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Letters for Friday, March 27, 2020

Change kupuna hours to Wednesday

I am 74 years old. This morning (Tuesday) I set out for Safeway in Kapa‘a, happy that they had instituted kupuna hours and hoping to find the shelves full.

The aisles were full of boxes as brave employees stocked as quickly as they could. The boxes meant that maintaining a six-foot distance was sometimes not possible.

The meat department had very low stocks, if any, as did the produce department.

While I very much appreciate the kupuna hours, I am sure we would all appreciate them much more if the days were changed to include Wednesday, when everything would be stocked. We would then be able to get what we need and get home as quickly as possible.

Mahalo nui loa.

Donna Carsten, Kapa‘a

Rice may be sold only to a chosen few

For two weeks I’ve gone to ‘Ele‘ele Shopping Center to purchase a bag of rice from Big Save, only to find there was no rice on the shelf.

Fast forward to today (March 23), again there was no rice on the shelf. I’ve observe the ‘Ele‘ele store manager handing rice from the back double door near the Poke Station to a couple.

And, furthermore, the same manager was observed by someone else (same situation) only with giving toilet paper.

Every customer is entitled to purchase items whether it’s on the shelf or in the back storage. And shelves should be well-stocked and items should not be hidden in the back for a manager to pick their customers of their choice to whom it would be sold to.

Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele

Please, Trump, do not rock boat

OMG. Trump “we will be back to work soon”…..

Thank God the Democrats got transparency and oversight on the “slush fund” for big business.

Thank God we have a governor and mayor and senators and representatives who support our rights to be/stay healthy. The $ will work itself out. This is not a local or American problem; it is a world problem. We are all in the same boat. Trump: don’t rock it!

Kathleen Johnson, Kalaheo

  1. randy kansas March 27, 2020 4:22 am Reply

    why does the kenedy center need $25 million as part of the relief package?

    why do they need to be adding language to the bill about voter i.d. laws ?

    not sure why Boeing needs billions, other than they supply 1000’s of jobs and keep jobs in the flight industry, airports and military going;

    get to the point, cut the politics and help us that are out of work with no end in sight;

  2. Citizen March 27, 2020 4:54 am Reply

    Trump is right. Get back to work. This illness has 96% of cases mild or no symptoms and a death rate of .4-1% and probably less. Business, careers, livelihoods, families, and constitutional freedoms are being destroyed by the hour. If you are high risk, isolate. Everyone else gets the sniffles and return to normalcy. Stats from

    1. james March 28, 2020 8:27 am Reply

      One problem with your analysis: it’s a fact that some infected people show no symptoms and can infect others without knowing it. Do you want your family to get the virus and take a chance that they will just get the “sniffles” instead of becoming seriously ill and becoming part of the .04% to 10% who dies from it. (depending on the country). So if only those showing symptoms isolate, others without symptoms who have the virus could still be spreading it. Nice try, but think of your neighbors and others on the Island.

    2. Jake March 29, 2020 4:26 am Reply

      Exactly. This is the last ditch effort to get rid of Trump at the cost of bankrupting the country. Hawaii is going to be in serious financial trouble.

      1. Makani B. Howard March 30, 2020 10:04 am Reply

        So we all are going to be in serious financial trouble! Better than being dead! How about you go work in a hospital, Jake! Go volunteer taking swabs of people’s mouths who think they have covid….. do it all day long….. standing on your feet! Let’s see how courageous you are!

        1. Jake April 1, 2020 3:49 am Reply

          Stop staring at the death counters. You are part of the problem. We need to keep as many people, as practical, employed right now. More people will die at home, not doing anything, not taking care of themselves, from other causes, than COVID-19. You can’t unplug the economy and expect it go back to normal. We all can’t be staying at home, collecting checks, collecting Section 8 housing, abusing free healthcare (Medicaid). The adults have to pay for this, while the uninterested wait for their free stuff.

  3. rk669 March 27, 2020 7:03 am Reply

    Could the Eleele Big Save Manager be charged with a Crime?
    Especially when we citizens are put on Govt Lockdown!
    Price gouging at times like we’re in are Criminal Acts! I Wonder?

  4. manawai March 27, 2020 8:11 am Reply

    Sure sounds like the grocery stores haven’t run out of Kool-Aid.

  5. Doug March 27, 2020 9:30 am Reply

    Aloha Donna,
    I appreciate your comment on Safeway but I think that if they moved it to Wednesday that all the new items would be cleaned out Tuesday afternoon and you would be in the same situation Wednesday morning of finding nothing in the store. I think it’s better to take our chances Tuesday morning. I usually watch where the boxes are stacked and if they are stacked in front of a section that I shop ask if the item has come in. I had one very helpful employee in the Lihue Safeway go thru and pull the box that I needed and opened it for me on the spot!

  6. Sabado Mendez March 27, 2020 9:34 pm Reply

    The people commenting that there is a ninety eight percent rate and its a nothing burger and trump is right, blah blah and get back to work. Ok pal, put up or shut up. Go work at Walmart. Or go be a doctor on the front lines, or a nurse, or a cop or a firefighter, or go be someone that’s cooking the food.

    Every single one of you making stupid smart a double s comments like that, you will be singing a different tune when you are coughing so hard you spit up blood. Because that is all of those “mild cases” they are talking about. “Severe” cases are the ones on non existent ventilators. Everyone else just dies. And it is quick too. You can be dead in a week. Oh, and the virus has morphed and can now attack anyone at any age. 12 year old girl on ventilator, 14 year old boy, died, oh and those teens at spring break? They are getting ill in the hospital.

    Keep it up with your lunacy. Sadly, since it is obvious none of those posting ignorant stuff here will be with us, I am afraid. But at least we have these amazing comments! Comments that show the ignorance of non residents, and non interested parties to our island. They want us to die i guess so they can take our Luau gigs and clean hotel rooms for a living. Who knew they were so keen for us all to drop dead, so DJT can have his “economy?”

    Let me set it straight. After this is over, America, will have to begin from the bottom and work its way up. During the pandemic history will record that America had the highest amounts of cases, and more than likely deaths once this is all over. Due to the complete and utter negligence of the current regime in power. Today, he said no one can get anything unless they are “nice” to him.

    Thats like someone coming into the emergency room screaming that covid 19 is a hoax and they need a respirator cuz they think they have it. Yup. Thats you guys posting that crap. Keep it up, and let us know where to send the flowers. Cuz i can pretty much deduce the lot of ya are over 60 with lots of co-morbidities. I guess you could all get together and have a group hug or something. Maybe that would make you happy.

  7. Jake March 29, 2020 4:31 am Reply

    Ah Donna, I look forward to my Senior days……when I can complain about everything and demand everything, just like being a toddler.

    Special hours are not enough, but now you want special days? Frankly, I am shocked that you did not demand free food and free delivery for all Seniors. Because, you know, you are the only “special” people on the island.

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