Isle at 7 COVID-19 cases

LIHU‘E — The Office of the Mayor announced two new positive COVID-19 test results on Kaua‘i late Friday afternoon, which brings the cumulative total to seven cases for Kaua‘i.

The first new case is an adult visitor who was on Kaua‘i from March 20 to March 24 and fell ill during that time. The adult was tested on March 24, shortly before departing to return home to New York.

The second new positive case is an adult resident who traveled to Las Vegas and fell ill during his trip. He returned to Kaua‘i on March 17 and was tested on March 24. The resident has been home since returning from the trip and remains at home in isolation at this time.

The state Department of Health is working to identify at-risk contacts and advise them of their potential exposure, including the need for quarantine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is managing any potential exposures occurring during airline travel.

Of the total confirmed cases on Kaua‘i, three have recovered, one returned home to the mainland, and three remain in isolation on Kaua‘i.

Meanwhile, Kaua‘i Police Department announced first-day results of the islandwide checkpoints initiated on Thursday in an effort to help mitigate the proliferation of COVID-19 on Kaua‘i, and in accordance with the statewide emergency proclamation and county emergency rules.

“Our officers were extremely professional and informative in their interactions, and I am thankful for their hard work during this challenging time,” said KPD Chief Todd G. Raybuck. “Also, mahalo to the community and those going through the checkpoints for their support, positive feedback and compliance.”

In Po‘ipu, there were only a small number of vehicles that passed through the checkpoint. The officers reported that the small number was likely due to the fact that major hotels are set to close in the area.

At the Kealia checkpoint, most vehicles were kama‘aina traveling for essential work or other essential activities. Any passengers who were identified as conducting non-essential travel were provided verbal warnings and directed to return home or to their hotels. Almost 20 were rental vehicles containing visitors who arrived on the island prior to Thursday’s quarantine order and were advised of the current stay-at-home measures.

In Waimea, contact was primarily made with kama‘aina, who were informed of the new guidelines. Visitors in a total of 13 rental cars who arrived on the island before Thursday were advised to return to their hotel and comply with the new stay-at-home guidelines.

The Hanalei checkpoint was the most trafficked. Approximately 200 vehicles passed through, and about 25 visitors were advised of the stay-at-home measure. Ten residents were advised of their non-essential travel. Several approved delivery trucks were also included in the vehicle count.

No citations or arrests have been made yet in regards to violations of the curfew or stay-at-home orders. However, at some point, enforcement will elevate from warnings to misdemeanor violations, Raybuck said.

“To reiterate, the reason we are doing this is purely for the sake of protecting the health of our island and stop any community spread of COVID-19,” said Raybuck.

“If this virus should get to that point, our health care system is ill-equipped to handle the influx of people who will need beds and ventilators, much less have the resources to assist other ailments at the same time. This is a moment to consider the health of the community as a whole and to re-evaluate what is truly essential,” he said.

  1. Anony Mous March 28, 2020 12:59 pm Reply

    And it looks like the count is going up beyond this today already.

    I’m aware of some who rushed back to Kauai from the mainland before the mandatory quarantine went into effect, and haven’t bothered to self-quarantine voluntarily. Pleeeease people, stop spreading this even if the quarantine wasn’t yet mandatory….

  2. Patricia Finlay March 28, 2020 3:40 pm Reply

    We are at 11 cases. Stay home. Wash your face and sanitize your counters and door knobs continually. Don’t touch your face.

  3. Charlie Chimknee March 28, 2020 8:13 pm Reply

    1.) washing with soap that can break down fat, or grease I suppose, is important for the 20 seconds as the lather that develops in that time breaks down the fat enclosure of the virus and causes the virus to decay…call it zapping the buggah, but virus are not alive, so bug it is not…it is not a living thing, a virus is a protein.

    2.) there is a downside to quarantine, and social distancing, as it is important for those with strong immune systems to be exposed, those who would get zero to mild symptoms, as they will develop immunity for years again since this virus for the next coming waves of the virus over the next few years.

    Quarantine should be encouraged for the elderly, ill, obese, diabetic, and on medications, heart disease and cancer. Isolate and protect the weak. And expose the young and strong the virus for them to develop a healthy immune responses, to protect them from the next same virus with a Healthy Immune Response…and don’t forget drink plenty water.

  4. Winnie Bula March 28, 2020 11:26 pm Reply

    Great Job mayor. Keep it up. Some sobering numbers. A baby died from Covid 10. The death rate in the US doubled from 1000 to 2000 overnight.

    You can just thank our lucky stars that we have a Mayor who has shall we say, the testicular strength to order this. Every single one of you better behave. This is the most serious thing we have ever faced. You are aware that we have very few resources on our small island, and further do not think we are going to have the big ship the “Mercy” or the “comfort” show up.

    This isn’t like Iniki the guard isn’t going to feed us or take care of us. There won’t be thousands of people coming here to build us back up. We are kind of on our own and its every island for itself. Do not expect some huge shipment of respirators and surgical masks to show up either.

    The country is going into “combat medicine mode”. That means, states that aren’t very populace and haven’t had a lot of deaths will not be getting anything right now. Everything will be concentrated in the three hot spot states. Even if we start showing some deaths, Hawaii will not be the top priority. So, all of you better smarten up. This isn’t a fun little joke anymore, this is life and death for someone you probably personally know. Start keeping your distance, stop coughing and sneezing everywhere, and if you live with a kupuna you must stay away from them! This is to save their lives!

    Also, if I see a church on Kauai trying to pack people in, and preach this crazy sneeze and cough because Jesus loves us and will save us doctrine, we the community will step in and call the authorities. How dare you preach something like that! No church services are allowed with more than 10 people. All breathing in the same room, singing, forceful breaths with spraying droplets everywhere. you are going to infect each other! What the heck are you thinking people!

    Also, let me add that I think Kupuna should not go out to shop at all. people should be delivering, there should be some sort of system. Keep these precious people safe. These are our knowledge keepers, our aunties, our moms, our grandfathers, tutu and tutu wahines. These are the people who babysat you and fed you laulau and poi and cared for your scraped knees. Come on, people wake up!

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