5G Action Kauai holds second meeting

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    Debra Greene gives a lecture on the dangers of 5G at the “Say No to 5G” meeting Thursday at Ha Coffee Bar in Lihue.

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    Debra Greene, center right, gives a presentation at Ha Coffee Bar Thursday evening in Lihue.

LIHUE — There was standing room only at Ha Coffee Bar Thursday evening as 56 people came to participate in a 5G discussion featuring a lecture by Debra Greene, who earned her doctoral degree from Ohio State in 1995.

Greene was invited by the group 5G Action Kauai and organizers Danny Hashimoto and Asmita Kulkarni.

The group will hold a demonstration and rally at the corner of Kapule Highway and Ahukini Road on July 27, starting at 11:45 a.m., as part of a national day of action against 5G.

Hashimoto thanked those in attendance, including councilmembers Felicia Cowden and Mason Chock, and gave a brief description of why he and Kulkarni decided to hold the “Say No to 5G” meeting in Lihue, the second organized event by the group in recent weeks.

“Asmita and I, we said we got to do this,” Hashimoto said. “I’m already pretty busy, running around in nature. And so that is what we are going to talk about, nature.”

Hashimoto said that being in nature, people are exposed to healthy frequencies, and that 5G is the complete opposite of those natural frequencies.

“5G as Deborah will explain will devastate over time, possibly even in the short run, everything people hold dear including ourself,” Hashimoto said. “So I’m happy Asmita stepped up, we both stepped up, and said ‘let’s do this,’ and now we have a nice core group.”

Kulkarni introduced Greene, saying that she has extensive experience in electromagnetic radiation research since 2008.

“She has plenty of experience researching, resisting, talking to policymakers, talking to people, doing presentations all over America,” Kulkarni said. “She started keepyourpower.org, which predominantly works with Smart Meters, so she has been instrumental in stopping these Smart Meters on Maui, and now she is involved with the 5G research.”

Greene’s presentation focused on, “5G 101, Health Effects, Government Corruption, 5G Interference, Surveillance and Solutions.”

“If 5G is implemented to its full extent, which includes small cell towers every two to 10 houses in residential areas, it includes interfacing with 20,000 satellites in near orbit, it includes blanketing of the entire planet earth in toxic wireless radiation 24/7 365,” Greene said in an interview with The Garden Island Friday.

Greene stated that she thinks there are several reasons 5G technology is being pushed currently, even with it not receiving acceptance from the medical community.

“Money and control, because there’s a surveillance aspect to it,” she said. “When there is so much being tracked all the time, there is a lot of data available from the tracking and big data is big money. It also allows citizens to be surveilled in every aspect of their life.”

Greene added that 5G would give the ability to not only make money but to also track every move a person makes.

“They can surveil, they can pinpoint where we are at any moment in time ever,” Greene said. “That’s one of the aspects of it.”

Part of what Greene envisions by bringing awareness to the problematic nature of 5G, which she points out is the fifth generation of cellular-network technology, is that the Hawaiian islands might become a sanctuary in the world against 5G.

She says the goal is to keep the current technology that we are using because it does not pose the same risks as 5G.

“If we can keep 5G away from this island, maybe they won’t fly their satellites 3,000 miles out into the middle of the Pacific Ocean because we’re not on board,” she said.

“Maybe we can be spared, maybe we can become a sanctuary. Maybe we can become a place where people could actually come and not be surveilled and not be exposed to this toxic radiation. That’s my vision.”


Ryan Collins, county reporter, can be reached at 245-0424 or rcollins@thegardenisland.com.

  1. NaNaNa July 22, 2019 12:27 am Reply


  2. Givemefast internet July 22, 2019 6:46 am Reply

    Come on, Ryan! How are you going to publish the lies and complete falsehoods this woman is spewing and not give a disclaimer that it’s all myth?? Stop trying to keep Kauai in the past. We want fast internet.

  3. I saw a Vampire once July 22, 2019 7:56 am Reply

    Doctor degree in what? The cell phones do not go into microwave frequencies. It is way less. So it is safe. 300 MHz to 3 GHz that is UHF. ULTRA high frequencies used for TVs, cell phones, wireless networks, and so on…

    The network is safe. What radiation? This is misleading news. Bunch of guys worrying about nothing.

    1. Todd L July 24, 2019 6:42 am Reply

      I always wondered what the etymology was for the term “stuck in my head” when you referred to a TV show theme song that you couldn’t stop thinking about. OMG, 5G frequencies are using the old UHF television frequencies that were re-assigned when television went all digital a few years back. – Coincidence, I think not. They are going to use mind control, to control all our thoughts. – I trust someone with a PhD in Holistic studies so much more than scientists or engineers. Everyone knows people that are technical often have social issues and are geeky. Someone like that can’t tell me how I felt when exposed to UHF frequencies that were transmitting out tens of thousands of watts while I was watching re-runs of I love Lucy as a kid. They definitely can tell me how I am going to feel if there is some transmitter on my block transmitting out only 1 watt using the same frequency. I trust someone with a PhD in holistic studies so much more! I feel sick every time I get my big electrical bill. I know my electric company has a smart meter reading my meter. They read my meter wirelessly, then I get a big electrical bill, then I feel sick. Coincidence. Again, I think not. Concerning satellites, I also agree. I don’t want some satellite over my head sending TV signals, Satellite phones, GPS information, weather, or taking pictures like Google earth. – Oh wait, they are already up there. Never mind, I am going to stick to my first two comments. — Finally, this was a well researched article. The author wrote down where she went to school and the year she obtained her PhD. Stop being so overly critical.

  4. I saw a Vampire once July 22, 2019 8:22 am Reply

    Your target group is only for dedicated high school athletics, basketball JV or Varsity boys club. They are dedicated to what they know about people and that cannot play basketball or cannot jump. They build their life around one theory all their life. Cannot jump. You forgot one other group. During their basketball years in high school, there were nerds around that already kicked their butt. By making money and a living already in the field of electronics. Some thing to think about. Politics.

  5. Gordo July 22, 2019 8:24 am Reply

    It would have been nice if the article had some science to it, like what frequencies and how many watts per distance are we at risk…

  6. billyjoebob July 22, 2019 10:21 am Reply

    Just think 6G, that would be a tiny cell tower right between the ears.
    ” 5G 101 ” Good grief… let’s beat the Smart Meter horse some more.

  7. numilalocal July 22, 2019 5:51 pm Reply

    They read all about 5G on the internet so they must be correct!

  8. kauai resident July 22, 2019 7:41 pm Reply

    I have spoken to many people about 5G and never found even one person is interested. No one is buying these this technology is safe. That said you would never know that looking at some of these comments. People should know there is such a thing as paid trolls who post comments online to support an agenda. Of course 5G is for something other than Internet. Of course our gov’t and corporations need more bandwidth to track everything we do. There is plenty of money to be made tracking us and it’s also an excellent tool for the control grid. My question is do you really need to be a rocket scientist to know how bad 5G is.. when you can see trees next to a transmitter and only the part of the tree next to the transmitter is dying. When it has already been long established that cell phone radiation makes us sick, smh

  9. Jonathan July 22, 2019 9:19 pm Reply

    Her PhD is in HOLISTIC STUDIES. She has no expertise in radio frequencies or telecommunications technology whatsoever. She’s literally just a professional hippy. 🤦‍♂️
    5G is completely safe. It’s not “toxic radiation” like Greene falsy points out (she’s also not an expert in nuclear physics). Firstly, it’s impossible for something on the electromagnetic spectrum to be “toxic.” Second, 5G is literally on the opposite end of the spectrum of anything even remotely harmful. There’s no gamma rays being spewed out by radio frequencies (nor are there alpha or beta particles being sprinkled on you when you make a phone call, so you can put your lead underwear away). If you believe that kook Greene, then you might as well throw out your phone and live in a cave. The ironic thing is Greene is shown using a laptop, which, yes, emits radio frequencies.

  10. Bruce C. July 23, 2019 3:25 pm Reply

    I too was skeptical of this claim, found an article stating “Over the years, Dr. Curry’s warning spread far, resonating with educators, consumers and entire cities as the frequencies of cellphones, cell towers and wireless local networks rose. To no small degree, the blossoming anxiety over the professed health risks of 5G technology can be traced to a single scientist and a single chart.

    Except that Dr. Curry and his graph got it wrong.

    According to experts on the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, radio waves become safer at higher frequencies, not more dangerous. (Extremely high-frequency energies, such as X-rays, behave differently and do pose a health risk.)


  11. Heather November 29, 2019 3:28 pm Reply

    So what was the end result? Is 5G coming to Kauai? Just saw free WiFi in Kauai parks.

  12. concerned resident March 2, 2020 9:21 pm Reply

    There are literally thousands of medical experts and scientists speaking out against 5G, countries, cities and counties banning it (see Brussels, Switzerland, small communities all over CA). Don’t let trolls make it seem “so simple stupid”, the only simple thing is that Rep Blumenthal asked telecom representatives point blank if there are any safety studies done or being done, and they answered no, not that they knew of. There is no science to back up its safety THUS we should adhere to the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE and just do the darn science.

    To install such a heavily debatable network, WITHOUT CONSENT (without the safety science, there is no consent), when there are medical experts looking at the probability of harm through all the other science available and seeing it as a possible cause of harm and you give notice of this…it becomes the criminal action of assault if it is installed. So find a doc, show him/her your science, get them to write you a medical opinion of potential harm if this or that cell tower is installed x yards from your bedroom, and GIVE NOTICE to the companies installing it. Raymond Broomhall (lawyer) has now stopped thousands of towers going up going about it this way.

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