Letter for Thursday, November 28, 2019

Please, county, take better care of roads

I would like to thank Heike Fujita for taking the time to write to the editor (TGI Forum, Nov. 24) about the South Shore road conditions and Koloa Road. She is absolutely right. When will something be done? It should be a top priority.

As someone who drives that road from Kalaheo to Poipu on a regular basis, I have hit numerous potholes and a few months ago my husband had a rock fly up and crack his truck windshield (for the second time).

On Nov. 26 as I was driving up from Koloa by the curve by Kaneshiro’s property, a Tacoma truck swerved into my lane to avoid the pothole.

She is also correct in saying that the weeds are so overgrown on the shoulders that you can’t even see where the shoulder and road end. The weeds are so high they block the speed-limit signs.

Driving up the hill on Waha Road past the Reis Christmas tree farm is another accident waiting to happen. The weeds are growing onto the road and drivers are going into the other lane on the curve because they don’t want the weeds to scratch their car.

We all know that the traffic and road conditions are not the best on Kauai, but something needs to be done.

Mayor Kawakami, can’t you please make the upkeep of our roads a top priority in your administration? It’s very frustrating to be constantly running your car tires into DEEP potholes. Thank you.

Jeanne Toulon, Kalaheo

  1. Chan P November 28, 2019 12:47 am Reply

    There are no other words to describe this situation, you nailed it.! 100% agreed……. Please get these roads fixed, it’s hard enough to pay high rent. This just causes more problems with vehicle repairs and far to dangerous. Safety safety safety!!!

  2. Candy McCaslin November 28, 2019 8:25 am Reply

    Mahalo to Heike and Jeanne for raising the terribly dangerous Koloa Road situation. I travel this road at least 3 times a week picking up my grandson for school. I feel like a drunk driver swerving back and forth to avoid these holes. But everyone is doing the same thing. Potholes created by those giant trucks ever traveling our roads are the cause and I wonder if they are paying their fare share or if their fee is even going to repair our roads. The other day a woman hit a pothole filled with water so she never saw it and broke her tire. So she was stuck on the road with people pulling over to try and help while she contacted her insurance company. MAYOR, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!

  3. Debra Kekaualua November 28, 2019 9:08 am Reply

    Mahalo Heike and Jeanne, two wahine who are and have been “paying attention” as long as i have. Infrastructure placed somewhere in 1959, “statehood” fiasco is completely off the charts DEstroyed. ANYone who drives our roads, IS an accident waiting to happen, like possible hydroplane not speed event, outside of Anehola store that took out three opio. That investigative popo report would be an interesting read, after we mourn. This is going to be a long fix-REpair process that I can guarantee will never occur! Too Little Too Late gangy, all of them lining their deep pockets and trying not to be busted or involved in other “stolen mailbox” judiciopolitico issues. More need to pay attention connect the dots and put the puzzle pieces in place, Due Diligence Research on this 3rd world country military occupied. It is all the same ball of Beeswax and demorepubs are just part of the Prob!

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