Letter for Tuesday, January 28, 2020

There’s no denying the evidence

There is white smoke from your exhaust pipe, even after running the engine for a while, with bubbles in the coolant overflow tank, which is low, together with a quickly overheating engine; the oil has a white milky sheen, with foam on the oil filler cap; your spark plugs are fouled.

You know from experience it’s a blown head gasket. The first place you call agrees, but says $1750 to fix. The next repair shop says, “That white smoke is steam, and the bubbles are also steam. Nothing is really wrong. All you need is a new radiator cap. That other repair shop is a rip-off.”

A ‘no brainer.’ You’d never use the second repair shop again. They’d just ruin your engine.

Their theory doesn’t fit the facts. You have all the indicators for a blown head gasket. Better suck it up and go for the expensive repair, if you want your vehicle to run.

Yet the President’s legal team is saying, even after all the proceedings in the House, the Full House Report on Impeachment and further revelations since, that there’s no evidence Trump did anything wrong.

It isn’t the radiator cap. It’s a blown head gasket.

Jed Somit, Kapaa

  1. Citizen January 28, 2020 3:19 am Reply

    If you think Trump should be removed you have no clue about the constitution or any legal matters. Please don’t vote in November.

    1. RevW January 28, 2020 1:57 pm Reply

      I wasn’t aware that the Constitution exempted POTUS from impeachment and removal from office for any of the categories of impeachable actions:
      – improperly exceeding or abusing the powers of the office;
      – behavior incompatible with the function and purpose of the office; and
      – misusing the office for an improper purpose or for personal gain .
      But then I’m not a practicing attorney or other authority on Constitutional law…and I’m guessing neither are you.

    2. Citizen Cane January 28, 2020 5:14 pm Reply

      And because you feel you DO have a clue and think Trump deserves to stay (tho you cite nothing to support your informed legal opinion) do yourself a favor and read the accounts of people inside his own administration.
      You could start with “A Warning,” a copy of which is circulating in your local library. Or “Fear,” by (conservative) by Bob Woodward. Soon you’ll be able to read the Bolton book, too. These aren’t “never-trumpers”– they are by or about dedicated patriotic conservatives who thought they could help advance his goals but soon realized their boss has…..a loose relationship with the law, truth (to put it charitably) reality and “little” things like loyalty, morals, courage, wisdom, steadfastness–you know, those minor character attributes presidents used to have, or at least aspire to. IOW his own handpicked people saw what he was and bolted for the door– in record numbers. So…you’re in favor of your senators sticking up for a guy like that? You must know something all his aides and officials and staffers don’t.

  2. steve January 28, 2020 8:21 am Reply

    Yes, and that’s because reality is no longer what your eyes and all your senses tell you, but what the government says it is. It’s called gaslighting. Alternative reality. Welcome to Trumpistan.

  3. Kimo January 28, 2020 9:42 am Reply

    Jed, The head gasket that is blown is yours. However, as some of your previous posts belie, your problem is irreparable. It has been diagnosed as TDS. Game over man!

    1. RevW January 28, 2020 1:41 pm Reply

      @Kimo – Diagnosis? Obviously, Mr Trump is contagious … sort of like Mad Cow.

  4. Everythingisawesome January 28, 2020 10:10 am Reply

    Then you realize that the only evidence you had that your exhaust was white was because your neighbor told you he saw a text on his son’s phone that said he saw a car on his street with white exhaust. Then you let your vape smoke clear and realized there really WASN’T foam on the oil filler cap…it was just smoke in your eyes! BOTH repair shops were trying to rip you off!
    That was funny. Now do Benghazi…

  5. I saw a Vampire once January 28, 2020 10:22 am Reply

    Thank you Jed. A bad head gasket means a leak in the engine compartment and will ruin or make your engine run bad due to over heating. In the similar sense, Trump is getting all support from the house makes sense. It’s a good read.

  6. RevW January 28, 2020 1:36 pm Reply

    “Blown head gasket” is one of the best characterizations I’ve read or heard of Mr Trump, his appointees & his ‘administration’ of the USA.

  7. Pete Antonson January 28, 2020 3:35 pm Reply

    Notice that here and elsewhere, the trump deniers cannot and will not defend him any longer. After 3 years of his incompetent nonsense, they are worn out. Today, all they are still capable of are trumpian 5th grade taunts, eg: “Oh yeah, Jed; well so are you!” Using trumpian 5th grade language skills.

  8. Citizen January 29, 2020 4:24 am Reply

    Business as usual is now impeachable because Trump Is a political outsider that Is too successful and popular for the swamp to control. Learn about all the “quid pro quo” deals and aid holds from other administrations. The democrats are accusing Trump of what is essentially a thought crime. The aid was released before the required date without investigations. So maybe add 1984 to your reading list and learn what our future would look like with the DNC in charge.

  9. Rampartview January 29, 2020 7:59 am Reply

    Why should the legal system not investigate a leader that withholds designated funds from an ally to get what he wants at the expense of the USA? It is horrible that he has done that. Oh I am talking about Biden, not Trump.

  10. LTEreader January 30, 2020 8:26 am Reply

    Re: citizen “The aid was released before the required date without investigations.”

    Umm, no. Here’s the timeline…

    It’s astounding that so many Republicans continue to ignore the facts in a desperate attempt to defend the one they worship so dearly.

  11. Old Guy January 31, 2020 5:59 am Reply

    Really………. using a time line generated by “nbcnews”

  12. LTEreader February 2, 2020 9:43 am Reply

    @ Old Guy:
    How foolish of me to believe a new source that’s been in business since 1940 over a Trump supporter named “citizen” making an anonymous comment in our local paper. Shame on me! (rolls eyes). LOL

  13. Elad February 2, 2020 1:12 pm Reply

    All you whining, pitiful, haters! It must be horrible to be upset and mad every day. I’ve listened to this crap for over 3 years and still you continue. You sound like a bunch of spoiled crybabies! And none of it will make ANY difference in the end because two things will transpire 1)Trump will be acquitted And 2) trump will be re-elected. So continue with the hate and collective insanity, it will make no difference ! You k ow I’m right!

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