Watershed Monitoring Project gives students stewardship roles

Photo by Daniel Shyles

The Waimea Watershed Monitoring Project team celebrates a successful huaka‘i, ending their field trip at Waimea River mouth with the deployment of two more sensors and measurements of changes in salinity along the shoreline and into the Waimea estuary.

Photo by Daniel Shyles

Waimea High School students measure the width of a section of Waimea River to calculate its volumetric flow rate.

Photo courtesy Daniel Shyles

Waimea High School physics and math teacher Daniel Shyles and student Julian Wooten install a water level sensor near Kiki A Ola Bridge. The sensor measures the distance between the unit and the water surface by timing the delay between emission and reflection of ultrasonic sound waves.

Photo by Daniel Shyles

Natural resources teacher Charles Foulks and students Carlton Hung, Leslie Uri and Gavin Mockett read the pH of Waimea River.

A team of students and teachers from Waimea High School convened Friday at Kiki A Ola Bridge in Waimea Valley. As the morning sun broke over the ridges of Waimea Canyon, math and physics teacher, Daniel Shyles, welcomed the group to the first field trip of the Waimea Watershed Monitoring Project.