Cannabis conference on the way

  • Jessica Else / The Garden Island

    Noe Marcos, Joshua Fukino and Haunani Rossi stop for a photo while discussing the details of the upcoming Kauai Cannabis and Hemp Expo, happening September 2019.

LIHUE — Joshua Fukino has been a vocal advocate for medical marijuana since 2015, when he decided to take a risk and start Kauai Kine Media, which hosts the “Daily Toke.”

It’s a web series of two or three minute-videos made daily that focuses on state laws and legislative news, how to legally get your card, types of strains, and the business side of cannabis.

And in September, he’s hosting his first Kauai Cannabis and Hemp Conference and Expo with the help of Haunani Rossi and Noe Marcos, all part of a group that calls itself Kauai Community Events.

While the group has been involved in other cannabis conferences on Kauai in recent years, this expo is focused on answering questions and providing resources for the local community — and the cost is $10 for preregistration, $15 at the door.

“In 2015 a friend came back from California talking about the industry and I recognized a void in (cannabis) media and promotion in Hawaii,” Fukino said. “There’s an opportunity here we can take advantage of, and we just need more education.”

As legalization of the plant and its parts has spread throughout the nation for medicinal and recreational purposes, Fukino has been providing insight and education through “Daily Toke” and social media.

He points out that marijuana is something that’s been “called ‘black market’” for a long time, but it has a long history on Kauai.

“It’s something that’s here,” he said. “The 2019 Kauai Cannabis and Hemp Conference will attempt to dispel marijuana myths and bring attention to tangible benefits of daily cannabis use in our society.”

Kauai Prosecuting Attorney Justin Kollar is on tap as the keynote speaker, and will address the changing relationship between law enforcement and cannabis, as Hawaii has recently decriminalized a small amount of cannabis possession.

“While being a step in the right direction for the general public, Hawaii’s medical cannabis patients still do not have any workplace protections. Legalization is a process, and there will also be a talk on how to engage the legal process with success,” Fukino said.

Other speakers include legislative representatives and representatives from Pono Hawaii Initiative, dispensary representatives and speakers that will address growing techniques, trends and laws.

Panel topics include CBD as it relates to health, cannabis for seniors, cultivation, industrial hemp, political updates, and a medical checklist for obtaining the 329 medical marijuana card.

“We’re doing this for the community to educate,” Rossi said. “It’s happening all day, so listen to the panel and walk through the vendors and mingle, listen to some music.”

The 2019 Kauai Cannabis and Hemp Conference and Expo will be happening Sept. 21 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn Kauai Wailua Bay.

Ticket outlets include Garden Island CBD in Kapaa, JC’s Flowers and Minimart in Wailua, Garden Island Hydro in Puhi and online at


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