Letters for Thursday, June 20, 2019

Changes to swim program

Mokihana Aquatics’ legendary “Learn To Swim” program will be completely rescheduled this summer due to a major mechanical failure at the Kauai High School pool where they run their programs.

Mokihana Aquatics would first like to thank the Kauai High School administration, the Kauai district Department of Education, and the state Department of Accounting and General Services for expediting repairs, knowing that summer is the time that Mokihana Aquatics has the biggest and best program on Kauai.

Mokihana Aquatics has been informed that they may be able to start back on June 24 and were given a couple of extra weeks to try to accommodate all their loyal ohana, some of whom have been coming to learn to swim for generations and/or decades.

To be able to reschedule the same quality program that people have continued to know takes planning and quality staffing. Mokihana Aquatics is trying to put together that program and should have one before this weekend, but first need to confirm staffing.

Orlando Anaya, Swim coach

Cowden needs to read Mueller report

I have one question. Has Ms. Cowden read the Mueller report? I have. Page one of volume one states:

“The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion.” This is detailed in the next 150 pages. And the attack on our democracy is ongoing. It was present in the 2018 elections and the Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that Russia is ratcheting up its efforts to attack the 2020 elections by bolstering Donald Trump and sowing division among Democrats. The doesn’t even begin to cover the rest of Russia’s malfeasance — how they’re attacking our power grid and nuclear facilities digitally, how they affected the Brexit vote and are attacking all of the elections of our European allies.

Even a basic Google search on Russian active measures — covered extensively in the free press the past three years — shows that the trip Ms. Cowden went on is exactly the type of trip that one of our greatest adversaries uses to gain sway over U.S. officials. They’re invited to fancy events, engaged in discussions about our “mutual interests,” and shown very sterile tours of areas of the country that show the Russian federation in the greatest light.

Before giving us more good PR pieces on Russia, I’d hope that Ms. Cowden would at least read volume one of the Mueller report.

Jason Blake, Insurance agent and author, Lihue

  1. Steve Stover June 20, 2019 4:17 am Reply

    Ms. Cowden’s trip was similar to the one Sen. Bernie Sanders took several decades ago when he was mayor of a small Vermont town. He maintains close relations with the Russians ever since.

    Is there any one in America who believes foreign governments and criminals haven’t been attacking and breeching all our institutions, banks, universities, police agencies and government entities for decades? If there are they haven’t done their homework.

    Mr. Blake forgot to detail any and all specific parts of the Mueller Report that linked President Trump to the current misdeeds. Are the Russians bad actors? Sure they are and so are dozens of countries and criminal organizations. The USA should be included in this list as our spy agencies are one of the biggest disrupters of other countries in the world.

    But lies, innuendo, and DNC talking points work. Perhaps you will help rid us of the greatest economy ever and return us to the days of regulation, control, and more electronic benefits.

  2. rk669 June 20, 2019 6:18 am Reply

    Bernie is a great fan of Russia,Cuba! Even though the Russians have interfered with US elections since the mid 50’s! Someone needs to Study the real Facts! Not just spout off nonsense!

  3. gordon oswald June 20, 2019 7:46 am Reply

    We now know the Mueller report to be a biased set up attempt to destroy a duly elected President by 19 Hillary supporting “investigators” and the Trump hater, Mueller. One of the investigators was even on Hillary’s payroll for her foundation and personally!! Of course Russia hackers try to do everything they can to make money and stab the United States piggy bank! Interfering in our elections is only one way they make money. You mention the first thoughts of the Mueller report but you could also say the same thing if you substituted the word “Russia” with China, N and S Korea, Ukraine, Iran, and any number of other Countries whose hackers are all busy with many being arms of their governments. It seems that the only time anyone suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome will take a breath is when the current investigations are completed and if people are in jail for the biggest Political scam perpetrated by the most corrupt political party in US history.

  4. RG DeSoto June 20, 2019 8:13 am Reply

    Jason…the Mueller Report had one objective: to discredit or destroy Trump. Mueller was unable to produce any hard evidence, so he simply wrote a sloppy report full of “evidence” that at best might be characterized as purposely suggestive.
    Cowden went on a peaceful trip to Russia as a citizen…so what? She may be a little left for most of us but she in no way has any power (or inclination, I would imagine) to help Russia. I suppose that you would prefer the likes of neocon hawk Bolton and his perpetual drive towards war…be it with Russia or Iran? I’ll take peaceful interactions with Russia anytime, like Cowden’s, over trying to agitate for war with them.
    Of course, the US government never forcefully interferes with foreign elections or other countries politics and economies…does it?
    Get a grip, man.
    RG DeSoto

  5. hutch June 20, 2019 10:12 am Reply

    “Insurance agent and author” (presumably fiction) Jason Blake is correct: Russia did exert influence over the 2016 election. But it was Hillary Clinton and her gang of crooks who paved the way. The list of Clinton’s offenses just with regard to the emails she and her cronies destroyed is mind-boggling. But of course, Blake et al have nothing to say about that, preferring instead to beat the dead horse of collusion on the part of the Trump team, which the Mueller Report found no evidence of. Nice try, Mr. Blake, but no Pulitzer for you.

  6. Rev Dr. Malama June 21, 2019 9:18 am Reply

    I pledge allegiance to the (illegally occupied) Hawai’ian Kingdom as a protected person and demand that my dual citizenship option must be recognized in the process….
    In no way, shape or form has Russia nor should Russia government or individuals from Russia have any sway over our lost but NOW refound identity as a Neutral and Independent country. A hybrid government established in the 1800s as a Constitutional Monarchy and a Parliamentary Democracy is a workable solution in this day and age. Education is key….
    With much Aloha, from the trenches of the AINA….

  7. Amused June 21, 2019 9:53 am Reply

    Cowden is just the sort of person who makes a perfect Russian dupe: dogmatic, not very bright, unable to engage in critical thinking and delusional.

  8. Pete Antonson June 21, 2019 4:40 pm Reply

    You have to wonder if our tiny collection of aging, trumpeting, males get a nice certificate from FOX and Friends when they finish the training class on presenting yet another scandal by the Great Incompetent One. Since these sessions are required almost daily, you have to imagine some fatigue is setting in for these old grumps!

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