Transcendental meditation could benefit Kauai, world

Multiple peer-review research studies confirm transcendental meditation (TM) can create peace in the Mideast and TM is the most effective cure to suicidal PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome) for military personnel and veterans.

TM creates a laser-like brain called electroencephalographic (EEG) coherent brain, which is like blissful, flowing, rhythmic, synchronous ocean waves. Then the TM soldier becomes faster, smarter and mentally and physically healthier. For example, TM-meditating military helicopter pilots have a significantly faster reaction time and faster hand-eye coordination compared to before TM.

Only 1% of the photons in a light need to be made synchronized, and the remaining 99% photons sweep into alignment in a phase transition, creating a powerful laser.

Like this, only 1% of society needs to TM meditate, and the remaining 99% has a phase transition to more measured peace as shown by reduced accident rates, reduced crime rates, 76% reduced war deaths in Mideast heavy combat zones, and by increased economic benefits like 20% increased gross domestic product.

Thus (A) 1% of Kauai TM meditating would (B) decrease the helicopter accident rate. Nineteen peer-review studies prove (A) TM causes (B) decreases in accidents, crime and war deaths. How do we know? Harvard-trained quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin, PhD., explains: TM creates a field effect in collective consciousness, like dropping a pebble in a smooth pond spreads ripples to the whole pond.

“Cross-lagged panel correlation compares the synchronous correlation (the correlation between two variables at the same time) with the lagged correlations (the correlation of a variable with another variable at earlier and later times). The hypothesis that A is causing B is supported if variations in A are followed in time by correlated changes in B, whereas changes in B are not followed in time by correlated changes in A (Kenny, 1979).”

There are over 400 peer-reviewed, published studies on the benefits of TM.

What do thousands of Catholic students in schools in Latin and South America, Buddhists and Muslims in Asian schools, and African students that have learned TM have in common?

These TM students easily raise their IQ scores for fluid intelligence and their intelligence scores, grade-point averages and moral-reasoning scores. It was once thought that our level of intelligence remained static throughout life.

However, the Journal of Social Behavior &Personality, 2005, reported for TM elementary students “a 45-week study with 25 experimental and 25 controls found increases in principal components of self-concept, analytical ability and general intellectual performance among experimental participants (analysis of covariance).”

“These techniques appear to accelerate the natural developmental consolidation of awareness at a deeper level — the thinking level versus the perceptual level.”

Research demonstrates TM contributes to improved creative expression.

How many have clear thinking after a good night’s rest? Doing TM regularly has a well-proven effect of letting your nervous system settle into a state of deep rest, which offers efficient stress relief.

Many benefits come from having a laser-like focused, TM brain.

Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, November 2012, a journal of the American Heart Association: 5-year randomized controlled study on patients with established coronary heart disease reported a 48% reduction in death, heart attack and stroke in subjects in the TM group compared to controls.

Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, October 2013: Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials found significantly greater effect of TM in reducing trait anxiety than treatment-as-usual and other alternative treatments, including mindfulness-based therapy and other meditation and relaxation practices.

Research confirms TM meditators have reduced hospitalizations in all disease categories, except for childbirth, and TM meditators live an average of about 15 years longer than controls.

Many public and private schools have taught TM to all their students. Otherwise Kauai’s valedictorians, special education students, or anyone can learn TM from Kauai certified TM teachers. It will be a wise investment. Do less and accomplish more: TM can effortlessly raise IQ scores, academic, art, music and sports achievements, and improve the level of health. TM students will be contributing to world peace.


Will M. Davis is a resident of Lihue.

  1. Dr. Paradise January 11, 2020 5:05 am Reply

    Mahalo. Excellent inspiration.

  2. Shelly January 11, 2020 6:55 am Reply

    The Bible has encouraged us to meditate on Gods word,,, this is so valuable to life

  3. RG DeSoto January 11, 2020 4:51 pm Reply

    I’m sure the more radical Islam believers (i.e. ISIS, Taliban, Wahhabi, etc.) and neocon hawks would welcome you with open arms! (that’s an intended pun)
    RG DeSoto

  4. eh January 11, 2020 5:35 pm Reply

    The Bible also says stuff like women should serve men and gay people can’t get married so maybe ixnay on all that

  5. Aryeh January 11, 2020 8:34 pm Reply

    Before getting too excited, visit TM is a cultic organization and TM research is extraordinary flawed.

    1. Will Davis January 14, 2020 7:01 pm Reply

      OR PRESENTED BY: National Institutes of Health, American Medical Association, American College of Cardiology, American Psychological Association. More than 400 peer-reviewed research studies on the TM technique have been published in over 160 scientific journals. These studies were conducted at many US and international universities and research centers, including Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medical School, Yale Medical School, and UCLA Medical School. All these more than 400 studies are peer review published in research journals which means the scientific standards for publishing are perfect. Thus these studies cannot be flawed and there is no deception. Please see

    2. Will Davis February 2, 2020 3:09 pm Reply

      The Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University was the first major medical school in the country to offer Transcendental Meditation as an elective.

  6. Brenda Neer January 12, 2020 10:23 pm Reply

    Wonderful article!

    1. Aryeh Siegel January 24, 2020 11:11 am Reply

      Over the 1970-1980 period, while TM was at the peak of its popularity and initiations or instructions in TM were at their historical zenith, only 39 percent of the named studies involved TM researchers. This contrasts with the period 1991 to 2018, where overall, 95% of the named studies involved TM researchers. For two five year periods after 1991, 100% of the studies had authors who were TM participants, and for no five year period did that proportion fall below 90 percent. For the most recent period included on that list, 2016-2018, 91% of the studies involved TM connected individuals.

      From this, it’s clear that there isn’t a trend toward TM being an increasingly interesting subject to unaffiliated researchers. It’s evidently a stagnant field that very seldom attracts the interest of anyone other than those who have long been meditating, and when others are involved, usually they are working with meditators who are in a position to influence study design and the interpretation of data.

      To sum up: there are 160 scientific papers listed on the website. From my perspective, 37 of those papers don’t qualify as original research for various reasons despite the claims surrounding the list that imply that all of them are “published research studies” directly applicable to what benefits a prospective meditator can expect from TM.

      Of the remaining 123 papers, 102 of them, or 83%, are a study in which at least one author has a documented institutional connection with TM. Only 21 studies, the remaining 17%, are studies that can’t be easily connected with the TM organization in this way and are much less likely to have been studied in which the design, interpretation of data, or other influences would have affected the study’s outcome.

      Clearly, the TM movement’s constant, misleading characterization of the evidence base to support TM, displaying the logos of institutions and repeating the phrase, “200 independent universities and research institutions,” doesn’t hold up to detailed examination. The location of the research is less relevant than the people doing the work. The people who did the research work, wherever they were, were overwhelmingly those who have experienced both the practice itself and the vast amount of ideology and doctrine that come with long-term involvement with the TM program and everything surrounding it, that go well beyond the twenty-minute, twice a day practice. Source:

      1. Will Davis January 27, 2020 5:48 pm Reply

        Dear Aryeh Siegel,
        Thank you for your thoughtful analysis.
        (1) You are incorrect, there are over 400 peer review published studies, not 160, on Transcendental Meditation (TM). 
        Please go to:

        Harvard-trained quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin, PhD., explains the coherently functioning brain is at the basis of all the benefits of TM in these over 400 studies. Dr. Hagelin explains TM is a technology of the unified field of all the laws of nature, the same superunified field that unifies the fundamental forces and particles of nature, that Dr. Brian Greene researches.
        The TM technology of the unified field is the Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) used by many international militaries to prevent war and nuclear holocaust. Please go to the following David Lynch link. This online video documents first stage Invincible Defense Technology deployment by the military of Ukraine:

        Please see the article by Dr. David Leffler, PhD., for employing IDT for preventing Russia and China from launching hypersonic nuclear missiles which can outmaneuver US missile defense systems: 

        (2) Only non-TM Editors-in-Chief, and non-TM peer review editors have published all of TM’s over 400 studies, regardless of who the authors are, whether they are TM meditators or non-TM meditators. Thus non-TM peer review editors have fully endorsed the strict objective statistical requirements and strict scientific research design requirements for all of these TM studies to be published in their peer review journals. If these editors published TM studies that were imperfect in any way they would ruin the reputation of their prestigious journals. On the contrary the brilliance of these TM studies enhances the reputations of all journals that promote the impeccable TM research.

        Kauai high school students can benefit from the following study published by non-TM peer review editors. The journal Intelligence, September–October 2001, “compared intelligence levels as measured with different tests and inventories (Test for Creative Thinking-Drawing Production (TCT-DP); Constructive Thinking Inventory (CTI); Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT); State and Trait Anxiety (STAI); Inspection Time (IT); and Culture Fair Intelligence Test (CFIT). It analyzed three studies on 362 high school students at three different schools in Taiwan. In conclusion, the scientists reported that regular practice of Transcendental Meditation produced significant effects on all variables compared to no-treatment controls.” 

        (3) As I mentioned Harvard trained quantum physicist, Dr. John Hagelin, PhD., explains “The coherently functioning human brain is the basic unit of world peace.” 

        19 peer review studies, published by non-TM peer review editors, show that only 1% of the population practicing TM, or a much smaller number, the square root of 1% practicing advanced TM techniques, bring about a phase transition to reduced accident rates, reduced crime rates including reduced murder rates, instant cessation of open warfare, and increased economic indicators like increased gross domestic product, and rising global stock markets.

        (4) Non-TM peer review editors confirm: The chance of error in the TM crime reduction studies, is only p < .0000000000000000001. In normal studies p < .01 means there is an excellent chance — 99 per cent — that the difference in outcomes would NOT be observed if the intervention had no benefit whatsoever. So p < .000000000000000001 means it is virtually certain, statistically, that the TM intervention caused the war deaths to fall 76%. (5) Non-TM peer review editors confirm: In TM crime reduction studies, other possible causes (weekends, holidays, weather, police procedures, government initiatives, etc.) are statistically controlled for. (6) Non-TM peer review editors confirm: TM peace intervention studies are announced (predicted) ahead of time (before the TM intervention). (7) To sum up, non-TM peer review editors confirm: Using the compound probability model [P(ABC) = P(A)P(BIA)P(CIAB)], cross-lagged panel correlation (CLPC), Box-Jenkins ARIMA impact assessment, transfer function analyses, the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC), Liu’s linear transfer function (LTF), Ljung-Box Q statistic (showing joint probabilities of autocorrelations in residuals were insignificant, indicating statistical adequacies), robustness checks with “pseudovariables” (to rule out spurious effects), etc., 19 published studies indicate causality and rule out reverse causation for the TM crime reduction effect.

        (8) “A causal law of nature means no more and no less than that A is always followed by B (Kemeny, 1959),” said Dr. John G. Kemeny, former colleague of Einstein, and former President of Dartmouth College. This causal law satisfies the requirement made by non-TM peer review editors that for over 400 studies TM causes the creation of a coherent brain, increased IQ and intelligence scores, increased moral and ethical reasoning scores, more loving behavior, reduced school suspensions and expulsions, fewer hospitalizations in all disease categories, a longer average life span of about 15 years, relief from suicidal PTSD by veterans, and when only 1% of society practices TM, significantly decreased accident rates, decreased crime rates, and improved economic indicators like increased gross domestic product, and rising international stock markets.

  7. drsurf January 14, 2020 10:12 am Reply

    My personal experience with TH. Thirteen years, out of the blue, I began having panic attacks (very scary) and developed very strong anxiety symptoms. Missed many days of work, events and fun activities. Never knew how I would wake up feeling. There was also severe insomnia, up at 2 or 3 in the morning for hours. I tried several Naturopaths each with his or her plan that ‘worked’ for a month or two and each time I thought wow, that’s it. But nothing lasted and anxiety and insomnia continued. Medication would temporarily help, didn’t like taking but at times was forced to. Several practitioners and friends asked if I meditated, which I did on occasion. Then it was suggested to me to try TM. Found teachers, took class. Initially was challenging sitting for 20 minutes but the teachers were patient with me and even called me and sat for 20 minutes with me. After a few months the anxiety lessened, the next year or two lightened even more. Now, 3 years later, anxiety gone, insomnia much better and rare is the need for any medication. TM has touched me in a great way, a very practical way and a very lasting way.

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