutional rights.

    The Prosecutor Trask lied to the jury On several occasions. The other cop who was to testify was quit fired and they didn’t want that to get out to the jury in violation of constitutional rights.

    Evidence was hidden.

    The judge Valenciano white noised the defendant so the jury wouldn’t know that the Kauai police commission found DeBlake and Naihe guilty of assault, excessive force, and misconduct in violation of constitutional rights.

    There is factual evidence to prove all of this was public corruption on Kauai.

    How many has suffered previous and thereafter?

    It was identified over 10 years ago but if kpd can have a state witness testify that it doesn’t matter if the officer was going over 100 mph or 25 mph, the same outcome where the boy was ran over by a patrol officer responding to a scene would have happened. Defying all laws of physics and the state of Hawaii drivers license manual and left him dead, and this was after two kpd internal reports stated that the officer committed many emergency vehicle operators violations and kpd standards of conduct.

    So, what would they do to cover up anything else?

    Remember the KFD gas theft ring that NO fire fighter was held accountable for stealing from the county and state of Hawaii? Covered up.

    Finally his actions has brought air to the subject of police brutality and racial profiling. This stuff doesn’t only happen in the mainland. It happens on Kauai and in the state of Hawaii more often that one thinks or knows about.

    All islands in the state is not immune me from the Kealoha case and most likely have the Kealoha Public corruption occurring in police Dept and Prosecuting Attorneys office and many other depts as well.

    There needs to be policing reform in Kauai and the state of Hawaii.

    Kauai needs oversight by outside agencies.

    I can’t breathe!

  5. really July 3, 2020 5:40 am Reply

    Follow this one, they’ll never convict him, family will shut up , if they do it will be illegal for him to own or possess a fire arm, and he will not be able to do his job. just watch. However the chief should terminated any officer arrested for any type of abuse or violence. as well the records of all police officers must be made public. At any time we are stopped by an officer, just like they run your license and data, we need to be able to see the badge number, google the record to know if we got a nut case whose been arrested, but still carries a badge and gun or if we got a real officer who is really here to protect and serve. theres a huge difference.

  6. Serious Issues July 3, 2020 8:23 am Reply

    Serious issues.

    That cop has some serious issues and has a complaint as long as Chauvin.

    Red flags 🚩

    He’s been a subject of several internal investigations.

    I guess it will take him seriously injuring someone or even worst to have KPD, Kauai Police Commission (can’t really do anything but sustain complaints), and the SHOPO.

    Remember that KPD former cop who was a convicted rapist, break into a home and threatened two people with a deadly weapon (knife), had in possession of a rifle (illegally because he was a convicted rapist), and nothing happened to him.

    The female who called the cops that he was threatening them with a knife had a TRO against him and was going to court against the former rapid kpd officer.

    She ended up dead at her home a week before the TRO hearing.

    The person who dropped her body off was not a person of interest or suspect. The vehicle description matched the truck that the former rapist kpd officer was driving on the night of the breaking and entering knife attack.

    AC Roy Asher made a statement, he also went to America’s Most Wanted and said they did not have a person of interest as the Kauai Serial Killer, even though KPD, the local community and the media had a suspect identified.

    The county of Kauai threatened to SUE the news media if they identified the person on the nightly news.

    Kauai is the Wild Wild West and has some serious issues with regards to their judicial system.

    They say that there is only 14 unsolved murders but can you really trust them when they say a person who dropped off a dead body is not a person of interest or suspect in her death and rule it an unattended death when obviously there was someone present when she died leaving the unattended death as a more likely cover up than an official report.

  7. FOIA July 3, 2020 8:42 am Reply

    Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

    I challenge TGI and Hawaii News Now to FOIA his Kauai Police Commission Complaints (KPC) and all the internal reviews on Barry DeBlake.

    If he is a threat to the community then he has to be exposed and the system has be broken exposed for corruption.

    His chain of command is responsible for his actions if he has a history of abuses.

    This is a very sensitive and significant time in history for policing reform.

    Some people who have served in the military and shows symptoms or fail to get a medical evaluation or has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and are in public safety positions, pose a threat to do bodily harm to others because they suffer from PTSD or suffered from being bullied in high school.

    FOIA his records and let that evidence prove if he is fit for duty or if he is a threat to the community.

    What are your experiences with the accused officer?


  8. Where Is July 3, 2020 8:46 am Reply

    Where is his wife/ex-wife and what happened to her when he attacked her?

    There’s social media with what happened to his wife/ex-wife during the altercation(s).

    Domestic violence is a serious issue in KPD and the island of Kauai.

    KPD covered it up.

  9. Makani B. Howard July 3, 2020 8:56 am Reply

    This officer has been on the force for 19 years and he gets arrested while on duty????

    What kind of people are we hiring????

    What a joke!

  10. Bustin Collar July 3, 2020 9:15 am Reply

    Kauai it’s an Election year!

    Vote Justin Kollar out as Kauai’s Prosecuting Attorney.

    Kauai needs someone with a pair and not someone who likes to keep good relationships.

    There are many examples of his failures.

    The Sandra Mendonca Galas murder was pleaded down to assault. This is after a confession and evidence of probable cause for first degree premeditated murder during the divorce and child custody.

    There was the Tare Low case. Where he was able to go to Las Vegas the day his trial was set Watanabe is a disgrace.

    Unattended death with conflicting reports. Did KOD botched the DNA evidence? Why is it listed as an unattended death when someone dropped off her lifeless body?

    There has been many botched cases thrown out because of his leadership failures.

    Where was the rebuttal to the States expert witness during the Koucher manslaughter trial? Where was the evidence that showed two of the superior officers over the responding officer deemed him negligent.

    Why hasn’t he filed charges against county employees who stole from the county of Kauai as county employees?

    Why hasn’t anyone been charged for the four people killed during a high speed chase at Kealia lookout/ St. Catherine’s graveyard? You all know that there’s responsible parties out there walking free with four deaths to their names. How many more will they kill?

    Where is charges against the officers who cheated to pass a test and get promoted?

    There’s many more to list but the most important outcome this election year, will be at the PA Office.

    The Shame years continue until voters choose to end it.

    1. Just Sayin July 6, 2020 11:07 am Reply

      What I don’t get is why none of this gets followed up on in the newspaper…? Bustin Collar, you bring up a lot of questionable and unresolved issues that EVERYONE on Kauai should be concerned about. Obviously, TGI is not above bias or outside influence, because I just don’t see why some of this is not front-page, exposé news…

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