Trump one of the country’s best presidents

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    Steve Yoder

Aloha Gary.

I read your article (TGI Forum, Jan. 1), “Trump impeached, Kagawa eyes House open council seats” in today’s TGI. I consider you a friend even though we disagree on politics.

When you wrote referring to President Trump’s administration, “On a national and international scale, things can certainly not get much worse.” Let me remind you of what the economy is doing since Jan. 20, 2017, when President Donald J. Trump was inaugurated the 45th president of the United States.

The Trump boom is going strong. The unemployment rate recently hit its lowest mark in 50 years. All told, since President Trump’s election, our economy has added more than 7 million jobs — over half a million in manufacturing alone.

The stock market keeps breaking records: The Dow Jones and S&P 500 hit record closes again on Friday.

The working class is thriving, as are previously forgotten communities. Wages are now rising the fastest for low-income workers, and poverty rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans have reached all-time lows.

Accountable government is back. Since taking office, President Trump has rolled back nearly eight regulations for every new one, saving American taxpayers more than $50 billion in the process — with bigger savings still to come.

Better trade deals are putting America back in the driver’s seat. Congress approved President Trump’s USMCA (United States Mexico Canada Agreement) last month— a huge win for U.S. workers, farmers and manufacturers that will create 176,000 new jobs.

Trade with China in particular is about to get a whole lot fairer. As part of a historic “phase 1” deal, Beijing has agreed to structural reforms in its trade practices and to make substantial purchases of American agricultural products.

Securing the border is paying off and making our country safer. President Trump struck new agreements with Mexico and Central American countries this year to help stop the flood of illegal immigration. Thanks to this swift action, border apprehensions fell by more than 70 percent from May to November.

On health care, President Trump is fighting to give our patients the best system on Earth. While Democrats try to take away choice, the president’s focus on affordability led to the largest year-over-year drop in drug prices ever recorded.

American interests are taking center stage abroad. Here is just one example: After years of not paying their fair share, NATO Allies will have increased defense spending by $130 billion by the end of next year.

Our great military took out the world’s top terrorist in October (Remember Conan, the hero dog who helped them do it?). Our troops are now getting the support they deserve. President Trump recently signed the National Defense Authorization Act for the 2020 fiscal year, which includes the biggest pay raises for our military in a decade.

On Dec. 31, 2019, our Iraqi embassy was attacked by Islamic militants, and did President Trump respond? Yes he did. No U.S. casualties or evacuations were reported after the attack Tuesday by dozens of Iran-supported militiamen. U.S. Marines were sent from Kuwait to reinforce the compound.

Please remember that the Obama/Clinton administrations sent no one to help our ambassador to Libya on Sept. 11, 2012, in Benghazi. Members of Ansar al-Sharia attacked the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, resulting in the deaths of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith. Stevens was the first U.S. ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979.

On the other hand, President Trump responded quickly and decisively. Gary, is our ambassador to Iraq still alive? Were any Americans, military or civilian, killed during this attack on Dec. 31, 2019? Compare that to Obama/Clinton response on Sept. 11, 2012.

Did President Obama/Biden send any Havilland missiles and/or military aid to the Ukraine to help defend their country against Russian aggression, like we promised we would do? Obama did send blankets. To the Ukraine. Obama also sent $1.7 billion to the Iranian government, money that didn’t go to help the Iranian people, but was used to bolster military aggression against the U.S. and its allies.

Did Trump send military ordnance and Havilland missiles to the Ukraine after he confirmed the new president was going to follow through on his promise to deal with and prosecute Ukranian corruption? Call if quid pro quo if you want to. I call it following through on your promises and holding others to live up to their promises.

Despite Biden’s claims that everything was proper, we have video evidence of Joe Biden bragging about his role in the firing of Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin back in 2016. Shokin was investigating corruption at Burisma Holding, a Ukranian natural-gas firm that Biden’s son Hunter had a high-paying job, receiving $83,000 monthly for three years. Hunter, Biden’s son, has no experience whatsoever in the energy position he held, has no understanding of the Ukraine or its people. Hunter didn’t even speak the Ukranian language. Biden told Ukranian president Petrov Poroshenko he would withhold a $1 billion U.S. loan unless Poroshenko fired Shokin.

Gary, I know you and I are too old to change. We’re both 65 years old. You’ll continue to believe as you do and so will I. I just hope that those who haven’t already made up their minds will consider the facts presented here and will recognize that President Donald J. Trump is the best president this country has seen since Ronald Reagan.

Promises made, promises kept!

Respectfully (your friend),


Steve Yoder is the Kauai GOP county chair.

  1. Citizen Cane January 3, 2020 4:08 am Reply

    “…one of the country’s best presidents.” So Mr Yoder, Trump belongs on Rushmore now because? …he’s goosed the economy by giving big tax cuts to corporations, and unshackled them from pesky environmental and banking regs so they’re free to pollute their way to profits while the deficit soars, investment banks can resume their aughts-style risk-taking, and the 1% gets a much needed raise? Oh, did I mention the manufacturing sector is now officially in recession (but “I alone can fix it! “) the entire U.S. trucking industry is in a disastrous decline and farm bankruptcies are driving the highest suicide rates ever among farmers thanks to Trump’s trade policies? Meanwhile (but the stock market loves it!) the party of fiscal restraint and family values is putting our children in hock to China for generations, and rolling the dice that climate science is just a fiction, because it’s been hijacked by a man who doen’t read, or take advice, and has no discernible values, unless you count notching his belt with porn stars and finding ways to pass business losses onto unsuspecting losers. But it’s all good since the bill won’t come due till he’s gone, and maybe the Dems will get stuck with clean up. But yeah, cannonize him like St Ronnie and carve him some space up there in South Dakota with Lincoln, Jefferson and the rest. Orange toupee and all.

  2. Bruce January 3, 2020 4:09 am Reply

    It’s strange — and noted with all the respect and amiability that characterizes this oped — but all references to the pathological lying and appointment of cabinet members whose conflicts of interest leave them in pretzel form; racist and misogynist remarks; nepotism (Jared also qualifies for the first category); insults of foreign nations and leaders, and general crudeness that would shame Beavis and Butthead; subversion of critical structures (the State Department’s entire diplomatic corps and NATO, for starters); efforts to tailor official decisions to enrich personal businesses; refusal to publish tax returns; rejection of top military officials’ opinions in making vital choices of national and armed forces’ security (and dismissal of top army brass who dare defend what they believe in); inability to spell; explicit and enduring efforts to use federal assets and funding to punish officials or entire states deemed hostile; record-setting turnover of officials who’d prefer to quit or provoke their own firing rather than labor under a criminal incompetent; and overall comportment so shockingly boorish, uncouth and outrageous that even some evangelical leaders are breaking ranks and joining those condemning Trump as unfit to serve, an embarrassment to the presidency and a disgrace to the country have all have somehow failed to receive due mention in Mr. Yoder’s piece.
    So, too, did the footnote about Ronald Reagan’s own children being among those lamenting the white nationalist, corruption-spreading serial sexual predator currently in the White House — who, not satisfied in claiming he’s “the best president since Ronald Reagan” as Mr. Yoder has so brutally demoted him, insists over and again he’s the superlative chief executive of all time (in addition, of course, to being a “stable genius” — whatever his diseased mind believes that to mean).
    As for the risible contention that government has become more accountable under Trump (his own actions will only escape merited punishment when the slavish GOP Senate majority rejects his impeachment conviction — a certitude Mitch McConnell has repeatedly claimed as more important than elected officials actually doing their duty to the public rather than play purely partisan politics), and that deregulation is the manna of efficient, honest and cutting-edge businesses, I’d simply challenge Mr. Yoder to insist all flights he takes over the next decade be serviced exclusively by 787 Dreamliner. If, of course, the self-regulated and -approved deathtrap ever takes off again.
    Or put another way, with in complete respect and friendliness: dude!

    1. billyjoebob January 3, 2020 2:11 pm Reply

      Plus one for the use of Beavis and Butthead as a comparison.

  3. WestsideResident January 3, 2020 4:59 am Reply

    We are so fortunate to have Trump as our President.

    Because career politicians who despise capitalism, relish identity politics, and rob the working class ‘wealthy’ to support their cronies are being removed from the establishment ranks of our Federal government.

  4. Ginger Doll January 3, 2020 5:05 am Reply

    Nothing negative with Trump? Look again Steve.
    Some not so rosy facts you overlooked.
    Just prior to the 2016 election, a financial collapse in the U.S. threatened a global Depression. Newly elected President Obama used all the power of the Federal government to restore faith in the system. The recovery was slow and steady but upward.
    Beginning in 2008, unemployment soared and tax revenues dramatically declined. Obama, using deficit spending, provided jobless pay and other stimulus to keep families head above water.
    Enter Trump, with prosperity we’ll under way, to use tax policies transferring unprecedented wealth to the top earners. And creating $2 trillion in deficits for our children to pay.
    Trump gets credit for a 42% stock market increase over the last three years. President Obama’s first three years yielded a 52% gain.
    Trump not only burdens future taxpayers with a $2 trillion debt, you rightly point out the additional $130 billion to the military but while our infrastructure crumbles.
    Like most billionaires, Trump champions the voodoo economics of Trickle Down prosperity. But those at the top are clever to use every devious way possible to prevent their cup from overflowing.
    Those who worship at the altar of Deregulation will sacrifice clear water, clean air, workers’ rights, consumer protections and every other right that Americans cherish.
    Most of Obama’s regulations to prevent another Wall Street meltdown were overturned by Trump leading us to ask, How soon will the greed of our moneylenders bring another financial catastrophe?
    Trump is well noted for his unwillingness to read or listen to advice of career foreign service officials. Trump’s foreign policy never has a coherent strategy but reacting to events as they happen.
    We awaken this morning to see Trump boasting about killing Iran’s top terrorist and general with a missile attack at Baghdad Airport.
    Today Iraq’s parliament will vote to remove U.S. troops from the country.
    Pompeo orders Americans to get out of Iraq. News reports concern for the safety. Americans around the world.
    Iran holds three days mourning for slain general. Supreme leader vows revenge.
    What happens next?
    Trump will decide. Americans will soon find out if this man is America’s greatest president or America’s greatest mistake.

    1. Citizen Cane January 3, 2020 11:58 pm Reply

      Here’s something eloquent from a man in Arkansas—a “red” state—to put Trump, and Mr Yoder’s words, into perspective:
      Trump is President because we are bad at citizenship. We talk big about the ‘founders’, because we really don’t want to govern ourselves. The electoral college, and yes, the Senate are not real democratic institutions. They were made for 250 years ago to attract small and slave states into a ‘Union’ that might both defeat and keep the British out. But are they democratic? Not a chance. Gore defeats Bush by a million but ‘loses’. Hillary defeats Trump by 3 million but ‘loses’. Nah, we’re the losers that refuse to fight for democracy. The climate is wrecking the place, due to our destructive habits we’re so slow to change. The wealth concentrates into fewer hands because we really don’t want to say ‘community’, ‘compassion’, ‘a more perfect Union’ are actually more important than the ‘freedom’ to be a multi-billionaire. We’re a waste of a citizenry. Too sad for words. We deserve Trump; the lying, bully, shyster, greedy, Russian-Republican traitor that brags about ‘grabbing’ women and brags about being so manly, while dismissing John McCain and POWs (‘I like soldiers that weren’t captured’) while his daddy’s renter/doctor said that Trump’s feet hurt, so he couldn’t go to Vietnam. What a coward. What a joke of a man, and the Christian evangelicals [and evidently Kauai Republicans] like him? We live in an immoral place masquerading as something pure. Stand up and be real. The madness must end and only compassion, service, love and a commitment to each other will do that. Simple, loving, caring good Americans.
      —T. Trumbo, Fayetteville, Ark.

  5. Jai January 3, 2020 5:15 am Reply

    A fine example of the delusion that needs to be kept in check. Your neocortical system is addicted and no amount of word play justifies the cruelty of DJT. G-d be with US!

  6. the big kahuna January 3, 2020 5:29 am Reply


    Right on point! The only modification I would add is Trump may very well be the best President in the last 100 years. The election will be a land side for all those still thinking about who to elect, I challenge those to watch a balanced news feed.

    For one week watch CNN and Fox between 6-8pm after that I don’t know anyone that still might have a half a brain that would declare they are in favor of replacing this man. The courage that one needs to have to fight every day to fend off false charges not many if any could with stand.

    For those just waking up, The USA has been directing 3rd world countries for 100’s of years to direct behavior (Quid Pro Quo) to establish rules and behavior. Had Trump not investigated the Bidens he would be negligent in allowing any American to be part of the corruption so well documented in the Urkarine.

    Thank God for Trump and keep building that wall.

  7. kauaidoug January 3, 2020 6:24 am Reply

    “Facts” ?

  8. JAMES January 3, 2020 6:29 am Reply

    And he surrounds himself with the best people. How many convictions and indictments? Most corrupt, inept, destructive President in the history of our country. Will the environment ever recover? Will the country ever recover? Wish I had whatever you are on; I need to escape reality just like you.

  9. kauaiboy January 3, 2020 7:11 am Reply

    Gag me with a spoon, Steve Yoder.

    Trump is, arguably, the worst president our country has ever suffered.

    When the economy, which Obama re-started, tanks, which is inevitable, the Liar-in-Chief will find some progressive or other to blame.

    When evidence of the results of climate change, and the causes of it, become more and more clear, the Liar-In-Chief will deny his responsibility and find someone else to blame.

    When our environment is decimated and we lose environmental protections to cater to big-money interests, the Liar-In-Chief will tell us that this is nothing but natural selection.

    Do not be goofy and get swayed by this sycophant to Trump and his ilk. Throw the bum out!

  10. Sheeples January 3, 2020 7:13 am Reply

    Is this before or after unilaterally withdrawing from the iran nuclear non proliferation act or giving away huge tax cuts to corporations and percenters who just bought back their stock to increase executive payouts? Maybe it was adding many service sector jobs that pay nothing while vulture capitalists scoop up what are effectively whole cities, raising rents or converting existing buildings into luxury condos for ill gotten gains to be stored in as investments? Maybe its locking up immigrants for fleeing untenable situations in their home countries mainly brought on through IMF and American neoliberal policies that have been implemented there since the 1950s? Is it sowing divisiveness through racist rhetoric in some rambling incoherent babblings of braggadocio disguised by a third grade vocabulary? For the record I do not blame Orange Diaper Baby for being his crazy self, but come on, this is really crazy to admire him for it.

  11. Lawaibob January 3, 2020 7:59 am Reply

    If you rank by impeachment, Trump is in the top 3 Presidents of all time! If you rank by Presidents willing to solicit foreign interference in elections he is #1!

  12. nobody January 3, 2020 8:29 am Reply

    I don’t trust either “party”. There are some truths in both.

  13. Blair J. Berkley January 3, 2020 8:47 am Reply

    Very nice summary of President Trump’s numerous accomplishments in three short years. Anyone still remember President Obama?

  14. Steve January 3, 2020 8:49 am Reply

    Looks like someone gets their information from Fox news.

  15. KimoKane January 3, 2020 9:45 am Reply

    “The unemployment rate recently hit its lowest mark in 50 years.” The unemployment rate was steadily dropping since 2009. Trump didn’t need to actually do anything for it to continue to drop.

    “The stock market keeps breaking records” Yes, the Trump claim to fame. Guess who benefits the most from this? A hint, it’s not 90% of Americans.

    “The working class is thriving” This one is interesting. Some numbers might suggest the working class is doing better. But at street level, deeply entrenced in the working class, people are still working 3 jobs and have no money left at the end of the year. Hardly thriving from my point of view. Maybe they have a couple extra hundred to spend on bills.

    “Accountable government is back.” No, it’s not. A record $4.75 Trillion budget. Where’s that $50 billion in savings?

    “Better trade deals are putting America back in the driver’s seat.” Yet to be seen.

    “Trade with China in particular is about to get a whole lot fairer.” Also, yet to be seen. Talk to the average US farmer. Ag exports down by almost $15 billion to China. Farm subsidies at an all time high. US consumers paying the difference.

    “Securing the border is paying off and making our country safer.” No wall like he promised and record number of kids and families in jail. Safer? You’re just repeating Trumps racist idea that immigrants are violent criminals as a scare tactic.

    “On health care, President Trump is fighting to give our patients the best system on Earth. ” This is too stupid to even comment on.

    “After years of not paying their fair share, NATO Allies will have increased defense spending by $130 billion by the end of next year.” Yay, this is great news for war and the military industrial complex. Pity we didn’t notice any savings in our budget.

    “Our great military took out the world’s top terrorist in October” OMG, doing their job. Congratulations. And what did Trump actual do? He used it as PR stunt, setting up a fake photo in the situation room.

    Anyway, as many readers can see, it’s easy to paint a picture. You pretty much put the nail in your own coffin by comparing Trump to Reagan, one of the worst presidents we have ever had… until now.

  16. Jjjames January 3, 2020 10:06 am Reply

    AMEN!! Thank you Steve. Now if people here would just pull their heads out and realize that our elected officials here in Hawaii and elsewhere, and the liberal controlled news media has been hiding these facts from them over the last 3 years.
    I hope they’re smart enough to realize that and brave enough to admit that they’ve been fooled for so long.

  17. Objectivity January 3, 2020 11:42 am Reply

    The Garden Island should be ashamed for printing this drivel from Mr. Yoder. The Trump economy is nothing more than a continuation of the uphill trajectory that existed in the last 7 years of the Obama administration. Google the national unemployment rate chart … the stock market chart … all economic indicators and it’s obvious. What Trump has actually done is added volatility to the marketplace where it didn’t exist, and passed a massive tax cuts that benefited big business and added 2 trillion to the national debt. It’s easy to show people a good time when you can just use a credit card and not worry about paying the bill.

    The Benghazi embassy attack … we had no military presence in Libya to respond quickly. The Iraqi embassy is well protected with vast mililary resources immediately available. Who’s really to blame for Benghazi when they asked for more security forces and the request for increased funding was denied by a Republican-controlled Congress?!?
    Biden firing the prosecutor … wasn’t he carrying out official US policy that was supported by all our NATO allies when he took that action? I thought so.

    “Accountable government is back.” What a joke. Ignore subpoenas, redact documents, obstruct justice, lie almost constantly. Trump isn’t our greatest president. He’s our greatest con man.

  18. Brian Chipman January 3, 2020 11:47 am Reply

    Mahalo Steve for well put information. While we all point out shortcomings of the politicians from both sides of the aisle, we have to big enough to recognize when positive actions and results take place.

  19. valerie January 3, 2020 12:00 pm Reply

    Trump has done more than any president to undermine our democracy. He thinks he is above the law and is the first president to claim absolute immunity which he confers to others to obstruct investigations. He is the first president to deny that the U.S. government has 3 equal branches as he continues to deny Congressional oversight.

    He has alienated our international allies while catering to right wing dictators to the point of becoming an apologist for the torture murderer MBS. He congratulated Duterte of the Philippines for doing such a good job with his war on drugs which amounted to killing anyone suspected. And has called Canada a security risk.

    Against the will of our allies, who were signatories to the JCPOA with Iran, Trump tore it up. Iran was in complete compliance as verified with inspectors on the ground. Trump then applied hard sanctions on Iran, also against the wishes of our allies, and which has lead us to the current escalation of tension and death in the Middle East.

    He refers to struggling countries as s—t hole countries. He violates human rights with his separation and incarceration of 10s of thousands of immigrant children from parents some may never see again.

    He was elected to represent the people of the U.S. but refused to disclose to us, any of the talks held with Putin at Helsinki. Trump continues to deny Russia interfered in our elections.

    Trump has replaced knowledge and science with environmental rollbacks benefiting corporate revenue over our health. Has dictated to the EPA that any mention of global science be stricken and he has removed independent science advisory panels. He has sold off National Park land for mining and oil drilling against the majority wishes of the U.S. population.

    Trump is doing whatever he can to dismantle the affordable care act while offering nothing to replace it for the millions of people relying on it. Though he did promise 2 years ago to shortly unveil his own bigger and better health plan that everyone would love, but he did not.

    He did give us a tax cut for the wealth holders though which has increased our federal deficit enormously. He promised it would not benefit him but after it was approved, by a republican Congress, he told his cronies at Mar A Lago that “you all got a lot a richer.” And he wasn’t kidding. The upper 20% of the wealth holders benefited 50 times more than the bottom 80%.

    Because only he knows how to fix everything, he told California that all they have to do is rake their forests to prevent fires. He probably should let Australia know that too.

    His claim to being a remarkable businessman is false as his multiple (6) bankruptcies show. But if you are bankrolled with multi-millions of dollars it is possible to finally make some profits. It takes money to make money except for self made millionaires, which Trump is not.

    Trump has debased us all in his use of hateful and foul language, most of which we would not allow our children to use. He has used appalling references to the war prisoner and Senator John McCain. His treatment of women is disgusting as shown in the Access Hollywood tape, which he later tried to deny was him. Is this because he has mental damage or is just part of his pathological lying?

    He is unacceptable, ignorant and unfit to serve.

    1. Sheeples January 3, 2020 6:18 pm Reply

      This should be the replacement article!!

  20. Rsuter January 3, 2020 12:10 pm Reply

    And I also believe in the tooth fairy!

  21. Pete Antonson January 3, 2020 12:52 pm Reply

    Yoder is full of lies and omissions like his leader. After 5 months of bad numbers, Manufacturing is officially in recession. 65% of the jobs that produce the low unemployment numbers cannot support a middle class lifestyle. The new trade deal finally approved is the first and only trade deal for trump. While “Mr. Deal” continues to dicker with China, $16 billion went to prop up US Agricuĺter (but don’t call THAT Socialism). Hunter Biden was director of the international law division at Burisma. Large endrgy companies pay their directors 500,000 and up routinely. He graduated from Yale Law and Georgetown (the intl diplomate school) and ran his own Company im DC with iñterñational clients and business. He was qualified even if Big Bird on Fox and friends tells Yoder he wasn’t. Burisma wasn’t under investigation when VP Biden acted and that action was taken to increase corruption investigation. Yoder knows the nearest response team in 2012 was in Italy but he’s still using this after 17 useless hearing revealed no wrong doing. Now, after his Mr. Deal has cancelled a deal with Iran and pushed them to the brink of war by killed a leader of theirs with no legal authority to do so, we’ll see how his Tweety Bird does when things get real serious!. We won’t even get into how Yoder and his kind have put foul mouthed anger mismanagement, immorality, greed, and bigotry on a pedastal for our children to aspire after!

  22. kauaiboy January 3, 2020 1:29 pm Reply

    REAL (NOT FAKE) News from today: “Federal agencies would no longer have to take climate change into account when they assess the environmental impacts of highways, pipelines and other major infrastructure projects, according to a Trump administration plan that would weaken one of the benchmark environmental laws of the modern era.”

    Damn the Environment (and the world we we leave to our children, grandchildren, and future generation) and Full Speed Ahead.

    He’s a New Yawk con man and we need to expunge him from office!

  23. Mailman Mike January 3, 2020 3:18 pm Reply


  24. Charlie Chimknee January 3, 2020 3:20 pm Reply

    Aloha Mr. Yoder,

    Mahalo for elaborating on, and making it more clear to understand the Democratic leaders inaccurate accusations of quid pro quo regarding our president. You make it clear that what the president did was appropriate and in the best interest of both our country and Ukraine.

    For, vice president at the time, Joe Biden, that his son was receiving $83,000 per month (I thought it was $50K per month) for what appears to be a phony job on a corrupt company’s Board of Directors is an outrage against Joe Biden and appears to be some degree of corruption. He has a nerve with his bragging about firing the Ukraine prosecutor trying to investigate corruption in his own country…in the company Biden’s son works for, making Biden’s running for President a slap in all of our faces, he must look down on the American people and think the vast majority of them are stupid.

    It is incredulous that former President Obama sent the corrupt Ukraine’s leaders $1.5 billion dollars in cash in an airplane with no proof of where the money went or who it went to. This is an outrage in violation of our trust for Obama and our government at th time.

    Since President Trump has taken office it is clear our economy has taken a very good upswing to the benefit of the American people.

    The loser Trade Deficit we have been in with the country of China also sounds like Trump is reversing that to the benefit of the American worker and manufacture. And the amount of new jobs is taking people off welfare and food stamps which makes not only those people but the taxpayers happy as well.

    But Issue must be taken with you regarding your statements about the healthcare system in America. You claim it is best in the World when so many other nations say we are the worst and hard to believe with our wealth that does not reflect Health in our nation.

    America has only a Disease Care System. It has deteriorated to an almost 100% system of often guessable diagnosis and treatment leading to the sale of toxic drugs and mutilating surgery in lieu of actual restoration of health to the American public.

    Proof of that is that 80% of the American public take one prescription drug a day with multiple dosages, and outrageously 55% of the American public take 4 different prescription drugs a day with many dosages. And most of these drugs require multiple pills and multiple times a day to be taken amounting to hundreds of millions of drugs taken a day by our American people.

    When 80% of the American public is required to take drugs every day for their sicknesses or diseases that is not the statistics of a healthy strong nation. It is the statistics of a sick nation suffering an epidemic of multiple diseases and abuse of drugs with side effects that cause secondary life threatening diseases.

    Pharmacist claims high blood pressure drugs lead to diabetes due to the side effects of the blood pressure drugs. That’s horrible…!

    Most of these diseases have been proven to stem from the food we eat that is sold at our stores and supermarkets.

    The chemicals in our food (Read The Labels) and the chemicals in the medicines are from the same source…PETROCHEMICALS…made from petroleum, petroleum from oil, regular oil gotten from oil wells and coal mines.

    Modern scientists help make $Trillions of Dollars for the Medical Disease System every year. They do this by taking oil and manipulating the chemicals in oil into many different configurations of different other chemicals, such as, the food colors, flavors, aromas, preservatives, synthetic vitamins and minerals, etc., in our food; and they also do the same thing to make the thousands of drugs used to mask the signs and symptoms of disease, but do not cause actual healing or reversing the processes of diseases…this perpetuation of disease by drug use is the cause of additional diseases, and prolonged disease leads to a shortened life expectancy, and it is apparent that some treatments of disease even cause people to pass away while under treatment.

    This “modern” medical disease care, while focusing on disease numbers like Blood Sugar’s A1C, does not take care of the actual person’s Health, it just forces the amount of blood sugar to become lower, but does not address the cause of the high blood sugar and its measurement in numbers. Lowering the numbers of blood sugar does not correct the diabetic disease process, but only serves to require and perpetuate the daily use of more drugs.

    There are drugs for every human mental and physical condition with the same thinking…Take a drug and hide the signs and symptoms and numbers, all the while the disease is still there and that disease’s ongoing process is still lowering or lessening that person’s health.

    Further the drug treatment is causing a process that starts another disease and then starts a laboratory new search for a new drug to hide the new symptoms of the new disease. Thus some diseases are man made by lab scientists creating new drugs. Not good for Health but good for drug, Big Pharma profits.

    Big Pharma are the giant drug companies making the drugs for the pharmacy drugs prescribed by doctors and seen advertised on TV.

    For anyone to say we have the best health care in the world is kidding themself and lending lies to the hoax that medical is the best in the world.

    Medical Care is Disease Care. There is better Care than that. If given the choice would people prefer Health Care that included learning what maintains, promotes, restores, and CAUSES HEALTH? That information is known and its education should start in early elementary school right through high school; 1 Health class a day would steer people to safeguard their Health on a daily basis, so that people would respect and take care of their Health over the use and abuse of so many substances like Standard American chemicalized and over processed Food, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and medicines that lead to ore disease or the mere 3rd rate masking of symptoms.

    Health is a matter of choice, slighted by lack of Health education from an early on childhood. Health is not the absence of symptoms. Symptoms are warning signals of something and should not be falsely made to “go away” and be told when they do go away that one is now healthy…that is at best inaccurate and worse…well you could call it chicanery…trickery or deception…when true health is just a different method, education, and daily practice away.

    Health is maintained, restored, and perpetuated by daily repeated correct amounts of Sun, Water, Air, Rest, and Exercise, along with live natural food, essentially pure with no additives or processing; especially no additives like the disease 60 kinds of manufactured sugar of any kind, sugar, a nationwide used plant based subtle drug and used, mildly addicted to by most Americans.

    Another primary source of Health and little attention paid to is a fully functional nervous system and not capacity diminished by drugs, chemicals, or neuro spinal structural disturbance.

    Or you can foolishly increase your Petrochemical intake via processed food, drugs, and did you know that Petrochemicals, that is oil, even makes your POLYESTER clothes and linens.

    Talk about the Planet of the Petrochemicals…!

  25. rk669 January 3, 2020 4:38 pm Reply

    Steveie setting the Lefts Hair on Fire! Good Show,Too Funny!

    1. Pete Antonson January 4, 2020 12:38 pm Reply

      This is why many voted for trump. Aftrt 3 years of it, you’re still not satsfied. That’s because something is wrong with you!

  26. okeedokee January 3, 2020 5:03 pm Reply

    God Bless America and God Bless President Trump!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  27. LTEreader January 3, 2020 7:16 pm Reply

    Here’s a few FACTS for you Steve:
    *During Obama’s tenure the unemployment rate spiked to 10%. He brought that down to 4.8%. Since Trump took office that has only decreased to 3.9%.
    *The African American unemployment rate, which dropped from its peak of 16.8% to 7.8% under Obama, has fallen from 7.8% to 6.3% under Trump.
    *The Hispanic unemployment rate which dropped from its peak of 13.0% to 5.9% under Obama, has fallen from 5.9% to 4.7% under Trump.
    *The female unemployment rate which dropped from its peak of 8.3% to 4.4% under Obama, has fallen from 4.4% to 3.6% under Trump.

    Wake up > you’re spewing accolades for the WRONG person!

    The number of people lacking health insurance rose by nearly 2 million under Trump. Trump failed to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act as he promised to do, but did slash advertising and outreach aimed at enrolling people in Obamacare plans.
    In December 2017 he signed a tax bill that ended the ACA’s tax penalty for people who fail to obtain coverage, effective 2019. And in March the Trump administration joined an effort by GOP state attorneys general seeking a court decision to overturn the entire act.

    Steve, how’s that “great plan” he touted while campaigning working out? You know, the one that was sooooo great he couldn’t elaborate during the election. Anyone with common sense could see right through his nonsense!
    And, where do those non-insured go when they’re sick? The ER at their local hospital because they can’t be denied service. Who pays for this? We, the taxpayers! The purpose of getting so many on medical insurance is because they’d have to go to the PCP unless it was a true emergency. I guess he, and his worshipers, missed the memo about logical.

    As of Dec. 10/2019:
    “In 1,055 days, President Trump has made 15,413 false or misleading claims”. SMH.

    MAGA = Making America Gag Again, and again, and again.

  28. MisterM January 4, 2020 6:52 am Reply

    What an absolute steaming load of nonsense. Trump is a traitor and should suffer the same fate as Saddam. If he weren’t President, he’d already be behind bars.

    The country is in shambles. The rich get far richer. The Repugnicans spend like drunken sailors – the deficit has spiralled out of control thanks to the laughable ‘middle class’ tax cuts where 80+% went to the 1% (and the majority of that went to the 0.1% aka the billionaire class). And to help pass a massive corporate tax cut, it was marketed to rubes like Yoder as a way ‘raise wages’. That money didn’t go to raising wages, it went to corporate bonuses, stock buy backs and special dividends. Guess who owns 80% of all corporations? Yup, the 1%.

    As for the economy, the last 4 years of Obama’s administration saw even better economic growth than Trump has seen, despite a significant drop in spending – a much more impressive result considering the massive tax cuts Trump rammed thru.

    And what happened to ‘repeal and replace’? Or all those good paying coal jobs? We’ve become a laughingstock in the world – world leaders – our major allies – mock Trump in public. How about the embarrassment of ‘peace’ with North Korea and Trump being played like an incompetent buffoon? The depth of incompetence is staggering, as is the number of close associates indicted and imprisoned – more akin to what we’d expect from the Gambinos.

  29. Leti Petersen January 4, 2020 7:47 am Reply

    Seriously? He has increased the deficit by 50% since he got into office – I could look like I was doing great too if I put a trillion dollars on my credit card. The problem is the payment is going to come due. Just like Bush, another Democratic President will have to take care of the problem created by Republican excess.

  30. kauaidoug January 4, 2020 7:51 am Reply

    The President is a crook, plain and simple! He has upscaled his little dominion thing he had going on in New York to the White House. Look at Manafort, Flynn,Cohen and on and on who have or are going to jail. Look at the corruption in the Cabinet Members. Look at his record with Russia. What about all his extra marital affairs and subsequent pay offs and who knows what all else there. My friends and I constantly shake our heads in disbelief that some of our friends and family can believe in this guy. It feels as though a horrible joke is being played but this is real. The only logical answer I can come up with is people are willing to sell their souls for a tax break or judge appointments or saving unborn children. For all the hand wringing done for unborn children I have never heard of any adoption programs put forward by Republicans to take care of unwanted children. Just like how they want to repeal ACA but have no plan to replace? I just can’t figure out what motivates people to believe Trump is anything but a CROOK!

  31. behappy January 4, 2020 8:07 am Reply

    Steve – You’ve unleashed the dragon’s breath of hate against Trump. Too many years of liberal brainwashing cannot be undone. For those of us with open minds who do not vote party first, this president is looked at for his accomplishments. That’s how all presidents should be judged and I am glad to see that you have the courage to acknowledge Trump’s contribution to fixing so much of what is wrong with our economy. Of course many do not want to acknowledge this but you should not be called names or bashed because you express your opinion so openly. All the flurry of hate writing is quite hilarious!

  32. gordon oswald January 4, 2020 9:13 am Reply

    I’ve read all the comments, and of course both opinion posts. The vast majority of the commenters here are uninformed, deaf, blind, biased, and approaching “evil”! But then, they say the cockroaches will be around long after humans. Thank you President Trump for turning on the light and identifying the cockroaches as they scatter for the nearest hole to hide in! We now know the real humans from the mentally downtrodden! Thank you Mr. Yoder!!

  33. Kurt Last January 4, 2020 9:58 am Reply

    Mr. Yoder ignores the fact that Donald Trump is a weak, reckless imbecile. Trump acts tough to cover up the fact that he is a lifelong coward, and now provokes war to distract from his impeachment and failures, using the money (he boasts to not pay federal taxes) and children of other people. No fiction writer could conjure up a family more grotesque, corrupt or loathsome than the Trumps.

    Republicans – particularly in Congress – are fighting over who can be more delusional and dishonest about Trump’s flamboyant criminality and corruption. It’s a disgusting display.

    The Republican party deserves to be voted out of existence.

  34. Lester Chang January 4, 2020 10:06 am Reply

    You, as GOP chair on Kauai, are entitled to your opinion. But decent people in Hawaii will vote for a Democrat in this year’s presidential election.

  35. FuzzmanX January 4, 2020 10:52 am Reply

    Steve. You are a sad excuse for an American. Donald’s separation of immigrant families alone is an atrocity.

    Your excuse making is pathetic. Obama isn’t president. You are so desperate to ‘win’ that you have forgotten what democracy is. Remember when Moscow Mitch stated that his job was to get Obama out of office ?

    He was laughed out of the UN Conference.
    He committed fraud in the Ukraine. He paid for sex when his wife was in the hospital. Now we have murdered a foreign head of military for a public spat and a riot he had nothing to do with.

    He is a bully that can’t negotiate. He acts like a child. But then so do you. Stop defending him.

  36. Pete Antonson January 4, 2020 12:34 pm Reply

    Charlie’s facts are like the results of having people in a circle repeat information.

  37. Martha Hodges January 4, 2020 7:30 pm Reply

    Thank-you to those who responded to Mr. Yoder’s editorial with FACTS that refute the generalizations that come so easily to those looking to find ways to support Trump. Here ‘s a little exercise: read the article again and notice that every single paragraph mentions $$$$ somewhere (except for the reference to the debunked Benghazi conspiracy theory and the Biden slander which has been disproved as well). Many people who responded here revealed that they think America is about more than money. Hallejulah! There still exists to this day, a Flat Earth Society. Facts won’t convince these people about what the rest of us can plainly see. Look it up. Interesting studies done on their cult mentality and belief that the government is in on keeping the truth from the rest of us. They are happily drowning in motivated reasoning. Sounds like the people supporting Trump, doesn’t it?

  38. tunataxi January 4, 2020 7:32 pm Reply

    I wouldnʻt expect anything less from the GOP chairman of Kauai… Iʻm just surprised he didnʻt mention Reagan also suffered from dementia in his second term

  39. Charlie Chimknee January 4, 2020 11:05 pm Reply

    Pete are you on 1 or 4 prescription drugs? The 80% or 55% clubs…that makes facts…are 80% of the commenters on drugs.

    You are under control…!

    1. Pete Antonson January 6, 2020 11:19 pm Reply

      Charlie, thanks, at the very least, for being completely incoherent without wasting 5000 words getting there!

  40. rk669 January 5, 2020 4:39 am Reply

    Gas Lit Dims,Looze it? How Much Fun Is this?

    1. rk669 is an idiot January 6, 2020 11:21 pm Reply

      Nothing to add

  41. Imua44 January 5, 2020 5:52 am Reply

    Spot on, Mr Yoder.
    Hawaii. Worst roads, worst schools, highest cost housing, homeless numbers , highest taxes. Hawaii where our government is only for the bureaucracy and by the bureaucracy.
    Hawaii has the best citizens and the worst politicians. Oh wait, if you are a man….as Mazie says, Shut up and sit Down.
    Many blame Trump, a man who has been an elected official for a mere 3 years. But he is doing his best to get the country back on track. For the people, by the people.

    1. Hopeo20 January 7, 2020 11:14 am Reply

      *Citations needed

  42. drsurf January 8, 2020 10:32 am Reply

    Let’s see. Economy. Market high, most people struggle. Tax cuts for rich made permanent. Fed Deficit highest ever. Cabinet Choices? Laughable. Environmental record? Terrible. Position in the world? Laughed at. Many department heads only temporary. Daughter and son-in-law out of their league and cashing in big time. And he surrounded himself with charged and jailed crooks and liars. And our position in the world disgraceful, to coin his phrase.

  43. notahippi January 8, 2020 1:02 pm Reply

    Trump loves America and has sacrificed his posh life style to make America great again. he is continuously being harassed by the left American haters but still goes forth making America free,better, safer and more prosperous everyday….. Clinton and Obama were also a far cry from being a role model. TRUMP 2020

    1. Pete Antonson January 11, 2020 2:07 pm Reply

      Turning Air Force One into a gigantic golf cart is the very definition of a posh lifestyle!

  44. Lovelly Lady January 11, 2020 3:05 pm Reply

    Make the snowflakes cry again in 2020

  45. Zarf808 January 13, 2020 9:43 pm Reply

    This is the Kauai Chair of the GOP? I didn’t even know their was Republicans on Kauai. Now find out there two Republican party’s here. I say this because I received an email from some guy named Hammends stating he’s the Chair. You clowns can’t even figure out who’s in charge here, and your out pontificating on Trump…give me a break!!

  46. Reuben June 18, 2020 7:40 pm Reply

    This op ed did NOT age well

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