Hawaii Senate committee approves edible medical cannabis

HONOLULU — A Hawaii state Senate committee has granted preliminary approval to a bill authorizing the sale of edible medical cannabis products.

Even if the bill passes the Legislature , the products are unlikely to be legally available in the state for many months, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Wednesday.

Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection and Health Committee Chairwoman Rosalyn Baker, a Democrat, said the state Department of Health would have to develop rules and regulations before edible cannabis products can be sold.

The health department would set guidelines on dosages, ingredients and packaging.

The bill would authorize licensed dispensaries to sell edible cannabis products that include child-resistant packaging and proper labeling.

More than half of cannabis programs in other states require preapproval of edible products and restrict the ir ingredients or flavorings, the department said.

Tuesday’s amendments to the bill gave the Hawaii health department authority to preapprove any edibles and impose limits on ingredients, flavorings and additives, Baker said.

The bill was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration.

Sales of cannabis edibles are opposed by the Honolulu Police Department and the state Department of Transportation. Transportation officials warn that edible cannabis products may not affect users until hours after they are consumed.

The measure is backed by the Hawaii Cannabis Industry Association, which represents the state’s eight licensed medical cannabis dispensaries.

  1. Charlie Chimknee February 14, 2020 7:49 am Reply

    While 80% of Americans are on 1 prescription drug a day; 55% are on 4 or more prescription drugs a day with additional multiple dosages…does Hawaii need another drug?

    The above statistics from Google and medical reporting show we have a sick nation, further depending on Big Pharmaceutical drugs made in China, where coincidentally they have a Corona Virus epidemic…and we buy our drugs from there…?

    Keep or put in your mind that Disease is an effect requiring a Cause. Cancer does not Cause CANCER, Same for Heart Disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s don’t cause their own disease…these diseases are effects of a Cause, a cause that takes decades of abuse before the disease surfaces as medical findings or diagnosis…and so, if these killer diseases are not the cause, what is the Cause that needs to be Prevented or Avoided, we’ll certainly stopped.

    People are not sick because they do not have enough drugs, in fact all,drugs Cause side effects of an additional disease.

    Hypertension drugs cause diabetes through the drugs’ side effects, and Anti Depression drugs cause more depression and violence, to self (suicide) or others, check the prescriptions of the too many recent years of mass killings in churches, schools, wherever.

    Drugs do not promote the PROCESS OF HEALTH, they promote the process of diseases with their disease side effects…turn your TV VOLUME up when it is a drug commercial, they tell you the diseases they promote…SUICIDAL thoughts IS WHAT YOU GET FROM SOME DRUGS….? THAT’s CRAZY…yet they are prescribed…Doctor…!

    We as a society don’t need new drugs every year, nor their side effects…we need to ignore drugs and educate people as to the CAUSES OF DISEASE, and eliminate or avoid them.

    Health is a process requiring the CAUSE OF HEALTH to be respected, taught, and adherred to. Health is not a coincidence or luck, it is a process one must work at every day.

    Health is proactive…Disease you can sit back and wait And slop down its food causeS and Relax and do nothing, and with and you will become sick, and be given petrochemical Drugs as some weird cult idea that just might (WRONG…!) perform some mythological, hysterical really, return to health.

    Why do so many die soon after taking cancer treatments? Cancer does not Cause Cancer…si why do they treat it, when the process of health is the opposite of drugs.

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