Letter for Monday, February 3, 2020

The true winner of the Super Bowl

My money is always on Costco for the win. The oddsmakers in Vegas don’t even count Costco in the odds when it comes time for the Super Bowl. As far as I’m concerned Costco always comes out a winner with its cult following spending millions on the week that precedes Super Bowl Sunday.

Mark your calendars. For myself as a Costco cult member and Costco junkie, Super Bowl samples now start on Wednesdays of Super Bowl week — not like in the past when it was all week long. If you’ve never gone to Costco the week before the Super Bowl for samples, it’s worth the membership fee in itself.

There’s a chicken-wing station with six different kinds of wings: buffalo, teriyaki, Korean spice, honey barbeque, tequila lime and hot and spicy.

People were jonesing to get into the store all week long for Super-Bowl-week food samples. Starting time is approximately 11 a.m. and goes until 4 p.m. until Saturday of the week preceding the Super Bowl. There are many other goodies like miniature tacos, chicken apple sausage, teriyaki meatballs, an array of chips, dips and hummus, and so many other things I couldn’t get to because I had a bus to catch and was on a tight schedule.

No matter what team wins the Super Bowl there is always one true winner year after year. Costco food samples not only win in taste but in customer service and aloha.

Costco scores the game-winning touchdown!

James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapaa

  1. Costcolover February 3, 2020 7:29 am Reply

    I love Costco. But, people, don’t block the aisle when you’re waiting like scavengers for that free pig-in-a-blanket or that dollop of vanilla ice cream! You just might get “accidentally” rammed by a wagon. Oooops! Sorry, not sorry.

  2. Debra Kekaualua February 3, 2020 8:54 am Reply

    Kimo is starting to sound as pathetic as other commentator who would take super bowl at “cult” costco example for free eatables. Super bowl is noted to be the biggest day of the year for human and sex trafficking?

    This kind of letter publishing is like all other “side-stepping” reality. A feel good letter, when because of Obama, Biden, and military “cult”, Kauai will be receiving over a Billion warring ballistic missile upgrade Dollars, entry of the USAF “settles” as TGI reported and no one gives a rats okole that Navy is actively hoarding their, “only used by military Water Well”, located along the foothills after polihale turn off! A MP, getting off watch duty explained this to me.

    I enjoy hunting old dump sites finding unbelievable treasures and came upon what i thought was a Kpd cruiser in the bushes. As above KPD and PMRF popo vehicles are the same. What a pleasure to have met and interacted with this young navy man, doing his job, and now AGAIN, im sharing with tgi readers, asking Why COK DOW sends out postcards to the community advising they “purchase their own drinking water”. Why does military get to use our resources and we go to Costco to buy water! Something very wrong with Kimo and the rest that have nothing to add or ideas to switch it up for All, not the invader usa, who are having a hell of a time packing up and disappearing from The Hawaiian Kingdom Nation-State of the United Nations, where we proved our case, no treaty of annexation, starting with u.s. military overthrow in the late 1800’s, several european assistants. Now 2020, Kauai has been characterized to become the baddest of 900 military bases in 127 countries! Why?

    1. Steven McMacken February 3, 2020 1:12 pm Reply

      Speaking of sidestepping reality . . .

      1. Debra Kekaualua February 4, 2020 8:07 am Reply

        A nice letter about “sidestepping” reality of the super bowl sluts and the money they harvest using people, children, and baby parts.

        Human and sex trafficking was a lead TGI story and meeting with our supposed “leaders that was similarly like the YWCA picture op and military mayor picture op meeting with council leaders who play both sides of this fence. USAF “settles” on Kauai and 1.9 Billion Kauai dollars to upgrade ballistic missile killing machines?!

        Pathetic Kimo and the others that exude plain old ignorance and continuing to hide truth, cuz you all scayed they will soon be leaving for a new home, ringing hells bells with their broken legacy and worse, they were not paying attention to what is and what is not terrorism!

        The voting scam for u.s. is and americans that are heartless extreme terrorists who were taaught how, by the very regime that you so think is great! America has never been considered “great”, especially if you have been stationed in places like germany, france, where americans are the most hated peoples due to the above written scammarammadingdongs, who never had that experience so, they have nothing to add but their own untruthful “rants”. At least I lived my postings of truth, while others havent yet awoken to enjoy the fresh rich brew of Crown Lands, Kauai Cope!

  3. Manawai February 3, 2020 1:52 pm Reply

    How does a nice letter about Costco and the Super Bowl turn into a rant about the military and sovereignty? Ya gotta wonder about some people.

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