Letters for Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Kudos to plastic ban from O‘ahu

Aloha! I enjoyed your front page story “Plastic Prohibited”. I visited Kauai many years ago, when the plastic bag laws were first implemented there. I found the island to be refreshingly clean, with no trash on the highways and sidewalks.

Each store where I shopped explained the law and mentioned how, while needing some shopping adjustments, we, as visitors should find the island cleaner.

Wow! It made me wonder why Oahu was still struggling at that time on what to do here. That “Plastics Prohibited” story shows that folks on Kauai are really working hard to do something to help make the island even more sustainable for the future.

Michael Mochizuki, O‘ahu

Dear Mayor Kawakami

Why have you not issued the same emergency powers that the mayor of Maui has done?

This virus is very dangerous – all cruise ships should be blocked, you should declare emergency powers, even evacuation powers just like Maui mayor did.

The elderly, especially if over 70, have a high fatality rate. We must protect everyone, especially them.

Are you aware that New Rochelle, NY, Italy, many colleges and universities, are closing down? Our CDC experts tried to announce that people over 70 should not fly commercially. Our president threw all caution out the window and blocked that announcement!

Please do the responsible thing and demonstrate leadership in this challenge. This is not the time to protect the visitor industry.

With aloha,

William (Bill) and Judith Fernandez, Kapaa

  1. George March 11, 2020 6:45 am Reply

    One of the frequent posters on here keeps saying the virus will die out in warmer weather. This is inaccurate. The expectation form the CDC and other experts is that the virus will get worse before there is any reprieve.
    People should check their facts before they make statements.

  2. Charlie Chimknee March 11, 2020 7:11 am Reply

    100 years ago the world’s population was approximately 1.8 Billion. The Worldwide Spanish flu killed 50 million people from 1918 to about 1920, the deaths occurred in 3 waves, or surges.

    It was called the Spanish flu only because Spain did NOT censure the reporting of the pandemic, as most other countries did censure the reporting of the statistics of the worldwide flu epidemic.

    Is it 100 years later, and the world has over 7.5 Billion people, more than 4 times the population of 100 years ago.

    As flu epidemics have shown what they can do, it means that there is the slight, or strong, possibility that a worldwide contagious flu epidemic today could kill 200 Million people based on the world population of today.

    Boy Scout motto: BE PREPARED…! ! !

    While airplanes can be a contagion risk for a few to a dozen hours getting to Hawaii, or even only several minutes interisland…but Cruise Ships extend the contagion exposure time to days and even weeks with many ports of call before they arrive in Hawaii.

    Some say “Better Safe than Sorry”. Capitalism says “Fear Not”.

    Survival is what is important. Will the decision be for LIFE or ECONOMY.

    CRUISE SHIPS are proving to be an incubator, but not all on board become ill from the virus. 5 to 12 hours on a plane at close physical proximity to a contagious ill person is of great risk as well.

    In Thailand during the SARS Flu epidemic, some few years back, the airports had infrared video cameras and fairly large big screen TV’s that showed on the TV screen the people with a fever exiting the plane. Those who “lit up” with the INFRARED were taken aside and dealt with medically.

    It would seem this would lower at least exposure risk to others by Infrared cameras viewing all passengers without standing in lines as forehead temperature detectors require…

    But the main IMPORTANT thing is that all passengers need to be screened somehow BEFORE boarding ships and planes to cull out those already with fever.

    In addition, before boarding, people can be scanned for fever temperature at check-in counters or in the waiting areas with no inconvenience or delay.

    Besides most flights require 1-3 hours airport arrival time before your flight, so this method would be doable.

    Governor Ige? Are you reading this suggestion? Maybe you do not read the Garden Island.

    Checking people both on departure and arrival by air or sea is less expensive than economic collapse…and may save lives by early detection. At least getting them into quarantine…with a good book or stack of magazines.

  3. Charlie Chimknee March 11, 2020 7:21 am Reply

    …at only some inconvenience, millions of people worldwide are airport scanned every day primarily for weapons or bombs, so adding a temperature scanning device to what is already in place is reasonable and makes sense, even after this virus disease runs its course over the next few years.

    No passenger should be made to sit near another passenger with fever.

  4. Debra Kekaualua March 11, 2020 8:33 am Reply

    Mahalo Fernandez ohana for your letter. However, those of us in or over their 70s, every winter is the normal flu virus and yes, a lot of peoples around the globe parish from the flu virus. Having a medical career background, I used to take notice mostly travelers, or others via the recycled airplane air. They come into the emergency room with all kinds of “symptoms” of the flu, or upper respiratory issues including but not limited to the common cold, asthma, bronchitis, and or pneumonia (Corona). I want to know why it is all being made into a debilitating scare tactic, so that all of you can clear the toilet paper and food storage shelves you think you need. This is merely a manmade crisis, not a crisis at all. Sort of like the “oops” ballistic missile incoming, kauai chaff and America’s military, hopeful but denied 1.8 Billion $ for Kauai NASA, Navy and now the usaf. There is so much sidestepping, (Brun, Daybell, crashed tour helicopter, murder suicide, actually cartel, powerline toyota and a deceased young man, similar to ridiculous crackhead coco palms 3rd floor of the gutted 30-year eyesore, the Kealia “glory hole” and all the “leaks” or coconut wireless chatter that is connected and parallels “guilty kealoha stolen mailbox fraud” and those we know that have been complicit retroactive fortyfive years worth, top to bottom, throughout Hawaii-nei. Fear mongers are alive and well, but still, they trying to keep the Lies undakavalava, when exposing lawless behavior is the root, tip of the iceberg. I see too many picture ops and not enough people who know what is ongoing, but do nothing, scayed to make mention due to their cushy lifestyles since plantation closures, their and my hard working successes for our Adult keiki and now, mo’o, nine of which have different lvels of autism from the west Kauai Monsatan GMO boondoggle replaced by F-22 Raptors doing touch and go or staging at Lihue airport, next to Z or other couple of billionaire, who think we do not know their agenda with that of Statanic/county gooberment actors in this circus. No Fear Corona, it is just the flu! wash hands, hangloose!

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