Walking to the ‘promise garden’

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More than 200 walkers took aim at the $60,000 goal set to fight Alzheimer’s disease at the annual Alzheimer’s Walk that left on Ke Ala Hele Makalae from Kapaa Beach Park.

Walkers included those living with Azheimer’s, caregivers, and survivors of people who succumbed to the disease, all invited to carry flowers of differing colors for the promise garden. These represent commitments to remember, honor and care for people, and to fight Alzheimer’s.

Following the walk that was doused with a helping of morning rains, walkers were treated to a pancake breakfast prepared under the supervision of volunteer Arnold Leong and his corps of helpers.

The Kauai Alzheimer’s Walk is one of more than 600 walks with more than 65,000 teams that raise funds and awareness about Alzheimer’s disease nationwide.

  1. Charlie Chimknee August 23, 2019 9:55 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou,

    The article says…”fight Alzheimer’s”…same as Fight Cancer, Fight Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Obesity, all the same…fight fight fight…like it was a some high school football game cheer.

    But serious disease is not that childish or rah rah…! ! !

    Let’s drop the “silly” notion of “fighting” disease. Being told you can fight disease is like saying to you, no worry just keep donating money and walking for the cause, neither of which has been shown to eradicate disease, and lulls the population into thinking everything is under control as the Fake Scientists are busy looking for more test tubes and stronger microscopes to find the next new drug treatment for disease. More drugs that come from petroleum, that is from oil wells and coal mines to make petrochemicals that are carcinogenic, meaning cancer causing drugs themselves.

    You can’t fight disease, and apparently all the money in the world won’t make it go away either…the Disease Organizations have been fighting the Big Diseases since at least World War 2, the last war we ever won, almost 75 years ago.

    Here’s the thing about any disease. You can’t fight it. Because Disease is a process, all processes require time…the time to begin with 1 cell, then 2, then 4, and on and on accumulating over time until there are enough sick cells to show up in your symptoms or the doctor’s tests.

    By then the process of disease has accumulated in size, and numbers of involved cells, so much so that whatever’s ailing you leads you down the Garden Path into the doctor’s office or hospital…and you have something in you that is by now, that has accumulation over enough time, that the Disease Process is deeply imbedded in you.

    Giving the disease more drugs, well remember some diseases are a side effect of taking earlier drugs for a different condition; but giving drugs to “fight” a disease only serves to burden the body with more foreign substances (the drugs) that the body tires from and in addition weakens your immune system from trying to rid the body of the drug itself. You see, drugs are toxins, and the body’s inherited job from evolution of humans past is to rid itself of any and all toxins ASAP…accomplished by your immune and excretory systems and organs.

    In order to not allow the process and accumulation of diseases, including Alzheimer’s, is to find its CAUSE. Remember Alzheimer’s, and all those other diseases, are EFFECTS. All EFFECTS must have, and do have a CAUSE.

    Responsible Scientists would sensibly and responsibly look to the CAUSE of any Disease to Prevent the Effects, the effects being the Disease itself.

    Instead of looking for a yet to be found new “cure” which would be a treatment, which would be more drugs and/or surgery, which Is the Core of Disease Care, the responsible scientists would find the Causes of the killer human diseases, and REMOVE THE CAUSES…or at least PREVENT the Causes of the Diseases that Effect people.

    We do not have a Health Care System in America, we only have a Disease Care System, which solely relies on Hospitals and Doctors and their Drugs and Surgeries. Drugs prescribed by doctors are dependent on the Pharmaceutical Industry which is dependent on the Petrochemical Industry which is dependent on the Petrochemical (oil) Industry.

    The Agricultural And Household Poison Industry is also dependent on the Petrochemical Industry just like the Drugs given to people. That’s a weird or queer combination.

    The Disease Care System relies on people getting sick so medical screening and tests can lead to selling the Drug and Surgery Treatments at a cost of $4 Trillion dollars a year.

    Did you hear that? The Disease Care System relies, depends on, people getting sick, getting diseases. That’s a loser System from it’s very beginning. If looked into deep enough we would see it is Satanic and only the Devil could promote it.

    Thomas Edison over a 100 years ago said that the Doctor of the Future will not give medicines, but will look for the Cause of Disease, and eliminate the Cause or Prevent the Cause getting to the people, Edison also emphasized the need for the Care of the Neuro Spine, for some reason. Society, government, medical care, and research is still ignoring Mr. Edison, after all he was a great inventor, accredited with inventing the light bulb. He must have known something.

    The CAUSE of so many Diseases is staring all of us in the face everyday. You just have to read the ingredients (really Warning labels) on our foods. Clearly food is a major contributor to the Cause of being overweight and becoming obese and is one of the steps to Diabetes.

    Yet look around, look in group pictures and see how many are overweight and obese. Obese people are already sick and diseased with other diseases already, besides obesity, and many are on drugs with side effects.

    Clearly our Disease Care System is not working.

    We Deserve Better.

    $4Trillion a year wasted on too many drugs and surgeries, that $4 Trillion could be better spent in public school Health education and finding the CAUSES of Diseases and eliminating or preventing them.

    Clearly the people in charge are not listening. If Tulsi can see in her mind that War is not the solution for Peace, let’s hope she will get into her mind that drugs and surgery and medical care is not the SOLUTION for HEALTH.

    HEALTH CARE must be done by every single person everyday for themself. Health care is knowing what to do and what not to do every day so you live a long active happy life contributing to society and making others happy.

    It’s an awfully big OxyMoron to ever think that the Disease Care System of Drugs and Surgery will ever bring about Health to our Nation.

    In comparison to Disease Care profits, there is very little profit money in Health Care which for the most part is done personally. How can we expect people being paid $4 Trillion dollars a year to switch to Health Care, especially since they have no training in Health Care.

    People are…what they have learned…! We cannot continue to rely on , or have blind faith belief in doctors and hospitals and their drugs and surgeries, when that is al they have been trained in.

    Just dwell on the fact that it is well known by many professionals in Health Care what the Causes of Diseases are, and you are eating some of it everyday.

    And if you are “fighting” Alzheimer’s or helping someone with it, remember you’re crazy if you don’t think that animal fat/grease, interspersed in the meat of the muscles, some oddly call it the flavor of the meat, is not accumulating in the arteries and small arterioles of the brain, blocking the blood flow (and oxygen and nutrients) inside the brain, and rendering the brain less functional and prone to one of the many conditions of dementia, only one of which is Alzheimer’s.

    Remove the CAUSE of Dementia and Prevent the next person from the Effects of Alzheimer’s. Removing the Cause may allow some people to improve and restore more function to their brain.

    Just what are those people eating…?

  2. Charlie Chimknee August 23, 2019 12:20 pm Reply

    In the last 100 years + or -, there has been a worsening increase in Chronic Degenerative Diseases (CDD’s), whose numbers and amount of people suffering from them is getting greater and worse every year after decade.

    These CDD’s are different than contagious diseases which one person pases to another like Aids and other STD’s, or a cold or flu.

    Or a disease transmitted from a bug or insect (mosquitos transmit Malaria, formerly thought to have come from “bad air” which is what the name “mal-aria” comes from and how naive science was just a few hundred years ago); or animal bites like dogs and their rabies. And now Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and even Eboli, etc. Those diseases are contracted by or transmitted to people known carriers of the disease.

    Those are not Chronic Degenerative Diseases (CDD).

    CDD’s are a process or processes that occur in your body that degenerate the body from the inside, it’s parts and organs, and can impact body systems in a failing way. These processes are always accumulative, and occur as degeneration over years and decades and a lifetime. Some Degenerative diseases accumulate more cells such as tumors, etc.

    Most CDD’s are from Causes outside the body that enter the body in small amounts accumulating over the years. Compared to the majority, not many scientists are aware of this…and patients see Diseases as something you are suddenly stricken with, like a heart attack or stroke…you may have no symptoms and then suddenly you are dead. That took decades, even 3, 5, or 7 or more decades to accumulate to the point of the sudden onset of sickness or death.

    Like a girl who claims that she did not know she was pregnant until the birth process began…sorry girl that took about 9 months.

    So when your doctor says you have cancer or heart or vascular disease or diabetes, etc., it took years, more like many decades to develop to the point where it is discoverable. Don’t be fooled that you just got it and you can just get rid of it as most people die trying to just get rid of it; the medical treatment itself able to kill the patient.

    In order to naturally heal you need to reverse disease so the effects that’s are killing you by their accumulation, go into UnAccumulation or reversal…it’s called natural healing, however you have to remove the Causes of the disease first.

    So let’s look at some predominant things that have occurred in the last over 100 years since these CDD’s have gone off the charts as to how many new diseases (like the new cancer names and locations) and how many people are sick with them and die as a result of them.

    There are not only new diseases, they are rapidly expanding in the numbers of those diseases.

    Remember too, that each disease has at least one Cause and often several if not many contributing Causes.

    So what has escalated or increased in America (the world too) that is coincidence to the increase types and numbers of these diseases, the CDD’s?

    More cars, busses, planes, trains, boats/ships, and 2 wheel rides
    More Countries, thanks Russia.
    More Politicians
    More Houses
    More streets and highways
    More schools,
    More Books
    More commerce and trade
    More manufacturing
    More tools
    More inventions
    More movies
    More music
    More migration, immigration, emigration, integration of our species
    More land (Big Island of Hawaii)

    More farms and food, but they are changed now…wait for discussion.
    More animals eaten as food…discussion
    More doctors
    More hospitals
    More dentists
    More vaccines
    More Pharmacies
    More over the counter drugs for self treatment.
    More sweets, treats, desserts, and treats
    More sugar in everything, even so called health food.

    More, a whole lot more that you can even name.
    Sadly though, less species on earth, a lot less species, they became extinct, but rare is a new one.

    But we have More, way more, fossil fuel from oils taken from the ground.
    More pollution
    More oil
    More petroleum
    More Petrochemicals
    More Pharmaceutical drugs
    More Chemicals and Petrochemicals in, on, and around our food
    More Chemical Poisons

    More Chronic (long term)Degenerative Diseased sick people.

    Oops no time for Farm and Animal discussion.

    Which of the groups above would you think could be associated with more sick and ill people, more CDD’s in America. Take the test, no one will see, there is no score, but at least you will have thought about it as it is your life not your doctor’s life.

    But before we must go today it is known by science that minor to major trauma to the neuro spine Can and will Cause a disturbance to the nervous system, the system that controls the whole body.

    This disturbance causes malfunction, aberration, to the body’s cells, tissues, organs, and systems…it can be severe or minor, or it can be immediate (acute) or long term in its effects (Chronic)…and yes diseases can do result from the nervous system malfunctioning. Some call it loss of Neuro-Spinal structural integrity.

    Vehicle accidents, sports, falls, lifting, and so much more Cause neurological malfunctioning, and loss of integrity to the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body, in a nutshell causing pain, symptoms, blood test and x-findings, etc., and sadly will accelerate the natural Degenerative processes of the body plus the unnatural ones from unacceptable, or dead food and the “modern” chemicals in our foods including the addictive 65 manufactured and processed sugars.

    Our Supermarkets are the Ticket to the Hospitals and Doctors.

    “Forgive them Father, For They Know Not What They Do !”

    And why education is so important. When you see obese people, do you think they know about food. Food education needs to start in kindergarten.

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