Letter for Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Sarcastic Mahalo for Virus resurgence


Yes, for those of you who were selfish enough and didn’t care whether the coronavirus would be increased and hit a peak, well, you’ve got it! So, why don’t you all just go around not wearing the masks, forget about distancing, and give the viruses to those who are trying to do the right thing, plus are trying to flatten the curve by practicing being safe? Why don’t you have more presidential rallies in enclosed areas, and again, without the masks and the distancing! Who cares about the other people!! The counts for the coronavirus, wasn’t it said that they are all fake? But then, why and who would listen to the scientists who knew better and who knew what’s happening? Why even bother with the testing? That would only increase the numbers, and naturally, will increase the amount of virus a bit more and that will make some people or someone look bad, right? So why test?

If you feel that the states where you from believe that you could and would disregard all the precautions, please, please, don’t come to Hawai‘i.

Anyway, the number of coronavirus is really being increased and starting to peak. You all should be proud!

Ray Domingo, Lihu‘e

  1. Rock69 June 30, 2020 2:13 am Reply

    Preach That Truth Ray!!

  2. It’s a Mystery June 30, 2020 3:44 am Reply

    Aloha Levana, my daily comments to the Garden .island are rarely published but I know you are a spokesperson for sanity on this issue. It seems your lawsuit is making headway in the governor’s handling of the virus…are we going to have an opening to visitors on July 31…?

    Would seem a court order to give up the facts regarding this disease is a need whose time has come.

    Well here is my comment for a letter to the editor today by a Ray Domingo.

    For every person who gets the virus but also survives the CoVid19 virus, Congratulations to you for having a strong or at least an adequate immune system, and that you have developed immunity to the virus.

    Of course there is sadness when people lose their life to any sickness, but because the survival rate is in the 99% it makes it seem so CoVid is just another flu or cold, with same amount of deaths that the prior seasonal flu and colds present.

    Apparently it is predictable just which people are at High Risk for this virus or any flu virus. They have, according to the media, pre-existing conditions.

    The mystery is just what are the pre-existing conditions, and why aren’t the media and medics not telling us just what pre-existing conditions are associated with loss of life while having the CoVid virus?

    It would definitely help everyone, (healthy or not) if we knew the pre-existing conditions that complicate the failed survival of the few who pass away with this virus.

    Why is it a secret? And what drugs are being prescribed for those pre-existing conditions. Is there a direct order from whoever it is in authority to keep this information kept quiet., or secret. Over a 100,000 US deaths and no one has spoken up who knows the answer to what are the pre-existing conditions.

    Any Information or action to help the survival rate would be appreciated by all. After all look at how many are living in livid fear of dying from this virus. More information may help to relieve people of that worry and stress, and may cause them to avoid or prevent that which causes those pre-existing conditions.

    You would think the medics and media have a responsibility to report to us just what are the pre-existing conditions associated with those dying from the virus, the information the medics hold just may save lives more than masks, 6’, and hand wringing, ooops,I mean washing, by reporting it to the public.

    Why aren’t the Drs. Park and Berreman, the spokespersons for the Pandemic In Hawaii and on Kaua’i giving us this information? Don’t we have the right to know?

    Many of us feel we are being correct in demanding the protection the knowledge of the pre-existing conditions and their ongoing prescription drugs are being used, knowledge that could save lives.

  3. My Two Cents June 30, 2020 4:37 am Reply

    I noticed you blame the presidential rallies.
    but not George Floyd protest if you’re going to go political at least find a middle ground.
    There were way More protest rallies presidential rallies I’m just saying.

  4. Bluedream June 30, 2020 5:59 am Reply

    If Ray is terrified of the covid, nobody is forcing him to go out among the rest of us freedom lovers. Ray needs to stay inside, and never leave the safety of his tv cable news where he can wallow in fear of the virus, which apparently does not affect violent marxist dupes, gay pride marchers, Costcos, or Wallmarts, yet beachgoers and families are somehow reckless “vectors”. Stay inside Ray and never ever leave until there is a corporate vaccine to save your life just like the riot loving tv set told you.

  5. Paulo June 30, 2020 8:16 am Reply

    Sad but true.

  6. Gooding June 30, 2020 10:04 am Reply

    Yes!!!!!! Yes!!!!!! Lets all celebrate with a huge block party!!!! Invite the whole island! The virus is FAKE!! its just the FLU!! The actual numbers are all FAKE!!!! No need any mask!!! those who wear mask are “SHEEP” We are “WOKE”!!!

  7. LTEreader June 30, 2020 1:43 pm Reply

    RE: “Aloha Levana, my daily comments to the Garden .island are rarely published but I know you are a spokesperson for sanity on this issue. It seems your lawsuit is making headway in the governor’s handling of the virus”

    Let me rephrase that > Levana is a spokesperson for INsanity on this issue! That frivolous lawsuit is NOT the reason Gov. Ige decided to open up Hawai’i Aug. 1st. This group of 13 do NOT deserve ANY credit whatsoever. Levana, Misty and the other 11 loudmouths are behaving like a bunch of childish, entitled, brats with NO respect for our Mayors, Governor, and the residents of Kaua’i that have sacrificed so much in recent months. They deserve slaps, not accolades!
    Oh, and as of today 5% of all COVID-19 cases in the U.S. have resulted in death so you know what you can do with with your inaccurate “survival rate of 99%” right? How/why anyone at this point in time still compares this to the flu is beyond the realm of reality!

  8. Rick June 30, 2020 1:47 pm Reply

    Why not acknowledge the plethora of doctors and scientists who have been speaking out against many aspects of this pandemic? Guess they are not legit because they are not featured on fox and cnn?….Why not spend time actually reading studies? You will at least come to find that its not so black and white and maybe just maybe you might not write such an ignorant letter.

  9. Pete Antonson June 30, 2020 2:09 pm Reply

    It is with complete disgust that I read yet another comment self describing moronic, selfish, partisan people as “Freedom Lovers,” who join with others to discredit inconvenient science and who are working unbelievably hard to create a whole class of people (Elderly with underlying poor health) who they believe do not deserve to live any longer if it requires sacrifices from them!

  10. manongindashaow0711 June 30, 2020 5:02 pm Reply

    Whup their jaws, Ray! All these Superman wannabe are more so like stupid man be.

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