‘Follow Your Heart And The Rest Will Follow’

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Author Yves Nager and wife and editor Eunjung Choi pose for a photo in the great outdoors. In Yves Nager’s book Hawaiian Rebirth he encourages readers to reconnect with nature whenever possible, which he says is a huge part of living a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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Front cover of Hawaiian Rebirth by Yves Nager. His book can be purchased in Princeville at Malelia’s giftstore at Hanalei Bay Resort and Talk Story bookstore in Hanapepe. Nager will be at book signing to for Hawaiian Rebirth at Talk Story on March 6.

For those looking for a little more out of life than simply paying the bills, Yves Nager’s book “Hawaiian Rebirth” is a must read. Inspired by a series of unfortunate, yet enlightening life events, Nager pursued his own journey of self discovery, and shares his experiences fearlessly hoping that others will follow suit, so that others may also discover their life’s purpose. Nager’s “Hawaiian Rebirth” is a practical guide on how to overcoming one of the most challenging obstacles facing people today, made all the more intimidating due to the tumultuous and fast-paced era that is our world today: one’s own mind and personal fears.