Happy Campers for Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Brian Atendido/Contributed photo

What happened to the tail of this “tail less bandit” that scrounges nesting material for a nest somewhere other than Brian Atendido’s “jungle” in Wailua.

John Feagans/Contributed photo

It’s a snow day in Kawaguchiko, Japan as John Feagans experiences COVID-15 in 5 degree Centigrade weather that melts the snow blanketing the sakura and giving Mt. Fuji “new makeup” while waiting on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s promised two face masks per person.

Mayor Derek Kawakami beat Bill Spitz (is he going to check out the Wednesday version of the Puhi Park Produce?) by making face masks the rule for everyone 5 years and older, effective 5 a.m., Tuesday. Bill is still waiting on his face mask order to come in which means “staying at home” until the mailman (the market starts at 2 p.m.) comes.