Iran oil tanker pursued by US turns off tracker near Syria

  • FILE - In this Aug. 17, 2019 file photo, the super tanker Adrian Darya 1, formerly known as the Grace 1 sails in the British territory of Gibraltar. The Iranian oil tanker pursued by the U.S. is off the coast of Syria. The ship-tracking website showed the Adrian Darya 1, slowed to a near-stop on Sunday. Sept. 1, 2019, some 50 nautical miles (92 kilometers) off Syria. The ship still does not list a destination for its 2.1 million barrels of oil, worth some $130 million. (AP Photo/Marcos Moreno, File)

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — An Iranian oil tanker blacklisted and pursued by the U.S. turned off its tracking beacon off the coast of Syria, leading to renewed speculation Tuesday that its oil will end up there, despite earlier assurances it wouldn’t.