Letter for Thursday, July 25, 2019

Squabbling among Democrats could be their downfall

I’m now a Democrat, but once upon a time, I was a Republican. Loved the style of Frank Fasi, who I believed invented the “Shaka” sign. Always appreciated his work ethics and the way he worked for his people in Oahu. Could have been a great governor, I believed. He didn’t care what people thought, said or did. He just had his ways of getting things done. What a guy, I thought.

But for some odd reasons, he must have done or said something that really bothered me, and though I didn’t care for Ariyoshi, I changed to the Democratic Party, and have been, since. But then, who cares what party affiliate I belonged to.

The Republicans are too afraid of Donald Trump that nothing he says or does, good or bad, but mostly bad, they won’t try to go against him. That’s a known fact. The Democrats, well, I guess they are doing fairly well, but must learn to get along with each other.

Look at what they are doing and saying about and to each other. Look at those democratic hopefuls vying for the presidential seat. They all want Trump out, and they all said that they will do whatever it takes to get him out. But guess what? They are fighting among each other, cutting down and bringing things up from the past, and really trying to be the candidate they think could get to unseat Trump in the 2020 election.

Come on now, and let’s all be serious for once. They are certainly and truly not all in the top three or fifth positions to be the ones to kick Trump out. They have already said, marred, disgraced, belittled, degraded and brought things of the past of the most qualified person who I personally believe and hoped he’d be just the person to give Trump the boot.

But what? They instead rattled their mouths off just to boost themselves to become the one contender and the potential candidate or nominee of their people’s choices My opinion of them that, by kicking the No. 1 person with a bunch of negativities, would be the only pathways for themselves to possibly try and beat Trump. Really? How so? Big chances.

The squabbles in the Democratic Party now could really be the downfall for them, if they don’t watch out. Wow! What a shame. Do you really believe that having all of fighting going on in the Democratic Party will be the way of getting Trump out? Of course not.

Whether you’re young or old, been there less than a year or forever, just be there to help and work for some causes and work towards doing good for the people, rather than believing who is right or wrong. Shape up, Democrats and try working together. You are all hurting yourselves and the Democratic Party.

Your main intention is to beat Trump. Doing what all of you are now doing to and among each other won’t be the way to beat Trump. Get with it.

Ray Domingo, Kauai

  1. ralph gordon oswald July 25, 2019 6:01 am Reply

    So….. we have a proud “Democrat” here. Another clueless person choosing to surround themselves with a gaggle of idiots in search of a unicorn. A Democrat/Socialist political party that has as it’s main concerns 1. we need to continue to kill all “unwanted” babies, especially black ones even if they’re partially born. while at the same time we fake-claim we actually care about illegal immigrant children at our borders. 2. we need to spend over $20 TRILLION DOLLARS, and bankrupt our Country because of global warming that will simply fix itself over time for free. 3. though we have no real agenda for the economy, we can use the fake news media, dizzy celebrities who make their living pretending to be someone they’re not, and corrupt politicians who strive to make the best economy we’ve ever had in our lifetimes, look bad for votes. 4. we need to destroy Trump because he beat Hillary and is draining the swamp one pathetic politician freeloader after another. 5. we need to vilify our police, Army, first responders and border patrol agents because we want the black and other minority vote; along with the illegal immigrant vote now that we know, nearly 5 million of whom butted in line and broke the law to come here and then voted in the last election. We need to make sure as many people as possible thinks there is actually something for “free”, and they can have it! Free education, free food, booze, money, shelter, healthcare! Come and get it!! Of course, you will need to vote Democrat to get the free bonanza. Well, that about sums it up for the Democrat lunacy that’s morphing into Socialism. The “Dreams of my Father” – subjugate society by making them dependant on us, thereby assuring our long term control and Power over the most wonderful Country on earth! The grand prize! To hell with the freedoms we have enjoyed for 200 years! Good luck with that, you Democrat you. As for Republicans? It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!

    1. Wha? July 25, 2019 5:13 pm Reply

      Sorry, I glazed over during that packed diatribe. Was there anything truthful in it?

    2. KKaui July 26, 2019 9:18 am Reply

      Gonna have to agree with you, Ralph.

      We’re living in a time where unemployment is at its lowest since 1969, amazing tax cuts (who doesn’t want more money??? [dems]), a booming economy as our stock market reaches record highs, stronger boarders by the day, a strong and soon-to-be the strongest military we’ve ever had, and, generally, a happier society (excluding those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome).

      Why do the loud Dems (those preaching that socialism is better than capitalism while BENEFIT FROM CAPITALISM [eg Bernie & his books he’s made and still making money off of, what a hypocrite!]) have to be so… NEEDY??

      News flash: being needy has never been attractive and is a TURN OFF.
      The only hope the Dems have is Marianne, who’s gonna fight Trump with LOVE (hey, at least she’s genuine, the only genuine one in my opinion!).

      Words of advice for the Dems:
      Balance yourselves!
      Demand your candidates to step down from their radical agendas!
      They need to stop obsessing over Trump during the debates and start focusing on making positive changes in our country, loving one another, and uniting together DESPITE political views.

      Politics should be something we should just be talking about, not determining a person’s character by! I remember living in a world where the left, middle, and right parties could exist in harmony and have a bbq at the end of the night! (figuratively)
      It’s just as bad as hating a good person for liking a different team.

      Let’s unite as a people despite different politics!

      We are AMERICA!
      United we stand, divided we fall.

  2. james July 25, 2019 7:35 am Reply

    It’s early. I believe the Dems will come together as election time gets closer. I would like to see them nominate the candidate with the best chance to beat Trump. I also believe that, given the choice at election time to vote for any Dem vs. Trump, a vast majority will put aside their differences and vote against Trump.
    I think this squabbling will be forgotten as we get into mid 2020.

  3. Pete Antonson July 25, 2019 2:48 pm Reply

    Investigations over the past couple years have revealed only a couple dozen suspected cases of “Ineligible Voting” which is the category undocumented immigrants who vote would fall into. To continue to support a claim of 5 million ineligibles is worse than the stupidity behind “Fake Moon Landings,” worse than the stupidity behind “Doctors suppress cancer cure pill,” worse than the stupidity of “Flat Earthers,” It’s just plain dumber than dirt stupidity!

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