8 active COVID-19 cases on Kaua‘i

LIHU‘E — Kaua‘i announced its 18th confirmed case of COVID-19, with eight currently active cases on the island. All but one of these cases are travel related.

As of April 6, there is a statewide total of 387 confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to the Hawai‘i COVID-19 Joint Information Center. Sixteen of these cases were reported yesterday with five travel-associated, two community related and the others unknown.

Across the state, there have been 85 recovered cases and five total deaths.

Confirmed cases by island:

• Honolulu: 292

• Hawai‘i: 23

• Maui: 44

• Kaua‘i: 18

• Hawai‘i residents on the mainland: 2

The Joint Information Center reports that close to 14,000 tests have been administered across the state, focusing on those with symptoms. The Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say only those with COVID-19 symptoms and with the direction of a personal health care professional should be tested.

“There is recent evidence of pre-symptomatic transmission, but we are not relaxing our testing requirements,” DOH Director Dr. Bruce Anderson said. “Only those people who are symptomatic should be tested to avoid overtaxing private clinical labs and in recognition that there is a national shortage of testing kits and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers who collect the specimens and lab workers who run the tests.”

Airline arrivals dropped by 100 passengers between Saturday-to-Sunday, according to the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority.

Of the 23 flights that brought 583 people into the state, only two flights flew into Lihu‘e on Sunday carrying 25 people in total (32 counting crew).

Travelers from out-of-state or from another island are required to participate in a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine.

“We can’t let this happen here. We need to stop the spread. We need to stop it now,” Gov. David Ige said. “The coronavirus has no boundaries.”

  1. ruthann jones April 7, 2020 3:18 am Reply

    Excellent practice, Kauai. God bless all of you!

  2. T McCullough April 7, 2020 3:34 am Reply

    Rule # 5 does not make any sense for Kauai. First of all both homeowners and renters in many cases maintain both ornamental gardens and food plots. It is not difficult for them to maintain social distancing practices while enjoying the outdoors, growing food for their ohana and reducing their mental stress. Landscaping and maintenance companies can also continue their services by rigorously maintaining distance between their workers and by having their workers wear masks and gloves. They are after all working with plants and not interacting with other people. These workers can keep their jobs and provide income for their ohana. I commute between Denver and Kauai. I live on Kauai for about 7 plus months a year. I am currently in Denver Sheltering in place. I am not aware of any gardening or landscape restrictions on the mainland providing social distancing is maintained between workers and they wear masks and gloves when working. This rule just doesn’t make any sense for Hawaii. I am hoping that Mayor Kawakami will seriously consider rescinding this order.
    Aloha and Live Pono
    T McCullough Poipu and Denver

  3. Charlie Chimknee April 7, 2020 12:06 pm Reply


    Shutdown, Lockdown, Quarantine, Isolate, End Tourism before it Ends Us…?

    Great idea, and while you are at it Continue to throw the Visitor businesses under the bus, and then Off the cliff into the abyss of recession heading into a selective discriminatory depression, ending in sending them into bankruptcy, failure, no kids’ education, Loss of homes, investments, savings, no food, perhaps even to the point of their rotting corpses piling up in the homes, not from the Corona Virus but from hunger…just because they have been the ones who have been a major part of supporting the lifeblood of the Hawaiian Islands since day one…And that is Tourism, and that is the hotels, bars, restaurants, tour companies, wedding, helicopter, and transportation companies to name a few. And that includes the owners and workers at these businesses, and the large numbers of companies that serve them.

    The Federal stimulus programs, the PPP and PPE, PAYROLL and Equipment , programs are not even functioning yet and are in a brain daze of still trying to figure it out to disperse the funds and to whom, while SMALL BUSINESS is considered to be companies with 1 to 500 employees.

    And who do you think will get our tax money first, yes, the big companies with up to 500 employees…but wait the only companies on KAUAI with 500 employees are the State and County, while the Mom and Pops wait in line withering from hunger already.

    The Feds are willing to put up $2 Trillion dollars for the newly Government created poor Who just days ago were hard working supporters of our communities. And since there are 45,000 small businesses in America, if you divide that $2 Trillion dollar money up, that’s only $45,000 each, which too many very small businesses have that for an overhead every single month before a dime goes to the owner who often work over 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

    And the governments Whether big or small (fed, state, and county) that we support with these companies’ taxes have not even figured out how to provide even Food Stamps for these companies and their workers.

    It just may be for many reasons that the Authorities and the often less than truthful media, who dreamed Up this scare, fear, and paranoia, along with a team of bureaucrats who have never been confronted by this issue and are really just a bunch of inexperienced rookies. Who among them lived through the last Depression…?

    With no proof this virus will go away soon, the trickle down of business failures will spread to other types of businesses not now shut down, but will be coming up for closure. More of us will be sucked into this “drowning” whirlpool.

    If Tourism businesses are only 41% of Hawaii economy, soon the VIRUS OF FEAR will shut down 50% of other businesses, then 60% and then 70% and so on all for the purpose of the WRONG APPROACH TO THIS VIRUS ISSUE. The WRONG APPROACH, THE WRONG PLAN.

    And they the bureaucrats are being advised by the MEDICAL INDUSTRY BUSINESS. A business that relies on its customers having blind faith in a “pill for every ill”, and belief that MEDICAL business is infallible and we should take (prescriptions) and do everything (surgery) they tell us to.

    The Medical Industry is highly successful as a business bringing in $4 Trillion dollars a year, but an utter failure when it comes to the actual Health of our nation’s people.

    Everyone knows or should know that if you are Healthy you need no drugs or medicine or surgery.

    Yet 80% of our nation’s people take 1 or more prescription drugs a day in multiple doses. And 55% of our people take 4 or more prescription drugs a day in multiple doses, and too many take 10 or 15, even 20 drugs a day. This is proof that those In Charge Of our Health are really only in charge of our Diseases.

    80% Of our population have a disease whether it be on your skin or deep inside your Heart or other vital organs you cannot live without. That is a disgrace. The Disease perpetuating industries of petrochemicals, making Pharmaceutical drugs, sold by the Medical Industry are, oddly, in charge of our Health? That’s the Fox guarding the Hen House.

    Those who rely on the continuance of Disease In order to make a living are in charge of Health, which at least 80% of us do not have Health by virtue of 80% of us being dependent on prescription drugs. That’s Bad…! That’s another definition of Insanity.

    And bureaucrats with no professional scientific training advised by those relying on disease for a living, can tell 41% of Hawaii’s economy And people to go into bankruptcy and hunger.

    We do not need that, already last year 1.2 million people in the world Died of starvation, are we going to let that incredibly incompetent economic stagnation and destruction lead to that in America?


    AND WHAT IS THAT…? It’s coming Soon in a comment For you to read.

  4. Charlie Chimknee April 7, 2020 12:10 pm Reply


    When it comes to populations there is usually 2 categories, one being a MAJORITY, and the other being a MINORITY.

    While the Corona Virus Can infect anyone, and could infect everyone, it clearly shows by statistics that it is the cause of only 1 of a few of many causes that take people’s lives.

    The statistics show that the category of those losing their lives to this virus flu are the older population, the MINORITY, and of those, those who are at High Risk with Pre-existing conditions, or too many prescription drugs, or bad habits like alcohol, Tobacco, and drugs.

    The MAJORITY of the population are getting infected by the virus, but almost all of the people dying are Only the MINORITY, THE ELDERLY, and of those it is the elderly with Pre-existing conditions, e.g., obesity and diabetes, heart and vascular disease, lung diseases, and other diseases including those elderly people taking Prescription drugs, and the more drugs the worse. And even then only a few of the elderly are dying.

    So we have a MAJORITY vs. MINORITY situation.

    But first we have 2 other pressing problems of ongoing for decades that are bad epidemics in America, 2 Epidemics that are largely being ignored and are so far much worse than the Corona Virus Flu.

    1. The annual Seasonal Flu virus that infects, well produces symptoms in only 2-3 million Americans, while millions more MAJORITY are infected but have no symptoms or only mild symptoms, and are not reported, just like the Corona Virus causes as well.

    However the seasonal flu virus usually horrifically kills between 25,000 and 35,000 High Risk MINORITY of people a year. Some get the flu vaccine but even some of them still get the flu and die. The ones who die are again mostly the MINORITY population of elderly with preexisting other diseases and medications. Up to 35,000 a year dead is an Epidemic.

    2. The other epidemic is (there are about 6,000 to 7,000 hospitals in America), aproximately 5,000 of the people that walk, not ambulanced, into the hospitals every week, are dead within 1 day to a week. 5,000 dead people a week. That is 260,000 people a year dead In hospitals from medical care caused by wrong diagnosis, wrong medicine, too much medicine, unnecessary surgery, elective surgery, malpractice, inattention to the patient, etc., etc.

    Being in the medical profession is not easy and carries a huge amount of responsibility as too many people die each year from medical service. That does not include those who die at home from similar Causes and reasons. Nor does it excuse medicine from this very severe epidemic that is rarely talked about.

    This type of epidemic or disease is called Iatrogenic disease and is in the top 3 or 4 of diseases that kill people, only Heart and Vascular Disease and Cancer kill more. 260,000 dead people killed every year and this epidemic is only mentioned in statistics, but not addressed, and instead is ignored and it is much worse than the Corona Virus.


    The current Corona Virus Plan is impacting the MAJORITY of the Population and Businesses. However the MAJORITY are not the problem, after all who has not had the FLU in their life, albeit with no symptoms, mild symptoms, or need of bed rest waiting the IMMUNE process to work itself back to your Health, by eliminating the virus. And you get Immunity From that virus as well, due to the exposure to the flu virus. The job of the Immune System is to shut down the active virus and provide Immunity for the future against the same flu virus later, like next year.

    You need Exposure to the Virus for the IMMUNE SYSTEM to activate and destroy the Virus and automatically provide you future Immunity, like for Next Year when the same virus returns as Is usual for Virus.

    Do you want to have no immunity this year by Quarantine and Lock Down, only to next year start the same old existing Plan and lose High Risk Minority population by dying as well as loss of Your business, your home, and perhaps family members.

    The currrent Virus Plan perpetuates a failure to adapt to this virus by failure to be naturally exposed to it, and the loss of subsequent automatic immunity for the future.

    We know from statistics that only a portion of the MINORITY are dying. Those are the elderly with Pre-existing Current illness and medications.

    What the current Corona Virus Plan is doing is it is paying too much attention to the MAJORITY of those who can handle the flu and ignoring the MINORITY of those Can’t handle this flu virus, who have or will die from it.

    We need a new Plan. A Plan that allows the MAJORITY to get back to work immediately and use their tax dollars and efforts to pour that money and effort into PROTECTING the MINORITY who Potentially are going to die.

    The current Corona Virus Plan is IRRESPONSIBLE by Ignoring the MINORITY WHO DESERVE OUR FULL ATTENTION and SUPPORT and CARE.

    The NEW VIRUS PLAN, must include Quarantine of Those of the MINORITY who are at High Risk. They are already under Medical Care for Pre-existing conditions and Drug Prescriptions that their doctors and pharmacist are well aware. It is not like this at High Risk are hiding, they know and their doctor and pharmacist know who they are.

    WE NEED TO ACT NOW, and Upgrade the Corona Virus Plan and pay Attention and provide all the care necessary to Save the Lives of the MINORITY of Elderly at High Risk. There is almost no one dying under the age of 60 and more so are dying the older the MINORITY are. As well we are not sure if those that are dying are not dying from at risk in hospital Care itself.

    The few who die at random youthful ages have High Risk Pre-existing Medical conditions, or are smokers, or dopers, or alcoholics. Again these people know who they are and should follow the New, yet to be implemented, Guidelines of the MINORITY which they are also part of and at High Risk.

    President Trump, Governor Ige, Mayor Kawakami, our State Representatives, and County Council, please adjust the current Virus Plan to protect the MINORITY at High Risk, and put the MAJORITY, the rest of us back to work…open the Airports and Businesses and keep us from individual and statewide, if not narional, Economic Ruin.

    Worst case Scenario if we continue lock step, and locked up, and down, is Onset of Hunger and starvation in Hawaii, and America.

    Have you ever had the Measles, Mumps, and Chicken Pox…yeah, and you only had it once, that’s Right, because you got LIFETIME IMMUNITY due to the normal process of the automatic immune system.

    Our Immune System provides immunity for this Corona Virus like every other virus. We need Immunity, it requires infection by the virus, it only costs: No Symptoms, Mild Symptoms, or Bedrest for a few days in your life, and then you are back on your feet with Immunity to this virus.

    However, The MAJORITY have very few people at High Risk and Those MAJORITY at high risk they should be counted as the MINORITY and treated with all the same care and effort as the other High Risk Minority.

    Those who have died from this virus comprise about 0.000001 % of the population. About 99% of those who got the virus a few weeks ago are already well from it…with new immunity to the Corona Virus.

    We need natural exposure to this virus, and more importantly We need IMMUNITY to it for the future times that it will come starting next year as viruses come in waves of time.

    The Current Virus Plan ignores and does not allow for Natural Immunity For the MAJORITY of the population, and it ignores and does not allow adequate protection care and Quarantine of the MINORITY of the population.

    The only thing that the Current Plan provides for is a lot of $$$ and business of Disease Care For the Medical Industry.

    WE NEED A NEW PLAN AND WE NEED IT NOW, a Plan that serves both the MAJORITY and the MINORITY of the Population.


  5. Michael Mann April 7, 2020 3:30 pm Reply

    Sorry, but your MAJORITY/MINORITY view is really not all that valid. There have been so many cases of seemingly healthy young adults as well as children catching this virus and developing very serious symptoms, if not dying, that it has raised serious concerns within the health care organization. It wasn’t expected, and hasn’t been explained. It was believed that the virus primarily affected the elderly because of what happened in China. We are seeing evidence that this is not really the case…that it can actually infect and kill anyone.

    In addition, it was previously thought that there was no cross species infection risk–it was said that you can’t give it to or catch it from your pet. This view is also changing, as there have now been cases of FOUR tigers at the Bronx Zoo who have contracted the virus as well as a couple of domesticated cats (and potentially a dog) in other parts of the country. I’m not eve sure why anyone even dared to start making this claim that it wasn’t possible to catch it from your pet…the virus can remain active on surfaces for several hours to days under the right conditions. A pet’s fur is a surface. It doesn’t contain some magical power to disable a virus on contact nor to dispel virus. People then have their hands all over their pets. Then they have their hands all over their face. They even have their pets all over their face. I would honestly EXPECT to see cross species contamination/infection.

    Asking for some natural immunity to develop when we simply don’t understand this virus is A SUICIDE MISSION. If you really believe that is the way to go, then I challenge you to go SEEK OUT INFECTION FOR YOURSELF. And when you get the infection, ISOLATE YOURSELF and DO NOT burden the healthcare system for help. You’re asking for natural immunity to develop, so let it happen naturally IN YOU.

    Yes, this is a DIRECT CHALLENGE TO YOU, Charlie. I know you will not accept the challenge, because you are perfectly fine sacrificing OTHER PEOPLE, but not so much putting your own health and life on the line to support your views. That makes your comments inexcusably irresponsible.

  6. Charlie Chimknee April 7, 2020 9:00 pm Reply

    Aloha MichaeL, I will graciously do my best to respond to you 2moro and share more thoughts on this bizarre fear running amok on a runaway horse…

    One does not have to seek out things in nature, even virus, some even manmade, they seem to travel the natural path of least resistance like water and electricity…would that include gravity…?

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