Letter for Sunday, May 13, 2020

Something wrong with virus vaccine news

I heard on the news that a vaccine for the coronavirus will be available in October.

Three million doses.

If this is true I find it very odd.

How is a vaccine available in great quantities less than a year after a pandemic hits?

Doesn’t it take much longer to develop a vaccine?

Maybe there was prior knowledge of the necessity for a vaccine due to a pandemic.

There are many fishy things about this pandemic, including this one.

Molly Jones, Kealia

  1. Lorelei Armstrong May 31, 2020 3:16 am Reply

    First, no one is saying a vaccine will be available at any specific time, if ever, and no one is saying how many doses of a future vaccine will be available at a certain date. Obviously if and when a vaccine is available we will need billions of doses as soon as possible. That does not mean safety or efficacy are being thrown to the wind.

    Second, we don’t need to spread useless conspiracy theories and Google-“research”-driven paranoia. Stick to the facts and the science.

    1. Charles Lee June 1, 2020 9:40 am Reply

      But Lorelei, we need billions of vaccines? 1. Who gets the profits off the patents
      .2. Only a small part of less than 1% got the flu sickness and was isolated to the elderly who got,real sick or died.

      Whose facts and science are you using? Blind Faith is not fact or science but has billions believing in different religious icons for up to 2,000 years.

      Capitalism is not conspiracy theory, though when talking fake vaccines it could be. Conspiracy to sell Illinois of vaccine flu shots…and they’ll make a believer out of you.

  2. therealhawaiian May 31, 2020 3:57 am Reply

    Yes Molly, since vaccines were first introduced it has taken much longer to discover them and get them to Society. There are a few reasons for that. One major reason is that the researchers and drug companies have been tied up in Government nonsense and a massive amount of regulations, which has made it difficult for everyone involved with the effort. President Trump instituted new fast track rules, created incentives, and killed many of the stupid regulations that had been placed on the Scientists that has hampered the efforts by other Countries capable of collaborating with American companies to find the solutions. That led to quicker studies, experiments, and better collaboration between Scientists from Israel, France, and Asia to find the vaccine. It worked, and we now have several possible vaccines which are in the running to destroy this pandemic and the virus quickly. Just another thing that Trump has done which the idiots on the other side said was impossible!

    1. Charles Lee June 1, 2020 9:45 am Reply

      Aloha Real, since vaccines and prescription drugs are after the fact, what about prevention and avoidance of any diseases.

      Didn’t that thought ever occur to you.

      Ounce of prevention is worth way more than a ton of prescription drugs and vaccines.

      It should be about Health, not mopping up the dead with disease.

  3. Old Fart Haole May 31, 2020 6:42 am Reply

    I know times are tough for small town newspapers, but you guys could really use an editor for obvious typos in titles.

  4. Uncleaina May 31, 2020 9:11 am Reply

    Sorry Molly you’re not being genuine. A simple quick easy Google search would explain it all to you- but what you want to do is spread conspiracy theories. It’s definitely possible to have a vaccine that fast when thousands of scientists are working around the clock to make it happen. But this is the second or third letter you’ve written implying something nefarious is going on. Just like our president does: the “people say something- isn’t that suspicious?” game. Why don’t you try finding your own answers rather then write in with conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated rumors? News Flash Molly: that approach no longer works. Sure 20% will play that game, but the rest of us see the riots, the deaths of 100,000 plus Americans and see how that games end -like this. You can believe baseless innuendo if you want- but trying to spread it in the newspaper isn’t cool.

  5. Paulo May 31, 2020 2:08 pm Reply

    What’s wrong is you were listening to trump’s happy talk.

    Even his COVID task force, including Anthony Fauci, was forced to say it “was possible” to have a vaccine that early, though not at all probable. They had to say that “possible” or get jettisoned off the task force and knew we’d never get any facts if that happened.

    Of course it’s possible we get lucky and get a viable vaccine within 3 or so years but will it be available to everyone that early? Not likely.

  6. James Kuroiwa June 1, 2020 6:31 am Reply

    Molly, the current information made available is, as the now seven (7) vaccines which are in phase II and are being tested on humans, the companies are following along in setting up their systems to manufacture the “millions” of vaccines required once the FDA and other testing and approval agencies approve the vaccine. The manufactures are not producing vaccines until it is approval, they are only preparing the systems to produce the approved vaccine. To explain from my combat experience, the first responsibility I had was to locate the position of my guns, then I walked the FSB and identify all possible routes of attack from the NVA, and plot out the targets. We had HE targets with Illumination targets pre-plotted. Then we began preparing our positions. It does work to plan in advance. Solving problems before they occur.

  7. Charles Lee June 1, 2020 9:09 am Reply

    Aloha Molly, we’ve been seeing on the internet statements by doctors and politicians saying things like:

    2015: A virus research lab at a US Military base in eastern US had a Whistleblower incident and were shut down.

    ThIs Virus lab was genetically modifying a standard seasonal Corona Flu Virus by putting EBOLI virus, MERS virus, and SARS virus into the same virus cocktail. That’s called strengthening the virus, but seriously dangerous if it backfired into the IS population. The new Virus name is apparently CoVid19 Flu Virus.

    They claim Dr. Fauci of the CDC, then used $3.7 million tax dollars from the CDC, and somehow took this US Military Base’s shutdown virus research program to Wuhan, China, and paid the Chinese to complete the deadly virus Cocktail of 3 added in Known deadly viruses.

    2016: Then Dr. Fauci went to Pres. Trump and warned the President that a Pandemic was coming. Sort of like Chicken little warning the Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling.

    No one listened to Fauci until now. And when he is asked about the Pandemic, he acts like he knows nothing about its source except he claims it is not made in a laboratory but is natural. And how would he know that?

    2020: Fauci, seems to know not much about a new Vaccine other than one is coming in a year and a half, or maybe in September. And we the people will never know what is in it, most of us are believers, as in Blind Faith. And who cares we have been taking toxic prescription drugs for decades not knowing what is in them either, though they all cause new Side effects, really just new diseases requiring more prescription drugs. What a drug sales program that is and few question it or their doctors.

    Fauci knows that the PATENT OWNERS of the current seasonal yearly FLU SHOT ARE MAKING $Billions of dollars off of their Patent on the Current seasonal Flu Shot Vaccine.

    Fauci is known to be somehow connected to computer Bill Gates, who has been distributing vaccines in Africa for over a decade and is a known promoter of lowering the world’s population, and thinks all children should be vaccinated before going to schools, even tattoo’d to track their vaccination record.

    There’s the possibility that Fauci and Gates could get a patent on a new virus Vaccine and the income with being sold to not millions but to billions of people worldwide could be in the $Trillions over the years as the new yearly Flu Shot.

    That is not a conspiracy theory, that’s good old American CAPITALISM.

    MAKE A WORLDWIDE VIRUS SCARE, lockdown the people, schools, and businesses, put people into bankruptcy, bait the population into begging for a Fake typical drug quick Fix Vaccine, and retire as a trillionaire, the next obvious goal of a billionaire like Gates and a renowned wannabe scientist like Fauci, a doctor who makes $384,000 a year and has not treated patients for a living in the last approximately 40 years, if even then.

    Are we getting hood winked. Seems so !

    When someone’s medical condition is 95% multiple end of life diseases like Combinations of Heart and stroke disease, cancer, obesity/diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and or liver and kidney failure, And lung disease along with colon and intestinal diseases, and add to that medical errors and a combination of numerous End of Life toxic prescription drugs, and a Senior citizen internally silently teetering on the edge of life/death; and Then an otherwise harmless to anyone else flu virus comes along, and infects a Sick Elderly Senior Citizen, sure, blame death on the Flu Virus, or the mosquito bite, or food poisoning from a bad burger.

    But reality is the 95% of the cause of death is the End of Life Diseases and End of Life Prescription Drugs are what has killed the patient not the virus. If you drank a quart of poison Over a few minutes, it would not be the last ounce you drank that killed you, it would be the whole quart that killed you.

    Wake up, don’t get sucked into the Death Blame Game, It don’t matter what killed you when you are dead.

    Stay away from and know what is poison that you are taking into your body.

    Food investigation would be a good start, our foods are filled with toxic chemicals some even carcinogenic, cancer causing.

    1. Pete Antonson June 1, 2020 2:12 pm Reply

      Not one single fact in this ridiculous mess!

  8. LTEreader June 2, 2020 9:29 am Reply

    Charles Lee,
    Let’s talk “hoodwinked”. Not only is it important to fill your body with healthy food, it’s also vital to fill your mind with reality and facts, rather than Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube fiction. There’s plenty of reputable websites where you can find these eye opening items that will enrich your mental health. You should try it!

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