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Letter for Sunday, October 6, 2019

Retailers should have recycle programs

I am glad the National Tropical Botanical Garden’s installed a water-bottle filling station. Plastic water bottles don’t have to be single-use. They can be refilled and used several times.

Rather than ban plastic water bottles, why not come up with an effective and convenient recycling program. The retailer that sells beverages in recyclable containers (plastic, glass or aluminum) should be required to have a recycle program.

For instance, if one buys a case of water at Costco, Costco would have a recycle program and refund the 5 cents or 10 cents CRV. The same would be required of gas stations, mini markets, hotels, restaurants, liquor stores, etc.

The current recycle system is inconvenient since there are very few places to take recycling. By requiring sellers to have a return and refund system, I believe we will see an increase in recycling and no need to push for a ban. Perhaps the County Council can pass a new law.

Rick Ganulin, Frequent Kauai visitorm Tustin, Calif.

Honor flag by displaying it correctly

In response to the “Flag flap” article (TGI Oct. 4), Mr. Davis, the display of the flags isn’t open to one’s interpretation, as you stated in the recent article. This is exactly why the flag code, rules, guidelines, policies and procedures were established. So that the flag isn’t handled “willy-nilly” or flown how you think it should be.

So I commend the “veteran” or individual who brought the Lihue Airport flag issue to the attention of the Hawaii DOT PAO, to have this addressed and corrected. We didn’t make it home with everyone during both of my combat tours to Iraq. So I try my best every day as I continue to live my life to somehow honor them.

Can we please do that by also flying/displaying the flags in the correct manner?

“For those who have fought for it, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.”

Aaron K. Ellegard Sr., SFC, U.S.Army (Ret.), Kalaheo

  1. doug October 6, 2019 10:00 am Reply

    Great idea Rick, force retailers to add even more cost to their already expensive products over here by forcing them to recycle too. I live here and recycle to two different areas, one for the Hi5 program and also to the recycling bins for cardboard, tin cans, etc. I drop off during my normal shopping trips, the bins are conveniently located all over the island, so I do not understand why this is an issue, just two extra stops after Safeway and the bank and I go right by both recycling centers on my journey. The only thing that California does better is the curbside recycling program, it would be nice to have a green bin for plant waste which could go straight to the plant area of the dump for mulch. My suggestion would be for you to work on getting your own state in order first, let’s get all the retailers like Costco in Ca to take back the recyclables that they sell, then worry about Kauai after that. Aloha!

  2. Kauaidoug October 7, 2019 8:25 am Reply

    Sorry, I think our recycling program works about as well as the county bus and the traffic issues. If it is not convenient for the consumer it is bound to fail.

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