Letters for Monday, January 6, 2020

Intent, not racism

Racism isn’t the problem! Every human is racist to the extent of our ignorance of another; language, ethnicity, culture, religion, diet, geography, climate, gender and other differentiation. Differences. We’re human and have them.

The problem in intent! Individual intent to gain advantage or hurt is manipulative. Intent to help or encourage is influencing with moral integrity. Every transaction is to gain or give. It’s the intent that should be scrutinized.

Racial discussions have become accusatory and divisive. That needn’t be so. Accepting our own limitations, and those of others, is a step in reducing those limitations and understanding. That acceptance and understanding can lead us all toward peace.

The opposite of differentiation is integration. Shouldn’t this be our intent? We too often let our media dictate the direction of our awareness. Remember to look around you at real people. We’re a lot nicer when you get to know us.

Mike Curtis, Koloa

Nothing but the truth

It’s finally time for radio talk hosts, “news” programs, authors, websites and politicians pushing conspiracy theories to be faced with accountability for the people they harm with their unsubstantiated reports of “secret plots” and slander.

Alex Jones of website “InfoWars,” after pushing the idea that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax orchestrated by the government using “crisis actors,” finally admitted under oath in a Texas court this month that it was a real event. Since 2012, families of the 20 children and six adults killed have endured death threats because of his and others’ false claims (as if these families weren’t in enough distress already). James Fetzer of podcast “The Real Deal,” who wrote a book claiming the Sandy Hook massacre never actually happened, has been ordered by the courts to pay $450,000.

Alex Jones said in court that it was a “form of psychosis” that made him question if the mass shooting was real. That means he is admitting that an idea in his mind didn’t have to match concrete evidence. Conspiracy theorists know they can play on people’s imaginations to create suspicion and intrigue in such a way as to make their audience question the truth of facts right in front of them.

I believe our president is perfectly aware that the over 24 disproved conspiracy theories he has tweeted about and continues to discuss in interviews have no basis in fact. That doesn’t make him “smart,” as some will claim; just dishonest, in my mind. He and the media sources who perpetuate these “stories” are delighted with how it raises anger, indignation and their ratings.

Fake accusations create confusion, distrust and hatred toward immigrants, political opponents, government employees and Democrats. Our president takes no responsibility for any negative effect this has on others. Or perhaps, like Alex Jones, he’ll claim it’s just a “form of psychosis.” I hope the time of accountability for purposely hurting others is arriving.

Martha Hodges, Kona

  1. rk669 January 6, 2020 1:20 am Reply

    Fake News? Then CNN and MSNBC are Credible news organizations?
    Johnathan Turley was Correct in his Assessment of the? Fill it in!

  2. Steven McMacken January 6, 2020 6:01 am Reply

    Very well-thought-out and written letter, Ms. Hodges. I was glad to see that The Garden Island printed it. I know it’s probably asking too much, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if the people pushing these ridiculous — and quite often harmful — falsehoods took heed and stopped?

  3. gordon oswald January 6, 2020 6:44 am Reply

    Martha talks about the horrible fake accusations being perpetrated today by the Republicans? Well, you can’t possibly be a liberal Democrat, or your hypocrisy would put you in a coma, and your nose would grow from here to the mainland!

    1. George January 6, 2020 1:36 pm Reply

      Hey gordo. No mention of republicans in Matha’s letter yet your kneejerk reaction is to condemn and insult.
      Do you have any kids gordo? Are you willing to send them over to fight in the event of a war? I hope you get everything you deserve for your ignorance and mean nature. Lotta keyboard courage from you. Maybe you should head back to Utah.

  4. WestsideResident January 6, 2020 9:27 am Reply

    Trump’s tweeting freed us from the spin masters at ABCPBSMSNBCNBCCNN, not to mention the print media….and academics

    The spin was removed and we should all rejoice in that.

    1. George January 6, 2020 1:38 pm Reply

      Westside, as of this morning 14,000 lies from your boy. Fake leader.

  5. therealhawaiian January 6, 2020 2:26 pm Reply

    WestsideResident is right! The news media is corrupt now. Too many lies, too much money going to Politicians! President Trump already has money and is not a Politician, and is shouting put America first. That is why I like him more than Obama now. He is the kind of leader that will negotiate with Hawaiians to gain more power over our Islands. All Politicians have lied to our people. Some people don’t realize the news propaganda is a trap! Many Hawaiians, like all minority Americans, have been lied to by the Politicians. Especially the Democrats!

  6. onehapa January 6, 2020 6:39 pm Reply

    onehapa At some point you have to ask yourself if everyone is really wrong.

  7. Martha Hodges January 6, 2020 7:08 pm Reply

    Thank-you Mr. McMacken for grasping my message. I have come to expect that Trump worshipers will ignore any information I share that doesn’t fit their “Trump speak” and respond with personal put-downs and denial; as that is the only way Trump himself knows how to communicate. He teaches his followers well.

  8. tooindependent January 10, 2020 5:55 pm Reply

    Martha Hodges….. you wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face when you choose the typical liberal or right wing news sources we all rely on and believe enough in your choice that you would be willing to continue to embarrass yourself running you mouth with information you would never bet your life saying it’s true. just look at how divided you are along with others who share with you the disrespect you give people. The two existing parties Democrat and republican do everything they can to prevent you from knowing the truth. I know the truth, it took me 20 years to find it and understand why it’s the truth. if everyone was to read it we could stop the division in this country. It’s the only non-partisan news source that backs itself on facts of the real truth about what goes on in this country. You and your support team should read it, who knows you may gain some respect in your letters and less political division.

    1. Pete Antonson January 11, 2020 2:02 pm Reply

      Now that you have found “The Truth,” maybe you can put your name on your miserable work. Martha has 50X your courage!

  9. tooindependent January 11, 2020 1:01 pm Reply

    sorry Martha…. I seem to have lost the rest of my comment as to what you should read if you care about hearing some truth. go to ReadEpochTimes.com you and the rest of those with a lack of disrespect will receive a great education and help cease the division in this country.

  10. Pete Antonson January 12, 2020 5:29 pm Reply

    Yes, let’s all turn to the Epoch Times and see what nice words the Falun Gong spiritual movement have to say about the racist trump they support by word and coin!

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