Letter for Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Stay engaged, it matters!

It’s the LOCAL government level that does, and will continue to, have the biggest impact on our day to day lives, so please stay engaged and please Vote in 2020!

Our islands resiliency, sustainability, economy, & future is most crafted by those on our county level.

For example, our elected Kaua’i Mayor, Derek Kawakami, appointed a really good man, Chief Todd Raybuck, as our chief of police.

I’ve learned that aloha also trickles down hill. A good chief of police makes a good accountable police force and a safer community and I am thankful.

It was inspiring today seeing our chief of police with compassion and sincerity engage with protestors and share in the sadness caused by the death of George Floyd and countless other African Americans who have died needlessly at the hands of racist police officers.

The county appointed positions that a mayor makes can make or break a community. County councils and governments throughout this country can do incredible things for a place or they can destroy it.

Please vote for your county (and state) elected positions this year and please take it seriously.

Know your votes, know who you are putting forward for council, for prosecutor, for your state representative. Understand what the person stands for and what they do not. Knock on their door, ask them for help. Ask them the tough questions about what they will do. Don’t just vote for the name you recognize, vote for the policies and the people you want in power.

Fern Holland, Kapahi

  1. Richard S. June 9, 2020 5:45 am Reply

    Aloha Fern,

    Have you considered that the Mayor does not appoint the Chief of Police?
    Please look at the Kauai Charter. Excerpt: Section 11.04. … The chief of police shall be appointed by the police commission. …..
    Also Sektion XXIII does apply.

    Please give the credit to those Commissioners who worked/working very hard.

  2. Rev Dr Malama June 9, 2020 11:45 am Reply

    How in the world do you come up with such misinformation?
    I am looking forward to a better educational system with the return of the Hawai’ian Kingdom government….. whom the Teachers Union and International Lawyers Guilds are among thousands of professional and lay people who understand that Hawai’i is unlawfully occupied…..

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