Letters for Sunday, May 17, 2020

Likes Evslin’s vision of ‘potential normalcy’

Dr. Lee Evslin’s May 11 TGI Forum perspective presents a commonsense approach to restoring health on our cherished island. By cautiously integrating practical measures, not overly invasive of privacy, he offers a view of the potential normalcy we all desire. He is even so bold as to envision the COVID-19 crisis as a pivotal point in enhancing our quality of life overall.

A highly valid point made by Dr. Evslin is the degree to which inferior nutrition impacts our health and even our ability to survive a pandemic such as this. Statistics reveal co-morbidity as a substantial factor in the current death rate, with Dr. Evslin implicating obesity, hypertension and diabetes as contributors to death or severe illness.

As a society, we prefer to turn a blind eye to the infirmity that surrounds us. The author incriminates processed foods full of sugar, fats, additives and preservatives as strong links to these conditions. If only we would pay heed to such wisdom.

Our bodies are intricately composed of 80 trillion cells that require nourishment and cleansing. Processed food with its toxic components cannot accomplish this, nor can these inferior foods properly nourish our uniquely-designed immune systems intended to be our guardian against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Kaua‘i is the ideal place for restoration of body and soul with its abundance of fresh produce, exercise-friendly environment, positive people and enviable natural beauty. All four avenues help to sustain our immune systems so that we can defeat invaders.

Thank you, Dr. Evslin, for your wise counsel, and may Kaua‘i be a beacon of hope and healing for all who will listen.

Judy Brunstad, Ph.D., holistic nutrition, Kapa‘a

If we reopen, reopen the restaurants

It seems that our new reality is part of the county will open up, while at the same time part of our country will shut down, and this will continue until a vaccine is available worldwide.

When a city, county or state needs to shut down, it seems that we first need to ask our government county, state or federal to: Buy produce and meat from the farmers; give produce and meat to food banks and restaurants that are willing to cook it for those in the greatest need. We also need to give everyone on unemployment food stamps so they can buy food. This may need to continue at some level until we have a vaccine.

When a city, county or state starts opening up, it needs to open restaurants as soon as possible with guidelines before the government stops buying food directly from the farmers. We know everyone wants to open up all businesses as soon as possible.

Mahalo for all those helping with food distribution. Sometimes we don’t know who our leaders are until we have a crisis.

Bob Brown, Kapa‘a

  1. Michael Mann May 17, 2020 12:37 am Reply

    “By cautiously integrating practical measures, not overly invasive of privacy, …”

    We have people on this island and in the rest of the country who don’t want to wear a mask in public and think social distancing is too much of a burden. The problem is that with these people around, we HAVE to take more drastic measures because they refuse to be reasonable. It does not take many people to cause an outbreak, and because people apparently can not be trusted to do the right thing, everyone ends up suffering.

  2. Charlie Chimknee May 17, 2020 8:40 am Reply

    Mahalo Judy for reiterating the best points of Bill Evslin’s letter:

    “The author incriminates processed foods full of sugar, fats, additives and preservatives as strong links to these conditions.“

    “Additives” needs further defining. The food industry for some reason, or no reason other than to bulk up volume and weight to food, for example, in a nutritious food primarily of corn, for a large manufacturer, like most food on the shelves, it is cheaper to Add sugar and other additives than it is to maintain the weight of the nutritious corn.

    Other additives among thousands, are colors and flavors much of them, if not all, are derived from petrochemicals, known carcinogens, cancer causing.

    For example, bakery products often have Thiamine Mononitrate, a simple sounding vitamin, but as a simple to make synthetic vitamin it is made of oil and or coal tars, petrochemicals…known sources of carcinogens, cancer causing chemicals. And they go out of our way to put it in our food…? And why it is so important to read the labels.

    Looking at a bigger picture, 80% of Americans are on 1 or more prescription drugs a day with multiple dosages of each, but astoundingly, 55% are on 4 or more prescription drugs a day and multiple dosages.

    Is the rest of the modern world on same percentages? Must be if the drug companies are multinational and having China pump them out By the ton.

    Some people are so into “helper pills” since they just cannot make it on their own that they are taking 10, 15, and even 20 prescription drugs a day, and some additional over the counter non-prescription drugs each day.

    Since drugs work by toxic reaction in the body, that’s a lot of self poisoning going on in the population and is the basis for a WEAK NATION ON DRUGS, to allow a common but new virus become a PANDEMIC, killing almost as many people as the regular flu virus that goes throughout the world each year. No one Can figure out, Derek, why the regular flu that kills more world wide did not cause your lock down and the rest of the rules, and destruction to our society. Economic worst is. Yet to come unless all businesses are opened including tourism.

    Now hold on, whether or not you have your hopes up for the Magic Bullet Vaccine beware:
    1. The scientists were never able to create an effective vaccine for AIDS, no matter how hard Dr. Fauci tried with his allied drug companies hoping for millions in vaccines to be sold to those in fear, paranoia, and hysteria over HIV and AIDS.

    2. There’s no Drug or vaccine cure for any CANCERS, the 4th leading cause of death in America, 3rd cause is still Medical Error, making hospitals a dangerous place.

    3, There’s no Drug or Vaccine Cure for Heart Disease and Stroke, #1 and #2 Cause of DEATH in America, though the cause of both points to eating meat…too bad, huh…!

    4. There are no cures for other chronic diseases.

    5. The first polio vaccine gave too many people polio and the 2nd vaccine came on while polio was on its natural cycle exit from continued infection, just like we expect from this CoVid19 virus. And when polio returned in its not annual, but for some reason 30 year cycle, the scientific save face was to call the polio signs and symptoms another name and Meningitis was invented.

    6. Dr. Fauci is hoping finally to pop up a vaccine to be sold annually to billions of people when he will retire with $ benefits from the vaccine and forget his CDC job.

    Any weak nation of 80% of its people on prescription drugs is a sick nation, susceptible to too many deaths by the addition of “one more straw to the camel’s back”.

    So when people who are not elderly get the flu, either of them, seasonal or CoVid19, we expect them, 99.9% to get NO SYMPTOMS, MILD SYMPTOMS, or need only BEDREST. Even though 80% Of the population are less than healthy…if you are taking a medication then you are sick…period…anyone who tells you different is not truthful.

    So when you have an elderly sick person with 2 or 3 or several chronic degenerative end of life diseases, who is taking 4 or 6 or 10 prescription drugs a day, you are at an extremely high risk of dying from, not so much the flu that broke your immune system, but the accumulation of not knowing how to protect your health over a lifetime of ignorant eating causing the multiple chronic killer End of life Diseases that many seniors have after 60, 70, 80 years of food abuse.

    By the way it is Almost never to late to reverse that Degenerative process, Not by drugs, and apparently Not by going to the doctor who has you on too many prescription drugs already, but instead you’ll have to find a Health Coach to teach you how to live a healthy life to old age.

    Beware the vaccine, it’s not magic, it’s EXPERIMEMTAL, and on a sloppy rush order at that.

    Physician means Teacher, it’s hard to find one these days of a pill for every ill and a prescription written in Latin…but apparently Dr. Evslin is just such a Physician…teaching nutrition.

    1. Pete Antonson May 18, 2020 1:46 pm Reply

      Please allow me to sum this up: “Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, and quack!”

  3. Mama Mia May 17, 2020 10:32 am Reply

    If people have food stamps they cannot buy food at restaurants, or even a hot meal. The rules forbid it. You can only buy cold, uncooked or unheated food, or it must be refrigerated. you cannot go to any restaurant known to man and buy food with food-stamps.

    Let me just educate you a little bit. Restaurant workers are the most at risk for catching this virus, along with other workers in other industries where its catering to poeple who are going to be breathing, sneezing, coughing, or otherwise their bodily secretions will be on things. Such as plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, ect.

    When you eat you can’t wear a mask. Which means you will be talking, eating chewing, and spewing droplets into the air by the gallons. Seating in an enclosed space where no one is using a mask is not only impossible, if I am a diner there, and it gets traced back to that restaurant where I became infected from Covid 19 because no one was wearing masks, there ya go. Instant shut down.

    Workers deserve to not be exposed to the virus. young workers or otherwise healthy workers who are asymptomatic can carry the virus to older diners, and vice versa, and the spread goes like wildfire. Just because Kauai got off Scott free so far does not mean that will be the norm in the future.

    The disease has devastated the mainland, and now they all want to come here and “spread their aloha”. Do you really think locals will want to sit down with mainland tourists in an enclosed space and eat without masks? Nope. And If I was a worker and my restaurant wanted to open for a sit-down meal, i would not work there even if you paid me a million dollars an hour.

    Also, lets remember. Berating people and bullying them to go out and eat and spend money they do not have is not going to get people to do it. Eating out is a luxury, not a necessity. People got used to pulling in the belts, and making their meals at home are not going to be busting down restaurant doors right now. Essential workers and tourists. That is why you are all pushing for the walking petrie dishes to return and infect us all.

    Restaurants had a good run here, in the last 20 years. No restaurant can expect everyone here to just stop what they are doing and go buy from them, even more to go sit down inside their establishments right now. You just want the restaurants open so the tourists will come. But it is the tourists who will start it up on Kauai like you have never seen before.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    So before you go wishing that on the owners of these businesses, lets continue to encourage no contact take out instead of inside dining. It is impossible to social distance as a worker. I am not thinking about the customers right now. If the workers start dropping like flies, and trust me, even the mildest symptoms of this disease can knock you out for weeks with fevers, aching muscles and sore throats and coughs. You cannot serve food to people while in that conditions. Do you think workers who only have flimsy masks that do not protect from the droplets at all have a fighting chance with restaurants offering inside seating? Kauai restaurants are very small. There’s no room to distance.

    Use your head. Just because the talking point sounds cool doesn’t mean it isn’t ludicrous,

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