Letter for Saturday, April 27, 2019

Mayor not getting much done

Aloha, I am kinda scratching my head as to what our mayor has done in the first four months of office. He appointed his cabinet, which basically means he gave good jobs to his family and friends. He went to a meeting about affordable housing and he is saying things are really falling into place. He says his team is working at breakneck speed.

We just went through eight years of an inept mayor. Our island deserves better. The mayor needs to address the hard problems, that’s why we voted for you. How about turning cane haul road to a bypass? How about reducing or stopping the poisoning of our island on the Westside?

Becoming more sustainable by growing more of our own food. Make affordable housing a reality, not starting price $500,000. You have a lot of work ahead of you. What about the shape of our county parks? Embarrassing. The list goes on and on, and we are looking to you, mayor, to help fix these problems.

Linda Bothe, Kalaheo

  1. John mueller April 27, 2019 6:49 am Reply

    WEll SAID
    Let’s keep putting cones on the highway for another 30years

  2. pointfisha April 27, 2019 8:07 am Reply

    For real?

    You expect a new mayor to appoint new leaders and teams, get them all working smoothly together, research, plan, implement and achieve big changes (on this island) in four months?

    You gotta be kidding.

  3. hutch April 27, 2019 10:01 am Reply

    I totally agree. Is Kawakami going to be yet another glad-handing buffoon like the previous one who just talks and gets nothing done? Sure looks that way.

  4. numilalocal April 27, 2019 10:36 am Reply

    Linda, maybe you can wave a magic wand to get everything done? I have a 3-foot long wand but it’s yet to yield any instant or magical results for me.

  5. truth be known April 28, 2019 11:35 am Reply

    I’m afraid the only thing that will be accomplished “at breakneck speed” will be the mayor’s signature on the proposed salary increases. Actually, our island doesn’t deserve better, it deserves the person the majority of voters placed in office. We the people made the choice. Let’s hope it was a wise one.

  6. Jake April 28, 2019 1:06 pm Reply

    Um, Linda,….very easy to complain….but, um, like………maybe, for future reference, when you complain…..um, have a coherent solution to your complaint or problem?? Otherwise you sound like a bratty 8 year old girl that is bored.

    “Becoming more sustainable by growing more of our own food.”????? Not happening…..the Plantation Days are over. Takes $25 an hour to get a worker to show up at work 5 days a week. Too expensive…..Costco is still cheaper than running agriculture on the islands.

    “Make affordable housing a reality, not starting price $500,000.” Might as well give it up. Never going to happen. Reality and truth stings. Most are better off by NOT buying a house on the islands because of the costly maintenance of a house, insurance, and property taxes. It’s ok to rent, and in many cases, makes more sense….especially here. It’s ok to rent. Not a right in the US Constitution.

    “How about reducing or stopping the poisoning of our island on the Westside?” Got any empirical data to support your accusation that people are being poisoned on the Westside??? Stop the madness!

  7. Sheeples April 28, 2019 2:45 pm Reply

    The mayor is working hard everyone! Just show up at your local county park every Saturday and Sunday, after a grueling week of hard labor, and help beautify and maintain your local infrastructure. He is there every weekend leading by example! It’s called collective volunteerism! Don’t be so quick to point fingers!!!

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