Letter for Sunday, February 2, 2020

Get homeless out of bus stops

Can some kind of collaborative effort be put in place by the various agencies of the county to please get rid of the homeless individuals who continue to hang out/live in what are supposed to be bus stops?

‘E‘iwa Street has a total of four bus stops. They’ve now turned into homeless shelters. I’m pretty sure that’s not what the taxpayers of this county paid for. Some are sleeping, doing drugs, consuming alcoholic beverages, defecating/urinating in the area or on themselves. Just an absolute unsanitary situation. You have members of the commuting public who just simply want to catch the bus and have to endure all of this B.S., which is just unacceptable.

Come on, it’s 2020. We’re better than this. I understand they have to occupy some location. It shouldn’t be the bus stops for all hours of the day, taking up seats that are intended for commuters and just creating absolute filth to no end.

Ka‘aona Kipuka, Lawai

  1. JAMES February 2, 2020 8:00 am Reply

    Where is ‘E’iwa Street? Doesn’t show up on Google Maps.

  2. Charlie Chimknee February 2, 2020 8:33 am Reply

    Aloha Ka’aona,

    How about a doable novel idea.

    Put some 20’x40’ tarp tops in out of the way places but within walking distance to Where busses stop, or add a bus stop…be sure it is located so people can access the food stamp office, free medical care, and drug, alcohol, and tobacco stores.

    So that the tarp tents don’t disappear glue the pipes together and glue the tarp to the pipes.

    Let people know they can drop off old furniture even a kitchen sink, add some plastic roof gutters for rain catchment system for the sink, at least enough to brush their teeth…Couches, recliners, rattan furniture, coffee tables and dining tables and chairs…they be stylin…! Maybe a battery operated satellite TV…CERTAINLY portable radio…some old carpet so those inclined can “cut a rug” and get some physical rehab at the same time.

    If the County shoo’s people out of the $100,000 Bus Stops at least give them a $1,000 alternative.

    Who knows maybe the Bus Stop Gangs will hui up and solve the problems of the world by brainstorming in their “tarp top groups”.

  3. LTEreader February 3, 2020 10:20 am Reply

    Google 4444 Rice Street. These bus stops are on that small side street between the old Big Save (Gov. offices now) and the County Building.

  4. Debra Kekaualua February 3, 2020 6:50 pm Reply

    On my way to the farm, Anehola, I stopped my truck when i saw her at her roost! Unless she was embellishing her “disabled veteran, had her ID compromised” stories, so nothing no VETS, SS! Why did “kvmh” service her, all the time she wasnt at the bus stop? I inquired of her diagnostic issues, well being currently, and questions about toileting, (lots of diaper bodywipes even dryhair wash, snacks “potatoe chips”. I took notice across EMS substation and the kane BBq Pitt at her side corner are watchful as is the coffee hutch mauka bus stop.

    There are several homesteads hale, REmember jeff”, educated genius that he has taken advantage of private rooming complete with managers on duty or on call. El’aina could sit in the driveway in her wc and take counts for KPD, watching kuamoo road warriors maneuvers to get to work, notating all the stop sign runners especially bypassing country store stop, into subdivision ahakea to mala and out kuamo’o streets. five total stop signs straight across no even look!

    Otherwise ive a list of needs to donate to her awaiting my SS monthly refill. Thank God gooberment hasnt turned our money as if they were giving us a benefit! They actually asserted this not long ago. The things they try is beyond insanity, ruthless.

    1. Betty Ball February 4, 2020 8:59 pm Reply

      Thanks Debra, now I have a headache,

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