Letters for Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Crosswalks are important reminder to slow down

We disagree with Howard Tolbe’s opinion that fewer crosswalks are needed in Waimea. Crosswalks in Waimea are used by students from the middle and high school, local people, many elderly and disabled, island tourists. People are still crossing Kaumualii Highway out of the crosswalks to get to JoJo’s or Ishihara Market. The flashing lights make crossing safer, because it slows down the speeding motorists coming from PMRF and Kekaha.

People routinely speed by McArthur Park. Big trucks, mustangs, BMW’s, the speed limit is 35 mph by Davidsons and increases to 45 mph by Kikiaola Harbor. Drive at the posted speed limit and not in a rush to get anywhere. People whiz by like their house is on fire, only to have to slow down in Waimea because of all the crosswalks.

Sorry or the inconvenience, but we value the safety of pedestrians over drivers in a rush.

We moved to Kauai 50 years ago, you would surf the South Side (Poipu) in the morning, drive to Hanalei for an afternoon session and pass five cars going west. The world’s population has more than quadrupled in our lifetime and that is why life is the way it is.

Excessively bright headlights destroy our night vision and make it hard to see pedestrians. Headlights should be checked when we get our vehicles safety checked. To eliminate excessively bright lights, to ensure driving safely at night.

Bright headlights are illegal in most places.

Driving is becoming more hazardous everywhere, especially on Kauai due to the increase in more drivers in a rush to get somewhere. Slow down and enjoy the rainbows and the beauty of Kauai.


Kawika, Kekaha

Pork Barrel Politics

Impeachment? Surprising look at Pork Barrel Politics. Leverage the influence of money for the good of the politician. What a novel idea. This impeachment fiasco inspecting the influence of delaying a previously approved allocation for a few months is the corner of the rug. It surprises me that either party would front page this behavior.

While this news was distracting us, this same Congress passed another deficit budget, relying on “credit card debt.” Two layers down in this budget will reveal significant leveraging by the Legislators in positions of power. Follow the money.

I’m sensitive to the portion of the budget required for interest and debt service costs. Our government indebtedness is irresponsible, and the opposite of organic sustainability. And, to me, the amounts are incomprehensible.

Mike Curtis, Koloa

  1. kauaidoug February 4, 2020 9:37 am Reply

    I’m with you, Kawika Kekaha about these bright headlights. Terrible and very unsafe and blinding. And what is with these kids and the noisy cars? They don’t look or sound like they passed an inspection.

  2. gordon oswald February 4, 2020 11:15 am Reply

    Thank you Mike for a great perspective. Unfortunately it’s our inept and worthless Congress who spends the money. WE ARE IN DEEP DOO DOO!

    1. james February 5, 2020 7:10 am Reply

      As history will show, the tax break for billionaires and corporations act was pushed through Congress when the Republicans held both the House and the Senate, then Trump signed it. Hence, our deficit dramatically increased. In recent history, the deficit has increased during Republican administrations and has been reduced during Democratic ones. That’s a fact. Democrats are the party of fiscal responsibility, not the Republicans. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2019/jul/29/tweets/republican-presidents-democrats-contribute-deficit/

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