New police chief visits North Shore

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    Kauai Police Department Chief Todd Raybuck

HANALEI — Several North Shore residents were invited to meet and greet new Kauai Police Department Chief Todd Raybuck, as well as Lt. Todd Tanaka, acting North Shore captain, and Capt. Mark Begley, patrol captain for the entire island.

According to Citizens Against Thieves, Raybuck spoke enthusiastically about leaving his position on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to bring his family to Kauai.

“He appreciates the community’s warm aloha as well as the island’s beauty,” a press release said.

Raybuck asked the community to assist in recruiting 30 new police officers, since many of his senior officers have recently retired.

There are only a few recruits currently in training, and a real need for additional manpower, he said. The police program takes commitment to a year of training. KPD is looking for officers who come to Kauai and plan to stay here.

When asked what residents could do to help the police, Raybuck smiled and answered quickly.

“Thank the officers.” he said.

“Give them a handshake or a cup of coffee. Tell them that you appreciate their work to keep our island paradise safe,” the release said. “They are not boogey men who lock up naughty children. Keiki should know that an officer is the person who offers safety.”

He asked that families teach keiki that police officers work to help in an emergency. Once again, he reiterated the message that residents can help recruit officers.

The chief was asked why the public frequently sees two police cruisers following one another on patrol.

There are 10 patrol districts on the island. Officers may be as much as 20 minutes apart. If there is a call involving any violence, such as domestic disputes or confrontations, two officers are paired together to investigate. The officers back up one another on those calls, then stay together for the remainder of the day, Raybuck explained.

Asked about issuance of tickets for cars parked illegally, Raybuck said he is considering community involvement with volunteers ticketing parking violations.

Asked about delays after accidents, Raybuck explained that police everywhere examine the site of an accident involving severe injury or death. Police need to properly diagram the accident and make records to build out the accident scene item-by-item to insure accountability.

These examinations may take six to eight hours to complete. On the mainland, traffic is detoured around the accident site. However, Kauai does not always enjoy the option of alternate routes. He promised to review traffic-safety policies to find areas for improvement, the release said.

“CAT welcomes Chief Raybuck to Kauai,” the release said. “We look forward to working with him and his officers to insure the safety of our neighborhoods.”

  1. Hightower July 15, 2019 3:33 am Reply

    The idea of giving more power to “volunteers” to write tickets is the most insane idea I’ve heard. This dude has got to be kidding. You think that the lady who put her huge foot and paw on the white jeep should be given power to then write tickets?!?! When we were there they were wearing fake construction outfits, had moved a construction sign from the one-lane bridge work in an effort to stop people headed north. She then proceeded to tell us there was no parking, everything was full even though we have a paid reservation from the new online system.

    Mr. New Police Chief. Don’t make the single biggest mistake of your new job. You cannot be serious. Take a look at the recent conduct of the NS residents that will be first in line to get this new power to write tickets. They are not qualified nor objective. You will be setting yourself up for a serious serious issue.

  2. Kauaidoug July 15, 2019 8:06 am Reply

    If you are looking to improve and recruit locals for Kpd, chief, how bout visiting some schools and encourage interested parents come to class visits as well. You might get recruits and make friends with keiki.

  3. mike July 15, 2019 10:15 am Reply

    Surely the idea of “deputizing volunteers” on the North Shore to give parking tickets to tourists has got to be one of the worst ideas KPD has ever come up with. Many Haena locals actually believe that no tourists at all should be allowed in Haena, or that tourists should only be allowed to come in by shuttle, and that ALL parking spots should be reserved for locals only. They are already breaking the law by telling tourists that they are not only forbidden to park at public beaches like Lumahai, but these locals are chasing tourists off of Lumahai beach itself. You give these NIMBY’s the power to write tickets, and that will be the end of tourism on the North Shore.

  4. lawyer July 15, 2019 6:14 pm Reply

    not a good idea to give those folks ticket books

  5. kg July 16, 2019 6:38 am Reply

    Once again, the locals are now going to be in control? Their behavior over the past few weeks has been a ridiculous showing of disgrace! Now the new police chief is going to deputize them to hand out tickets! how dumb can this be? How is that going to solve anything? Locals get to park anywhere, and will not be issued tickets by their neighbors, and the visitors are the only ones going to suffer, as will the entire island, eventually, because since tourism has long contributed this island, let’s see when the vigilante behavior sends all tourists to other islands, who will be out of jobs! No one owns the beaches! Locals you have NO RIGHT to keep out tourists. Stop this ridiculous rant that no visitors are welcome. If someone wants to travel to the north shore without a parking permit, let them! They may only be out for a drive! AND if someone, INCLUDING LOCALS, illegally parks, where there are REAL SIGNS, Not homemade ones, they should be ticketed, but by REAL Police! NOT vigilantes!

  6. lattegirl July 16, 2019 7:27 am Reply

    What a brilliant idea the police chief has – I’m sure the lady who put her foot on the white jeep, screamed at the driver, and blocked Kuhio Highway will be the first person that KPD will deputize. She has clearly demonstrated those all important qualities we seek in law enforcement personnel – an ability to stay calm and objective under stress, and most importantly, the ability to keep a conflict from escalating. And let’s not forget that she was also screaming about disrespectful tourists – so let’s make sure she gets a gun just in case any tourists need to be “educated” – we can’t have our deputies backing down! I cannot wait to see the size of the legal settlement that the County of Kauai will be on the hook for the first time locals like this are deputized and run into a “disrespectful tourist”!

  7. ReallySmartPerson July 16, 2019 8:40 pm Reply

    What I see is that most of the cars around are local cars. I have been counting cars and what I have observed is that 8 out of 10 cars are LOCAL. Maybe the rental companies are renting out Tacomas now?. Too many locals are the problem, not tourists. If you want tourists to stop coming here, then the department of tourism should cut back or be defunded. Okay, I’m ready for the anger, bring it on.

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