Letters for Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Appreciate aloha spirit in finding phone

When I lost my cell phone while vacationing on Kauai in June, one of the activity advisers inside the door to Brennecke’s at Poipu Beach demonstrated the true aloha spirit. When I came to ask if a phone had been found, she said no, but quickly checked the lost and found list on Craigslist. When that too yielded no results and she had no other customers waiting, she offered to post an ad for me on Craigslist for me. This was such an act of kindness. Before long my phone was found, and I will always remember this lovely lady’s caring spirit of aloha. Gratefully!

Janet L. Hull, Coupeville, Wash.

Thank you for honoring ‘El Aina’

Mahalo to the kind soul(s) who arranged the beautiful purple flowers and ribbons display at the bus stop in memory of sweet El Aina.

Years she endured the elements as hundreds of cars passed by her every day. It saddens and sickens me how this county of aloha left her there to rot — literally.

Mahalo Ke Akua she is now being honored in her new life for such immense faith and compassion. Her bright light shines on.

Lin Cosbey, Kilauea

  1. Wowlaulau July 30, 2019 5:53 am Reply

    It saddens and sickens me to think about how many times you drove past her, without bringing her to your home to care for.

    1. Shame August 1, 2019 3:51 am Reply

      Not everyone who cares has the ability to correct all of society’s woes all of the time. Where were you for every time anyone needed anything? Sheesh.

  2. commonsense July 30, 2019 12:05 pm Reply

    Ms. Cosbey. This individual refused assistance from government and individuals for a long time. I feel sorry for her and wish that she would have taken advantage of what was offered her. It was her mission to find her way here on Kaua’i.

  3. Koconut_wireless July 30, 2019 7:22 pm Reply

    I love how many people wanted to give to El. She was just like a drug addict. You were feeding her addiction. It’s ok, in these folks eyes to feed her addiction to DIE on the streets, swell up like a balloon, defecate on herself, urinate on herself, wish to open a church WITH NO MONEY OR INCOME WHAT-SO-EVER. Provide her with her favorite color purple but yet let her refuse any medical assistance which any normal common person with any amount of education could see she needed HELP!! “Just leave her alone” I even read on a post” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Then I read this above? So many whined and cried about why wasn’t the county doing this or that. Believe me they tried SHE REFUSED EVERY SINGLE TIME. Mental illness is one HELL of a FIGHT, unless you have stood in front of it as a family member or a public servant DON’t try and play EXPERT. YOU HAVE NO CLUE of the EXTENT of challenges ahead. You folks that gave her water, food, make-up, stinky perfume, to cover up her putrid smell, all you did was enable her like a parent on these tv shows we’ve all seen. YES YOU BECAME ONE OF THEM. YOU weren’t saving anyone you were killing her. Because you weren’t allowing the true public servants to do what they needed to do in court and PROVE she was and IMMINENT danger to herself. Choosing to go against law enforcement, the courts, mental health, EMS, Fire Department, etc…only ends up making things harder on the ones your trying to help. SO please stop giving up on the system. Just because it isn’t in your FB . Instagram Feed, or TGI…doesn’t mean something isn’t being done. I PROMISE YOU THAT

  4. Rev Dr. Malama August 6, 2019 8:57 am Reply

    I will always remember the day This beautiful and larger than life woman of many colors and braided hair got on the bus and sat immediately in front of me in the first row behind the driver….
    It was a Sunday and she was in conversation with the driver about how to get to the Lihue Theater as she seemed happy to go see a movie. I said hello and commented on how beautiful she looked in the color purple, it being Kauai’s royal color and she responded with “thank you, that is very kind””. When we got to Kukui Grove Center I offered to help her get to the Theater by taxi but she adamantly refused and turned frightful of any further dialogue or help. I only later discovered her plight and ongoing struggle on the streets of Kauai.
    It is with much Aloha that I encourage our politicians to adopt emergency resolutions and pressure the legislature to HELP THE MENTALLY ILL TO HOUSING!!! GIVE JOBS AND ESTABLISH A CENTER IN THE KMART BUILDING FOR SHELTER, SHOWERS, LAUNDRY AND MEALS!!!
    Other communities around the world have worked out the solution to HUMANITY in need, why not KAUAI?
    “the person who shows compassion is the person who benefits most ” says the Dalai Lama
    MAHALO Ke Akua for these amazing lessons!

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