Joong Eun is taken hostage by Chairman Choi

Following are this week’s synopses of shows on KBFD TV, which televises Korean dramas with English subtitles:

Weekly Update

Doctor John

Episodes 13 & 14; 15 & 16 (Sun)

Today, 6:45 p.m.: Yo Han and Si Young connect over why they both chose to work in the medical field. Yo Han reveals a big secret to Si Young and explains why he gets health check-ups so often. A suspected highly contagious patient is admitted into the hospital. Seoul Hanse Medical Center quarantines the ward to control the possibility of the contagion from spreading. Today, 7:45 p.m.: Si Young gets stuck in the quarantined ward. Chaos is arisen when a mother is separated from her daughter with juvenile diabetes. The doctors find the possible cause of the affected patient’s symptoms. Chief Min orders the staff to let her inside to see Si Young, but is denied access. Reporters gather at the Pain Management Center for a briefing of the incident.

Hide and Seek

Episodes 21 & 22 (Mon); 23 & 24 (Tues)

Monday, 7:45 p.m.: Chairman Moon threatens President Min Joon Sik with taking back his investment after finding out that Chae Rin is a fraud. President Min begs for more time to repay him, but Chairman Moon uses this opportunity to strike a deal. Eun Hyuk promises Chae Rin that he would not let her end up like Jae Sang’s ex-wives. Tuesday, 7:45 p.m.: Chae Rin returns to the Moon family household, much to their surprise. She vows to stick through with her marriage. Jae Sang searches for So Ra again. Chairman Moon informs Jae Sang and Eun Hyuk about his big announcement scheduled to reveal during the meeting with all of the Taesan company presidents.

Doctor Detective

Episodes 17 & 18 (Wed); 19 & 20 (Thur)

Wednesday, 7:45 p.m: The number of patients with methanol blindness increases. UDC, who has been taken off the investigation of TL Group, secretly begins the nerve-racking investigation. Joong Eun and Min Ki find conclusive evidence for the case. Thursday, 7:45 p.m: Joong Eun is taken hostage by Chairman Choi and Moh Sung Kuk. She faces only one option for herself in the midst of their threats. The UDC team members comb through the victims of industrial accidents caused by TL Group to locate who had been sending them threatening letters.

My Mom

Episode 1 (Fri); Episode 2 (Sat)

Friday, 7:45 p.m: A story about the filial piety that was until recently known as the given and expected virtue of respect for one’s parents. As with most things in life, relationships have evolved, even within families. Parents have given their all for the happiness of their children and the children have given back for their sacrifice. This drama looks at family relationship in a whole new way. Saturday, 7:45p.m: Jeong-ae’s family gets busy with cooking and cleaning with the help of Young-jae’s girlfriend, Se-ryung. Nam-ok brings her son, Ji-nu, to Jeong-ae, asking her to raise him. Jeong-ae is confident that her family is in par with Se-ryung’s family in every way. On the other hand, Young-jae is upset that he is being judged unfairly by Se-ryung and asks to break up.


Jeff Chung is general manager of KBFD TV, which televises Korean dramas with English subtitles. This column offers synopses of the dramas playing throughout Hawaii. Chung can be reached at 521-8066 or


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