Residents hopeful on day one of stay at home

  • Courtesy of Lia Nishikura

    Foster Baldwin is showing off his long-distance hug that was sent to him by his teacher Lia Nishikura.

  • Courtesy of Lia Nishikura

    Raegan Baldwin is on her couch while learning online.

  • Courtesy of Kanea Kinimaka-Aranio

    The Kinimaka-Aranio ‘ohana during a normal vacation to the happiest place on earth. From, left are Ray Wilson, Michelle Kinimaka-Aranio, Ashtin Kinimaka-Aranio, Kanea Kinimaka-Aranio and Axtin Kinimaka-Aranio.

  • Jasmine Sadamitsu / Special to The Garden Island

    Mikaele Brown, Kealohalani Goias-Medeiros, Brayden and Tsariah Sadamitsu are happy to be together, in front of supplies to ride out a long stay-at-home order.

  • Courtesy of Hanakapi‘ai Grosse

    A family photo of the Grosse Ohana best describes their sprit through these rough times. From left are Hanakila Grosse, Hanakapi‘ai Grosse, Makanale‘a Grosse, Nathan Grosse, Pi‘ilani Grosse, Kelanoi Grosse and Ha‘awipule Grosse.

  • Courtesy of Allison Davis

    Allison Davis is a home dialysis patient hopeful through these rough times.

This story has been edited to accurately reflect Gov. Ige’s travel quarantine, which applies to individuals flying from the mainland directly or through Honolulu.