Letter for Saturday, January 25, 2020

Waimea needs more crosswalks, lower speed limit

Aloha Mr. Tolbe. You and your many letters are from Eleele and not Waimea. Have you researched WHY there are so many crosswalks in town?

As you said, we are a walking town on both sides of the street, from banks close to the bridge to restaurants and smoothies at the end of town.

Have you ever tried to cross the bridge in the morning at sunrise just when the sun is blinding? Have you ever tried to come through town in the blinding sun at sundown?

Ask Jill Fayé. She said she nearly hit someone because of the blinding sun before crosswalks were installed.

So, I would be willing to even add more crosswalks if it would save a life. Our high school is also in the middle of town and the middle school is just further down. Between 2:00-3:00 there are many kids as well as shift worker getting off so town is VERY busy with walkers.

Now to another issue that is related. Trucks and cars come off the bridge into town well over the 35 mph posted speed limit — into a crosswalk. Town speed limit is 25 mph so I would like to have the limit changed to 25 mph BEFORE they get to the bridge — east and west .

I have tried to address this issue with the county and state, to no avail. Maybe Mr. Tolbe has created the perfect foil to get this accomplished.

Mary Hayes, Proud resident of Waimea town

  1. ruthann jones January 25, 2020 3:12 am Reply

    Thank you, Mary, for your intelligent and thoughtful response to Tolbe’s LTE. There are many entitled people on this island.

    1. Howard Tolbe January 26, 2020 9:56 am Reply

      Ruthann jones, “what was so intelligent about the respond? Everyone knows at sundown tavelling west on the Waimea bridge it is blinding with the sun in one’s eyes. The crosswalk doesn’t help from the blinding sun!
      Also, most of the time tourist and locals alike don’t use the crosswalk five feet away from them. They (tourists & locals) stand on the side expecting the driver to stop for them. So, “why so many crosswalks?”

  2. Howard Tolbe January 26, 2020 10:08 am Reply

    Ruthann jones, “what was so intelligent about the letter?” The sun is blinding at sundown on Waimea Bridge. With that said, “one can not see clearly.” Not even a crosswalk.
    Also tourist and locals alike expect to stand on the side expecting for drivers to stop for them. Even if there is a crosswalk five feet away!

  3. manongindashadow0711 January 28, 2020 12:01 pm Reply

    Mary, “It’s a major highway!” How much slower do you expect it to slow? Most major highways around the mainland don’t have crosswalks on it.

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